The astrological predictions of Friday, October 21, 2022

Progress is the focus today and tomorrow, but there may be some wavering confidence so ideas don't take off until tomorrow. 


Today and tomorrow are two enlightening days and solving problems with family, home and money matters is creative. The pieces of a puzzle seem to come together and you see something more clearly. Discussing strategies with trusted others can propel you forward, and your intuition runs strong. It's not always easy to get your thoughts in order sometimes today, but it's revealing when they finally line up. With close partnerships and relationships you can experience some great hope. The Moon transits your work and health sector all day encouraging the need for order and organization.

The day is suitable for creative thinking and making use of your unique perspective and point of view. Distractions can sometimes prevent you from coming to a conclusion, but don't give up on the creative process, as challenging your thinking can help you think more clearly. You tend to attract interesting people to your path now, mainly because of your interesting point of view. A disagreement could lead to a fascinating line of thought for example.

Progress is the focus today and tomorrow, but there may be some wavering confidence so ideas don't take off until tomorrow. Great ideas can be generated especially regarding relationships and life or career plans. It's a bit difficult to put it all together though. Think outside the box on financial matters that can benefit you greatly. Analyzing past patterns can help you make better decisions.

This can be a day of inspired ideas, although it can be a bit difficult to pull it all together into one set by tomorrow. It's the time to think of fresh and exciting ideas and feel excited about a long-term plan, project or team effort. A friendship can come into focus by inspiring you. Inventive new ideas, dreams and possibilities can be seen strongly now. While the Moon in your communications sector encourages your desire for spiritual commitment. It is also a powerful time to bring more harmony and warmth into your personal life.

While today's Moon encourages a focus on comfort and stability, your mind is highly active. You may feel a sense of creative renewal or liberation, and you may want to free yourself from a problem, a secret, or the past. There is strong energy for innovative thinking about business or long-term goals. Interesting developments and improvements may be related to your career, reputation or life plans. At the same time you come into contact with others or enjoy your personal interests more often, sometimes to the point of distraction.

The Moon spends the day in your sign touching your emotions and bringing more color to your life. There may be a special understanding between you and a partner or someone special today that makes you feel valued and respected. A good purchase or smart business move can be powerful now. With the current transits you tend to stick to your ideas and follow your own path. Although you may not always agree with others today, the conversation can be interesting.

Business can go well if you apply unconventional thinking today. Analyzing patterns, especially those related to business and finance, can help you think of new, improved methods. You may also find it very natural to connect with your dreams and ideals today. The Moon's all-day transit in your private sector may slow you down a bit. Scattered thoughts later today can lead to undue stress so aim to prioritize.

An idea can inspire you and spark interesting thoughts today. There may be unexpected benefits through a connection or collaboration. You need that extra spark now. Today's Moon encourages you to find some time for personal enjoyment. There may be some disagreement today regarding plans you are making. It is possible that you have some special ideas, the promotion of which can be prosperous. You quickly attract the attention of others.

The placement of the Moon at the top of your chart puts you in a position to lead or take charge today. You invest more energy and thought in your responsibilities, goals or performance. Today's influences also challenge you to let go of familiar thought patterns and create new ones. Even if you disagree with others on some points, you definitely find things to stimulate your mind. It is an excellent time for research, work and health matters.

The all-day transit of the Moon in your spirit sector inspires you to change your habits or routines and this helps you see your life a little differently. Today is liberating in other ways too, especially on a mental level. You are curious and come up with great ideas. It is also a good time to solve a problem that opens the way to new directions. The right expression can lead to better decision making.

Your mind is working overtime and you are thinking of new ideas. You recognize patterns and this process helps make decision making more natural. You could feel freer in your self-expression and a little more courageous mentally. You go your own way with your ideas and approach topics related to romance, entertainment, art and children better. Increased faith in your creative abilities and talents is powerful. The Moon spends the day in your intimacy sector, but it can also be a strong call to idealize or focus your actions.

You're not afraid to follow your gut today, and that inner confidence is attractive. Solving a mystery or puzzle can be powerful now. Today's energies are also strong for creative expression. Your mind is quick, although it's not terribly easy to concentrate right now. Finding a new learning challenge or a special focus to improve your ability to adapt can be helpful.