The astrological predictions of Friday 23 December 2022

The New Moon forms in the sign of Capricorn, there will be an opening to differentiate the negative conditions. The events will manage to stimulate optimism and self-confidence, the actions will be dynamic both in matters of a professional nature and in matters related to everyday relationships. In the working environment, the conditions will be favorable for the normalization of collaborations, obstacles will disappear, the way for pursuits will be opened, there will be a willingness to take initiatives.



Aries, you communicate your feelings with characteristic ease and this creates very positive conditions for you and those close to you. Intense emotion is not lacking as it helps you listen to the needs of others.

Professional - financial

There may be expenses to get some goods that will please you. At the same time, you may be given the opportunity to have important discussions about trade agreements. You know what you want and you will make sure to show it to the people you work with.

You feel that you can enjoy every moment of joy with your partner. This is enough to intensify the emotions and create a strongly romantic atmosphere in the relationship. The unattached can use the communication to get closer to a person you are interested in. Your conversations are fun.


Taurus, you come out of introversion, you find your self-confidence and you seek to express needs and desires in the people around you. Pay attention to impulsive moods that will cause friction.

Professional - financial

You feel that you can achieve what you set as a goal and this works beneficially in your pursuits. Your self-confidence can lead you to think of moves that can have significant performance, but be careful because they require great planning and not impulsivity.

The common goals you set with your partner elevate your imagination and launch romance in the relationship. It is ideal for you to be able to work extremely well on a team level. The unattached do not miss the opportunity to communicate with a person from the past who shakes strong instincts and passion.


We give, you are the person who will create a climate of joy in the friendly environment and there are many who will seek to contact you wanting to convey your positive mood. Enjoy the fact that you are the main person because of your optimism.

Professional - financial

Issues of the past can make their appearance and push you into new thoughts about your professional life. You can manage them in the best possible way and give yourself the opportunity to stand out because of your abilities.

It is important for you that your partner understands what you are looking for in a relationship and that you will seek to meet your needs through discussion and understanding. The unattached can communicate with a person who motivates you with his presence for a new endeavor in your life, full of promises.


Cancer, optimism prevails and it is possible to be surprised by the communication of people from your wider family and friendly environment who fill you with joy with their wishes. The generosity that characterizes you is manifested on all levels and impresses.

Professional - financial

You can close cases that are pending at a professional level and may have a positive effect on your finances. It is clear that nothing can discourage you and you are passionately claiming what you think you deserve.

You give your best to the person next to you and it is certain that this will be especially appreciated, as you fill the relationship with joy and strong emotions. The unattached will do well to be prepared to come into contact with a person from your past will skyrocket the fun.


Leo, the day requires you to get in touch with people around you and your wider family and friends. This creates a very happy and optimistic atmosphere and communication with them is a breath of fresh air for the difficulties of this period.

Professional - financial

Take advantage of this situation to come up with plans for financial matters and agreements. If you keep in mind the claim of better financial conditions in the professional field, know that you can achieve it by having the right handling.

Fun harmonizes with sensuality and gives your relationship a chance to take off, as it will bring you closer than ever to the person you have in your life. The unattached is not excluded from communicating with a person who evokes unprecedented emotions with his arrival in your life.


Virgo, your interpersonal relationships dominate as they are extremely important to you. Communicating with people around you is refreshing and gives you the opportunity to express thoughts and opinions that will develop the relationship.

Professional - financial

It is possible that there will be contacts during the day with people from the professional environment who will launch important discussions on financial issues. Don't miss the opportunity to express your needs as they are likely to be fully accepted.

The intense need for companionship and beautiful moments can lead you to beautiful surprises that will work refreshingly in your personal life. The unattached are not excluded from coming into contact with a person who will surprise you with his moods for you and will fill you with optimism.


Libra, coming in contact with people who are important to you strengthens your positive psychology and creates a climate of joy and optimism in relationships. It is important that you rejoice in expressing the feelings and love you feel for the people in your life. 

Professional - financial

Financial discussions with your partners seem to have a positive development as there is a good mood on both sides for solutions and positive initiatives. You are satisfied with the result of what you have undertaken to carry out as you see the acceptance of those around you.

By expressing feelings and thoughts, you come closer than ever to your partner and an intensely pleasant and loving atmosphere is created between you. The unattached person strongly feels the need to come in contact with a person who causes you a severe heart attack, seek it and you will not lose.


Scorpio, fun does not leave you and this creates a very optimistic atmosphere in your interpersonal relationships. The situation is ideal for you to have a good time and express possible insecurities. Rest assured that they will take care to reassure you.

Professional - financial

Communicating with your co-workers is great and helps solve issues that may stress you out. The immediate and smart solutions you provide help to develop possible pending issues or obligations that need to be addressed quickly, this is what characterizes you.

The moments with your partner are unique as you feel that you belong to each other and this calms you down to the fullest. Passion dominates and gives a breath of fresh air to the relationship. The unattached can communicate with a new person who makes you feel special with the interest he shows you.


Sagittarius, coming in contact and expressing that you feel in the important faces of your life creates a climate of stability and security in your relationships. It is important to maintain balance and harmony in the environment in which you move and you can do this easily.

Professional - financial

Talking to the people you work with leads to important solutions to potential issues. Your hard work cannot be disputed as the results of your work are obvious and satisfy everyone in the workplace.

Your sensibilities are immediately perceived by your partner. You also seem to understand what love requires and that is enough to balance you perfectly. The unattached flirtation can renew you, so you seek to get in touch with a person who excites you.


Capricorn, close people dominate and it is possible that they will pleasantly surprise you with their thoughts and feelings. Your self-confidence rises sharply as you see those around you recognize what you have to offer, something that makes you very happy.

Professional - financial

Financial discussions star in the work environment as you feel you can claim what you offer. Show understanding due to the conditions that exist as this will be highly appreciated and will create an excellent atmosphere with the people you come in contact with.

Do not hesitate to surprise your partner by creating the right setting for two that will fill you with joy and bring wonderful moments of passion. The unattached is not excluded to communicate with a new person who creates security and stability with his movements.


Aquarius, the mood to express how you feel in the immediate environment creates pleasure and this can be seen in the way the people you care about behave. Enjoy every moment with those who fill you with joy as you reciprocate to the fullest that they offer you generously.

Professional - financial

The commercial deals that interest you are evolving in a great way and that fills you with optimism about their course. Expenses due to the days can arise, but nothing can discourage you as you feel that you can respond to everything in a successful way and without much waste.

Discussions on a personal level help to resolve issues that may have troubled you and your partner in the past few days. The unattached feel ready to be left to something new in your life and you will not hesitate to contact the person who attracts your attention.


Pisces, the mood for communication with people close to you becomes better. Conversations create a pleasant atmosphere and you enjoy them. Beware of mood swings due to nervousness.

Professional - financial

Older financial requirements can be of great concern to you. It is time to trust your instinct and make the necessary plans with perseverance and patience to dominate. These features will help you to provide the best possible solutions.

Intense emotion overwhelms your thinking and can lead to wrong paths adversely affecting the atmosphere in your personal life. The unattached will do well to be careful in communicating with a new person who may seem to be the best choice for you, but most likely is not.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from