The astrological predictions of Sunday, November 23, 2022

The Sun and Venus move today in the area of ​​joy and self-expression, enhancing the sense of fun.


Venus and the Sun are both headed to the intimacy sector and will remain in this area until 16/22 and 11/XNUMX respectively. These transits may trigger the need to share some of your deepest feelings with someone special. Relaxed energy is available for you with the more complicated side of relationships in the coming weeks. It's also a good time to discover what and who you value. Today, however, there may be some reluctance to spend time with yourself or others.

Venus and the Sun begin to cross your partnership sector today, bringing love affairs and pleasant matters to the forefront of your life. These transits last until 16/22 and 11/XNUMX respectively, bringing pleasant energy to relationships and interactions in general. It may not be an ideal time to deal with deep issues, but it is excellent for smoothing over differences. You are diplomatic and friendly and may find yourself in the position of peacemaker or mediator. Your need for companionship increases.

Today's planetary transits bring a strong work or health issue to the fore. You will focus on developing skills and improving everyday life in the coming weeks. Venus will transit your solar 6th house until 16/11 and the Sun will remain until 22/11. Your attention turns to your work, routines and goals. The following period is wonderful for bringing harmony into your daily life. Social or romantic opportunities may arise through your work or pursuit of duties, health or wellness.

The Sun and Venus move today in the area of ​​joy and self-expression, enhancing the sense of fun. Venus will remain in this area until 16/11 awakening your inner artist and desire to explore fun interests and hobbies. The Sun will stay a little longer and when it comes to romance, creative affairs and personal enjoyment, you are motivated to make improvements and share yourself with others more spontaneously and wholeheartedly.

Venus and the Sun begin traversing your heart and home sector today, staying around this area of ​​your solar chart until 16/22 and 11/XNUMX respectively. Your love of home, intimacy, comfort and security are at the center. You are in great shape to get more rest if you need to, learn about yourself and your emotional needs in the coming weeks. Today there may be wonderful discoveries that will boost your confidence.

Venus and the Sun begin transiting your communication sector today, enhancing your enjoyment of learning and sharing. The need for communication and expression in your relationships is in the foreground and you place more value than usual on the exchange of ideas. There may be some good publicity or news, invitations and increased ease in your social life in the coming weeks. You have the power of words and a charming way of winning everyone over.

Venus and the Sun begin their transits in your resource sector today, strengthening the desire for comfort and security. So you can discover more joy in tapping into your current resources and filling your life in ways that help you feel more stable and comfortable. You might be a little more patient about communicating immediate gratifications if that means waiting for something you really want. Today a difference in values ​​with someone can be an issue.

Venus and the Sun move into your sign today and you wake up from a period of “hibernation”, regarding matters related to career, love, pleasure, romance and pleasure. People notice you and seek your company and it's time to shine on a personal level and decisions come more organized. You're also in a good position to spend some extra time on personal projects. In just two days, a solar eclipse in your sign gives you the opportunity to start new things. Until then, keep your pace low.

The Sun and Venus move into your solar 12th house and will remain in this area until the 16th and 22/11 respectively. So in the coming weeks you will take an honest look at the behaviors, circumstances and burdens you need to leave behind before starting the new month. Your spiritual needs come into play and it is important to take time for extra rest, meditation and reflection. Life is a little calmer as you find more time to slip into the background and enjoy private moments.

Venus and the Sun begin to cross your friendship, dreams and ideals sector. Your appeal as a friend or colleague increases and you are more approachable. You can enjoy more appreciation, spread your wings and reach out to reach out. It is also a time to enjoy and have fun, think of new ideas, make dreams and plans. Today you may feel temporarily torn, unsure of someone's feelings, or in a vacuum.

Both Venus and the Sun begin transiting your sector of fame and responsibility, bringing your more mundane plans or ambitions to the surface. You will pay more attention to your career, responsibilities, reputation and long-term goals. Improved business relationships or improved relationships with a parent, boss or superior may be strong now. It's a great time to set goals for yourself.

Venus and the Sun begin transiting your solar 9th house today, moving in harmony with your sign. In the coming weeks you may be inspired by a loved one or someone may awaken a new perspective or way of thinking within you. However today there may be a frustration with differences in values ​​and restlessness is possible until you find your bearings again. Pay more attention to your loved one and if you are alone, it does you no good to reminisce about the past.