The astrological predictions of Friday 9 September 2022

The Moon enters Pisces, intuition and imagination will expand. People of an artistic nature will be able to advance their projects, create and be inspired. The characteristics will be awareness, compassion, sympathy, emotional understanding. Personal and professional relationships improve, in discussions there will be an opportunity for understanding.



Krie, today gives you the impetus to turn to friendly groups and group activities that interest you intensely. You should be careful about your reactions as you can easily become very vindictive, something that will annoy those around you.

Professional - financial 

Team efforts move you especially as you are given the opportunity to work through them to a common goal that will help you more in your professional life. Try to avoid arrogant behaviors that will bother you as it is important to be in the mood to hear the different point of view.

The need to distance yourself from your partner can create problems, claim your personal space without tensions. If you are unattached, new people come from the friendly environment who impress you with their special temperament.


Taurus, you are called to fulfill obligations and responsibilities that you have to undertake your professional life in the best possible way. The time has come for you to trust your potential and give your best.

Professional - financial

Anxiety and nervousness can move professionally in his environment as you have undertaken a lot and this creates tension. Try not to be intransigent as this will annoy your superiors and put you in a process of controversy that will only put obstacles in your personal development.

Try to give time to your partner and not allow the tension from professional obligations to affect your relationship. If you are single through the professional environment, a new acquaintance may emerge that comes to radically change the personal agreement.


Gemini, you seek to meet people from your wider family and friends. It is important for you to get in touch with people you have time to see and can discuss with them various real issues that interest you.

Professional - financial

Take advantage of the opportunities that are given to you at a professional level and probably come from people abroad who show you absolute confidence. New paths seem to be opening up in front of you, try to overcome fanatical perceptions that may get in the way of your plans.

Optimism and fun will work perfectly in your relationship as they will help you to overcome with your partner possible tensions of the previous period. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a new acquaintance through the wider environment that opens new horizons in front of you.


Cancer, you are given the opportunity to deal with financial issues and business moves that interest you. Beware of irritability and insecurities that you may show as they will cause overexertion with people involved in your transactions.

Professional - financial

Financial issues in relation to third parties and business activities come to the fore as it is important for you to close cases that may upset you. Show confidence in yourself as it will be an infallible criterion for your choices.

Jealousy and suspicion can affect your relationship as you try to dominate your partner due to your personal insecurities. If you are single, it is possible to have a unique acquaintance that will create an emotional storm, it will not be easy to manage.


Leo, you are interested in balancing personal and professional relationships that are important to you. Be careful as you tend to satisfy others by leaving your personal needs second to none. 

Professional - financial

It is necessary for you to close cases regarding your collaborations as the calm and harmony in your professional life will help you to move fast steps in achieving his goals. Remember that you have to be happy about your career choices.

You should be careful with your partner as you can have a good time with him, really emphasizing what completely covers you in your relationship. If you are single, a new person can come into your life that will intensify the need for companionship and relationship.


Virgo, you are called to manage daily issues increase the pace vertically. You need to pay attention to obsessions and anxiety that do not leave room to think calmly and can create tension with people you meet every day.

Professional - financial

Try to focus on what you need to do without letting stress and nervousness overwhelm you. It is important for you to arrange what you have undertaken in the best possible way, but stay away from confrontations with colleagues that will have a cost on your psychology.

You have the opportunity to close everyday issues that may bother your relationship by avoiding the whining and misery caused by routine. If you are single, fatigue and increased obligations do not leave room for intense personal life.


Libra, you focus all your attention on your personal life and how to have fun with the friends you have. You should be careful to show egocentric behaviors that will bother both your partner and the people you meet.

Professional - financial

Dynamic moves can open new horizons in your professional life as you will not hesitate to take initiatives to achieve important goals in your career. However, it is important to avoid tension as this can lead to mistakes that will be difficult to correct later.

Make sure you spend beautiful moments with your partner and stay away from exaggerations that can create problems between you. If you are single, you impress with your charm and brilliance and it is not easy to go unnoticed by new people who will show intense interest in you.


Scorpio, you are given the opportunity to get closer to people from the family environment, something you desperately need. You have to be careful with emotional outbursts and mood swings that can create intense controversy.

Professional - financial

Real estate issues can come to the fore as you may seek new deals that are of great interest to you. Claim the best you can and trust your intuition to offer.

Unique moments for two you can spend with your partner, devoting time to the relationship and how to improve the conditions between you. If you are unattached through the familiar friendly environment a new person may emerge that will enhance sensitivities and the need for stability.


Sagittarius, you are given the opportunity to get closer than ever with people from your immediate environment. Communication is important to you and you will not hesitate to get in touch with them and express your feelings and concerns.

Professional - financial

There can be many opportunities in the trade that you are called upon to exploit in the best possible way for you. Beware of emotional ups and downs that can create nervousness. Travel for business reasons that will help you breathe is not excluded.

Fun will play a crucial role in bringing you closer to your partner and experiencing moments of joy and fun together. If you are single, it is possible to make new acquaintances through social events, quick perception and humor will attract your attention. 


Capricorn, today gives you the opportunity to deal with your material and emotional needs. Try not to focus only on what you enjoy and give others the opportunity to realize what really helps you feel stable.

Professional - financial

You can deal with financial issues that concern you as they upset you and create stress. It is necessary to show perseverance and patience until you achieve the financial plans you have. But at the same time you have to be compromising to satisfy those around you.

You should be careful with the person you are interested in as you may show stubbornness and intransigence creating problems between you. If you are single, people come into your life to reinforce the need for security and stability you want, beware as lack of self-confidence can get in the way of developments.


Aquarius, you are given the opportunity to get out of introversion and star in whatever environment you find yourself in. Be careful as impulsivity and aggression can create tensions in your personal and professional life.

Professional - financial

You will not hesitate to take the necessary initiatives to proceed with professional plans that interest you. Your collaborations play a crucial role, but you should be more restrained and less impulsive in possible decisions that may affect your collaborators.

It is important for you to express feelings and needs that you have in your partner, to show a similar mood so that you can hear what satisfies him as well. If you are single, many will show interest in you as the intense sociability and determination that possess you magnetize the crowds.


Pisces, you strongly feel the need to isolate yourself from everyone and everything. Situations of the past come to your mind and trouble you, make sure you escape from delusions and intense emotions that do not allow you to see reality.

Professional - financial

It is necessary to show absolute self-concentration in the daily life and in the work responsibilities that you have undertaken. Emotions and travels of the mind do not allow you to have a clear understanding of things. Beware of mistakes that can play an important role for your work from now on.

It is important for you to spend unique moments with the person you have by your side, try to get rid of illusions that will negatively affect the relationship. If you are single, the return of people from the past can play an important role, do not rush to make decisions because later you may regret it.

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