The astrological predictions of Friday 3 February 2023

The Moon is in Cancer, emphasis will be placed on family relationships, friendly contacts, there will be a need for balance, reciprocity and emotional understanding. In the professional field, there will be an opportunity to arrange work affairs, the actions will be methodical, but beware of stress and internal pressure.



Krie, the day gives you the opportunity to engage in what helps you relax, art and fun. The morning reinforces the need to get away from everyone and everything as situations of the past that still hurt you come to the surface. 

Professional - Financial 

You should be careful in daily obligations that you have to meet as there are issues of self-concentration and mistakes are possible. Focus on the pending issues as you close them you will take important breaths and you will eliminate the stress.

Issues of the past bother your relationship, it is important to leave them behind and enjoy moments for two with your partner. If you are single, the return of people from the past can upset you and create intense emotion, pay attention to decisions you have to make.


Taurus, you can focus on friendly groups wanting to express innovative ideas that you want to make a reality. The afternoon helps you to see your dreams with optimism and to realize the ideal movements that will bring you closer to them.

Professional - Financial

Teamwork can work perfectly for you as you are in the mood to give your best to achieve a common professional goal. The important favor is with you if you wish to make moves that will bring you closer to professional success.

It is important to have a good time with your partner and company, choosing to escape from everyday life and have fun with your soul. If you are unattached through friendly groups, a new acquaintance can emerge that will open new horizons for you in front of you.


Didim, he is dedicated to your career as the obligations are many and you have to meet in the best possible way. The afternoon can bring important financial discussions to the forefront with your superiors.

Professional - Financial

It is a fact that you show your skills in the best possible way as you have the responsibility and the method to work hard to achieve what you want. This will be recognized by your superiors and it is possible that there will be a corresponding financial consideration.

Do not miss the opportunity to have a good time with your partner at social events that you must attend, you will do well to have it by your side. If you are single through the environment of your career, a new person can emerge that will fill you with strong emotions and passion.


Cancer, you have the opportunity to launch financial plans or discussions that may interest you immediately. In the morning your mood rises vertically as you want to have a good time with people you have time to see.

Professional - Financial

Try to focus on communication and advertising issues that work extremely well for you at this time as it is possible that there may be important opportunities that you can take advantage of. People from abroad come up with very interesting suggestions that you will do well to evaluate calmly.

It is important to enjoy the fun with the person next to you, do not miss the opportunity to accept invitations that will refresh you. If you are single, new acquaintances from your wider environment can create conditions for important future developments.


Leo, you are coming out of a period of intense introversion as you can easily express opinions, pay attention to impulsivity. The morning increases the irritability as stress and insecurities created by financial issues come to the surface.

Professional - Financial

Make the most of the opportunities that are given to him in terms of financial affairs or business moves that interest you. Make sure you trust your instincts as they will guide you in the best possible way.

Suspicion and jealousy can trouble your relationship and can create tensions, make sure you avoid any conflict that will spoil the beautiful atmosphere. If you are single, intense new acquaintances come into your life as they lift the heartbeat and create unprecedented emotions.


Virgo, you feel that the time has come to see them for yourself and to reconsider decisions or opinions that you have had in the past. In the morning you turn your attention to your interpersonal relationships as it is important for you to have harmony and calm.

Professional - Financial

Take care to show your partners what really satisfies you as it is possible to put your needs second. It is necessary to express thoughts and opinions as suppressing them later will create problems that it is good to avoid from now on. 

Try to enjoy the companionship and tenderness how much your partner gives and leave insecurities that create problems aside. If you are single, you will not hesitate to flirt and bring new people who will play a key role in your life.


Libra, you have the need to communicate with people from the friendly environment who can perceive the views and thoughts you have. In the morning you show all your interest in everyday issues that concern you intensely.

Professional - Financial

It is important to sort out daily issues that may be of great concern to you as they stress you out. Focus on finding the right solutions as your mind runs fast and can find the detail that will make the difference.

The stress you have due to the increased obligations can lead to whining and critical mood that will bother your partner. If you are single, you prefer to rest and unwind from the difficult day for this and it will be difficult for you to dedicate yourself to flirting and a possible new acquaintance.


Scorpio, you can focus on projects that you have in your professional life and you are interested in promoting. The morning increases your self-confidence and dynamism, you focus on your personal life and having a good time.

Professional - Financial

The determination you show in your professional life will make the difference in possible initiatives that need to be taken. Of course, be careful not to focus only on your own needs and desires as this will greatly annoy and create controversy.

Your generosity will play a leading role in the relationship as you will satisfy your partner to the fullest by taking him uniquely with him. If you are single, you magnetize everyone in your path and this can bring important new acquaintances into your life.


Sagittarius, you are given the opportunity to focus on trips and plans related to abroad for education. In the morning you strongly feel the need to get in touch with your family environment that gives you warmth and warmth.

Professional - Financial

You can enter into important real estate deals as you realize with great ease that you need to move. Beware of confrontations with superiors at work as the intense emotion that possesses you does not allow you to have a clear picture of things.

You can create unique moments for two in your personal space where you will enjoy your partner and the intensely romantic atmosphere that exists between you. If you are single, it will be difficult to find a new person as the mood swings and emotional ups and downs prevail. 


Capricorn, you focus on discussions about financial deals and business moves that interest you directly. In the morning, the need for communication takes off for this and you turn to people close to you to relax.

Professional - Financial

You can take the necessary initiatives that will lead you to the best possible deals in relation to trade and public relations. The quick perception of things and your strong arguments do not leave anyone indifferent and create a framework of trust in your face.

It is important to seek to express all that you feel in your partner as communication will play a leading role today in the relationship. If you are unattached through your close circle there may be a new acquaintance that will raise your mood vertically and will change if your mood.


Aquarius, you feel that the time has come to have discussions that will aim at balance and harmony in your interpersonal relationships. In the morning you focus on your material and emotional needs that create insecurity.

Professional - Financial

It is crucial to settle the financial affairs or pending issues that you may have as this will take you out of the insecurity that they create for you. At the same time it is good to watch out for unnecessary expenses or waste that can create a significant problem in your budget. 

Passion will guide you in unique paths of your relationship as long as you are left to your partner and do not allow doubts to dominate. If you are single, it is possible for a new acquaintance to emerge that will be based on a safe and stable environment for you.


Pisces, you feel that the time has come to take initiatives at all levels of your life. The afternoon will bring you closer than ever to the goals and ambitions you have as you will not hesitate to make moves to achieve them.

Professional - Financial

The dynamism and self-confidence you have will be especially evident in terms of your collaborations as it is a fact that you want to move forward with fast and decisive steps. The success of professional choices is certain as you will not hesitate to take the necessary initiatives when needed.

It is important to be positive with your partner as this will rejuvenate the relationship and help you get closer to goals you may have in common. If you are single, there are many who will try to approach you as they are impressed by your charm and optimism.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from