The astrological predictions of Friday 20 May 2022

The retrograde Mercury forms a hexagon with Jupiter, it is an aspect that will enhance optimism, the characteristics will be ingenuity, sociability, need for creative results. Relationships and collaborations are normalized, there will be an opening to discuss old proposals again, now the opportunities will be used immediately.



Krie, today you have the opportunity to deal with the family as it is important for you to spend time with her. The afternoon creates the right atmosphere, optimism listens and the mood dominates and beautifies the moments.

Professional - Financial 

The day is not suitable for professional activities as it is most likely to put aside your career to see the people who love you. However, it is good to remember that the conditions are ideal for discussions on real estate issues.

Emotionality and passion work perfectly harmoniously and take your relationships to the next level, you can enjoy the company of the person you have by your side. If you are unattached through the familiar friendly environment there may be a new acquaintance that will give you a strong sense of familiarity and will take off your sensibilities.


Taurus, the day helps you to significantly normalize the feelings and traumas of the past that afflict you. The afternoon creates the ideal context to have a good time with your friends.

Professional - financial

Your intuition is infallible and will lead you in an ideal way to the best possible collaborations as you easily understand how you should move and what are the right decisions for you. Just try not to beautify the people you work with.

Take advantage of possible opportunities for fun with your partner that can work very positively for the course of your relationship. If you are unattached through your immediate environment there may be new faces that will take off the imagination and emotion with their presence.


We give, the day gives you the opportunity to move in group activities that interest you, enjoying every moment. The afternoon strengthens your instinct and helps you in financial matters that concern you.

Professional - financial

Financial issues that may concern her come to the fore and you are given the opportunity to close cases based on your strong intuition. Try not to idealize the people you deal with and focus on what is good for you.

Passion and emotion can give unique moments, do not miss the opportunity to spend uniquely with your partner creating the best possible atmosphere for two. If you are single / new acquaintance is likely to occur, it is important that it inspires security and I know that emotions soar.


Cancer, the day creates the conditions for you to be the protagonist in whatever environment you are in. The afternoon enhances the charm and sociability that possess you and creates the conditions for new acquaintances.

Professional - Financial

In the festive spirit that prevails, it is possible that there will be discussions regarding your collaborations. The fact is that you will claim the best possible financially as this will satisfy you to the fullest extent.

You want to enjoy every moment with the person you have in your life, you focus on your personal needs and how these will be understood by your partner. If you are single, new people are sure to be impressed by your charming profile and will try to reach out to you.


Leo, you feel very emotional as memories of the past can captivate you and travel your mind. The afternoon helps you to calm down and enjoy moments of joy and carefreeness with your own people.

Professional - Financial

The day is intensely emotionally charged and this may not allow you to sort out everyday issues that concern you. However, it is good to remember that you can close cases without stress, as long as you have absolute self-concentration in everything you do.

You have the opportunity to enjoy an intense romantic evening with the person you have in your life that will help you overcome possible issues that concern you from the past. If you are single, there may be returns of people that will boost your confidence.


Virgo, you feel that the time has come to dedicate to friendly people you want to have by your side. The afternoon lifts your spirits and creates the conditions for unique moments of fun with people from the friendly environment.

Professional - Financial

You focus on the goals and aspirations you have and it is possible that there will be important discussions in a friendly environment, expressing your original ideas. You will discover that there are people who want to stand by you in every endeavor.

Moments with your friends are precious for this and do not miss the opportunity to have your partner by your side to enjoy it together. If you are unattached through the friendly environment, new people may emerge who will show intense erotic interest in you.


Libra, the day raises your psychology and creates an ideal setting for new collaborations. The afternoon gives you intense intuition and imagination in professional matters.

Professional - financial

Intuition and imagination will lead to unique ideas that will impress in your professional life. Make sure you take advantage of possible opportunities for collaborations that are given to you as they will bring you closer than ever to your goals.

Passion will not be missing from your relationship as it creates the ideal atmosphere to spend wonderful moments with the person you have by your side. If you are single, new acquaintances may emerge that will help you settle into what you want to achieve in your life.


Scorpio, you feel that you want to have fun until the very end with people from the wider environment. The afternoon vertically increases your charm and creates the conditions for unique new acquaintances that will impress you.

Professional - Financial

The day is not suitable for professional issues for this and most likely you will have a good time with people you have by your side. But be careful as if there are professional obligations you will do well to be completely focused because negligence will lead to mistakes.

You can have fun with the person you have in your life at a steady pace as you enjoy every moment with him. If you are single, it is possible that there will be new acquaintances that with their presence in your life will open new horizons very interesting for you.


Sagittarius, the day is not ruled out to intensify stress and insecurities may exist on a personal level. The afternoon dramatically increases the desire to become one with your partner and to spend wonderful moments that will be etched in your memory.

Professional - Financial

It is not excluded that there may be in the festive spirit that prevails important discussions of an economic nature that interest you. Be sure to evaluate what are the advantageous proposals for you and move your strong instinct as an ally.

It is important to overcome the possible doubts and prejudices you have as these can have a negative effect on your personal life. If you are single, new acquaintances may come and will upset you a lot and will create conditions for a unique continuation. 


Capricorn, today you seek to socialize as you are strongly extroverted and want to communicate with new people. The afternoon creates the conditions for new acquaintances that can mark important chapters in your life.

Professional - Financial

It is possible to have in mind possible collaborations that you want to make. Despite the festive atmosphere, you can engage in discussions that will have a particularly positive impact on a professional level for you.

You are in the mood to give your best to the person next to you as it fills you with emotions and unique moments. If you are single, the only new acquaintances come into your life that will play a leading role on a personal level.


Aquarius, today you are likely to have increased obligations that work pressing in your schedule. The afternoon helps you find the necessary harmony you need and have a good time with people you meet and on a daily basis.

Professional - Financial

You are in the mood to normalize relationships that have been disrupted in the past as it is important for you to have harmony especially with the people in your life and you meet on a daily basis. Make sure you take advantage of the positive times.

It's time to put details aside and enjoy every minute with the person by your side away from whining and criticism. If you are unattached through the people you meet every day, there can be a significant development for your feelings.


Pisces, today helps you to be active in everyday issues and that is enough to fill you with confidence. The afternoon lifts the senses in your personal life and intensifies the emotions in a unique way.

Professional - financial

It is important to move in a positive way in order to provide solutions to the daily life and the working environment that concerns you intensely. Dynamism and self-confidence will help you to settle all your obligations at a slow and steady pace.

Nothing can stop you as you are in the mood to create the right atmosphere for you and your partner to spend wonderful moments of passion and tenderness together. If you are single, be careful as there may be new acquaintances who may seem ideal, but you should take the time to see if they really are.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from