The astrological predictions of Friday 9 December 2022

Venus forms a square with Jupiter, it is an aspect that cannot be ruled out to make intuition misleading, the emotional vortex may lead to mistakes that will have an impact on further development. In matters of a financial nature, the moment is not suitable for taking risks and initiatives.



Krie, your self-confidence takes off and you feel that you can enjoy every moment with whatever company you find. Creativity is what satisfies you and it is possible to deal with talents that fill your time with pleasure and significantly strengthen your psychology.

Professional - financial

Focus on trade and communication as with Aphrodite moving to Gemini today you have the opportunity to make significant profits from potential transactions. The self-confidence and dynamism you show impress the people you work with and your superiors.

You feel that your partner can perceive exactly what you want from the relationship and this creates the conditions for you to have a unique time. The unattached will not hesitate to take initiatives to get in touch with a new person who fills you with optimism and sparks passion.


Taurus, family can give you great joy as the moments with her relieve you psychologically. Talking to friendly people needs attention as it is possible to make wrong assumptions or have unrealistic demands that are not easy to make.

Professional - financial

You are given the opportunity to make moves that will pay off financially. Your effort and diligence seems to be recognized and creates an ideal environment for claims. Avoid important moves in terms of goals and ambitions that you have, as you do not have an objective perception and are likely to make mistakes.

Romanticism creates the conditions for you to have a unique time with your partner, of course make sure to control the mood swings that cause outbursts. The unattached seek to isolate yourself as sensitivities overwhelm you and you do not pay the required attention to flirting.


Gemini, you feel overflowing with charm and confidence. It is important for you to be the focus of the environment in which you move and you will succeed. Positive mood and extroversion will be highly valued and make you a protagonist as you build the psychology of those around you.

Professional - financial

Trade is what can give you important opportunities to grow. Your ingenuity will convince and reinforce the need to associate with people in a friendly environment who can understand the way you think and want to grow.

You want to be the center of your relationship and you can do it! The self-confidence you feel manifests itself immediately and positively affects your partner as well. The unattached person wants to impress the person you are interested in and you will not hesitate to take similar initiatives.


Cancer, you focus on feeling safe and you hope that those around you will give it to you. It is a fact that you are willing to help anyone who asks for your help, be careful only because you can be easily deceived and fall victim to exploitation. Listen to your instinct to protect yourself.

Professional - financial

You can benefit financially by claiming what you think you deserve and you are given the opportunity to see the appreciation of your superiors. Of course, you will do well to pay attention to immodesty because it is the one that can bother your superiors.

You want to show your partner that he is a beacon for you in your life and you do your best to enjoy moments with him magical moments with romance and tenderness launching. The unattached is likely to deal with people from the past that do not leave your mind.


Leo, it is clear that you will not hesitate to claim the attention of the people around you as you feel that you can be the center of everyone. You feel that the time has come when you can spend more time with your friends, something you need.

Professional - financial

The dynamism and self-confidence that you show impresses those around you and gives you the opportunity to take initiatives that are important in your business. You make decisions with a view to the future with the sole aim of coming closer than ever to your dreams.

There is a diffuse mood to set limits in your relationship as you enjoy having your own space and independence. Be careful because this will upset your partner. The unattached have the opportunity to get in touch with people from the friendly environment who show intense interest in you.


Virgo, your sensibilities can bother you today as you seem to be blurred by memories and traumas of the past that stigmatize you. The mental strength that you have comes to the surface and helps you to overcome that it can weigh down your mood and spoil your mood.

Professional - financial

The demand for social recognition is becoming stronger than ever. It is important to be able to realize that your next moves will play an important role in your career. You have the opportunity to shine and evolve, do not miss it.

Situations in the past can bother you and affect your relationship. Passion and sensuality provide a way out and relieve the situation. The unattached can get in touch with people from the professional environment who will express strong feelings for you.


Libra, the joy grows, the psychology is soaring and it is certain that there is nothing that can discourage your psychology today. Today pushes you to deal with knowledge and educational issues that meet the spiritual need to broaden your philosophical horizons. 

Professional - financial

Collaborations can develop in an extremely positive way as you seem to be able to find direct communication with the people you are interested in. You are coming closer than ever to your dreams and this is something that excites you very much. People in a friendly environment may have suggestions.

Your extremely positive psychology is a balm for the relationship, as you give joy, optimism and fun by raising the mood of your partner. The unattached have the opportunity to communicate with people who attract your attention due to their knowledge and philosophical approach.


Scorpio, thoughts become more intense than ever and insecurities can arise that are not easy to manage. Today invites you to see clearly what frightens you and can affect the relationships with those around you, as you do not allow yourself to show confidence.

Professional - financial

Professional obligations concern you intensely, but you have the opportunity to solve issues. This will relieve your psychology and give you the opportunity to recognize in yourself abilities you may not have seen. At the same time, the appreciation of those around you satisfies you completely.

Emotions and the need to become one with your partner are intense, but you can deviate to the maximum as it is not easy to control your fears. The unmarried is not excluded to feel unprecedented feelings for a person with whom you come in contact and it excites you.


Sagittarius, you see the positive side of life and it is what helps you not to be discouraged by any difficulties. Creativity and the need for knowledge push you to new objects that fill you with joy and lead you to see other dimensions on a philosophical level. Communicating with people from your wider environment is the best thing for today.

Professional - financial

You focus on how you will be able to secure better financial benefits from your collaborations. Do not hesitate to make suggestions that you think may work. New opportunities come and give you alternatives and outlets.

The mood to get closer to your partner creates the conditions to spend unique moments with him that elevates the relationship and intensifies the desire. The unattached comes close to a person who shows you a new path in your life and intensifies emotions and optimism.


Capricorn, the day gives you a boost to deal with your body and physical condition. It is important to be able to enter a nutritional program that will fill you with energy and give you the opportunity to feel great, as it also helps your mood.

Professional - financial

The need for supply and services leads you to offer the maximum in your work and to show your best self. It is important to be able to balance relationships with colleagues as this will facilitate the movements and restore your mood, as only then can you function to the maximum.

It is possible to feel insecurities dominate the relationship. This can affect if you allow it to overwhelm you, so try to show understanding to your partner and let go of strong emotions. The unattached can deal with a person who causes you an emotional storm, beware of obsessions! 


Aquarius, today fills you with joy and the need to see life from its cheerful side. Relationships with others are important to you as you want to be reassured and accepted. This can lead to compromising with situations that are not to your liking; be careful.

Professional - financial

Collaborations can develop very positively and this will lead you to highly profitable professional prospects. Trade and public relations seem to be a field that you can grow in a great way and be satisfied with the results that will give.

You seek to show your best self to the person next to you and that is enough for the relationship to work harmoniously. Of course, take care not to be oppressed and endure that you do not like. The unattached can get close to a person who creates great prospects in your personal life.


Pisces, sentimentality takes off !! The need to meet people in the family environment prevails and urges you to create the ideal environment for you and your own people. After all, what you want is to spend moments that will satisfy you completely.

Professional - financial

Job prospects can send optimistic messages to you as you can take advantage of situations. Claiming what you think you deserve is important and it is possible to find allies in the face of colleagues who will support you warmly.

You want to show the strong feelings you feel to your partner, but this can lead to you trying to handle the course of the relationship in your own way. Show confidence and you will be rewarded. The unattached, you feel that it is time to find the person who will give you security and the chances are high.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from