The astrological predictions of Thursday, December 1, 2022

Venus forms a contrast with retrograde Mars, it is a difficult aspect, it is possible that there will be conflicting emotions that will bring intense inner restlessness. In matters of a financial nature, the timing is not favorable for new leaps and partnerships with an uncertain outcome. In the emotional field, pay attention to anxiety and insecurity, it is possible that possessive behaviors will surface, suspicion should be limited.



Krie, the day can create an internal conflict that will bring insecurities to the surface. At the same time, however, the afternoon creates the right outlets for optimism that will help to overcome possible tensions.

Professional - Financial

It is possible to have disagreements on financial issues that can cause you intense upset and irritation. Be sure to avoid potential conflicts and focus on the positives that may exist. You may be very upset and unable to detect them.

It is possible to feel that your partner does not understand you, try to see the positive side of life in realistic terms as you may not have decided what you really want. If you are single and it is possible that a new person will emerge who will show interest in you, it is important not to be disappointed feeling that it is not what suits you.


Taurus, the day helps you to set off in an ideal way of development in relation to your wider environment. In the afternoon you focus on financial issues that may be of great concern to you.

Professional - financial

You are willing to take steady steps as you do not want to rush professionally. It is important for you to frame your professional dreams by laying a solid foundation with moves that you consider appropriate. Financial issues will concern you, beware of unnecessary expenses.

It is important to enjoy the passion and the intense moments with your partner, creating the right atmosphere that will take off both of you. If you are single, the key to you is security and stability and that is what you are looking for in a new acquaintance that may arise.


Giving, the day helps you to realistically understand what is hurting you from the past trying to give solutions that will relieve you. In the afternoon you come out of introversion as you claim to have the leading role in the environment in which you move.

Professional - financial

You have the opportunity to close cases that may have bothered you in the past, leaving behind which pending issues created stress. You can take initiatives regarding your collaborations by showing with dynamism and determination what you really want in your business.

It is important for you to express feelings and needs that you may have hoping that you will be perceived by your partner. If you are single, your intense social life and extroversion can bring new people to you who will show immediate interest in you.


Cancer, the day may cause upset due to insecurities that will affect your friendships. At the same time, however, the night helps you to find the positive mood and understanding towards others in order to overcome any tensions.

Professional - Financial

Conflicts can arise in the professional arena as you feel that the people you work with do not understand what you really think and how you want to get closer to achieving your goals. Put aside any disagreements and focus with optimism on the positive points of your partners.

You will do well to be careful as lack of self-confidence can lead to conflicts you do not need in your relationship, free yourself from what scares you. If you are single, the new person can be present in the social environment, the initial insecurities can be easily overcome.


Leo, the obligations in the professional housing increase sharply, something that can create stress for you. Morning helps you to get out of the tension and close cases will be able to give you significant financial benefits.

Professional - Financial

You seem to have the understanding needed to perceive and justify behaviors that may irritate you in the workplace. Go ahead with your responsibilities and be sure that many will recognize the way you have managed.

It is possible that there are social events that you need to attend, make sure you have your partner by your side to have a unique time together. If you are single, a new person can emerge from the professional environment who can take off your emotions and tenderness.


Virgo, you feel that the time has come to have fun with people from the wider environment that you have been seeing for a long time. The morning helps you to launch plans in relation to your goals and ambitions or the training that will occupy you intensely.

Professional - Financial

You impress everyone in the professional space you move in as no difficulty can discourage you and this works beneficially for those around you. Continue to face professional obligations with passion and positive eyes as they will certainly help you get closer to what you want to achieve.

Optimism and a positive mood will help your relationship and will give unique moments of joy and warmth for you and the person you have by your side. If you are single, new people are coming into your life who will help you evaluate your goals and future dreams.


Libra, the day intensifies the irritation and it is not excluded that problems will arise in his financial affairs. At the same time, however, the afternoon helps you to trust yourself and claim what you deserve successfully.

Professional - Financial

He will not hesitate to clash with people you deal with financially considering that they are not fair to you. It is important to recognize that this comes from personal doubts and to leave it behind as developments can satisfy you completely.

You may doubt that you are compatible with your partner, think calmly and logically and you will see that your personal worries are the ones that create tension. If you are single, it is possible to have a new person, do not let suspicion take over and spoil something beautiful that can start in your life.


Scorpio, the day upsets interpersonal relationships and creates friction. At the same time, however, the night helps you to overcome any tension and to find your good mood again, which will help you keep the required balances.

Professional - Financial

Try to function realistically and positively in collaborations and professional issues as you feel that the irritation that exists is due to others. You will do well to balance within yourself as then you will find the strength to express with optimism and confidence what you want from your partners.

Try to keep a low profile and do not let the tension you feel affect your relationship as you can easily overcome any difficulties with your partner. If you are unattached / attention to new acquaintances as initially you will be unhappy and this can be an obstacle in which you develop.


Sagittarius, the day is not excluded to create problems in everyday life due to misunderstanding. At the same time, however, the afternoon helps you to step on your feet and to overcome any difficulties with confidence.

Professional - Financial

It is important during the day not to lose your concentration on what you want to accomplish and work tasks that you have undertaken. Try to overcome the upset that others may cause you and give all your energy to have satisfactory solutions for you.

Disagreements can exist with your partner on everyday issues, with a good mood you will manage to leave them behind. If you are unattached you will hardly be left to a new person through the workplace as nervousness and stress can overwhelm you.


Capricorn, the day can cause tensions in your personal life due to fears and insecurities that come to the surface. At the same time, however, the afternoon helps you to overcome possible doubts about your partner and to spend beautiful moments with him.

Professional - Financial

There are likely to be financial issues that will upset you and create controversy. You can overcome any disagreements by showing understanding and generosity as this will be highly appreciated by the people you deal with.

It is important to put the suspicion aside and to leave with optimism the joy and fun that your relationship can give you. If you are unattached, it is possible to doubt a new person who will show his interest in you, make sure that you overcome what is holding you back and enjoy beautiful moments with him.


Aquarius, the day intensifies the inner irritation and can create problems in relationships and family. At the same time, however, the afternoon works as a helper to overcome insecurities and repulsions and to leave behind what irritates you.

Professional - Financial

The disagreements that can arise on a professional level are mainly due to the tension that you hide inside you and to a possible mood swing that easily manifests itself in others. Make sure you find the center of yourself because this will work liberatingly and help you overcome any conflicts.

It's important to show your man what parts of your relationship don't suit you, but avoid doing it out of nervousness. If you're single, it's hard

you will be left in a new face as issues from the past may still affect you, try to find the strength to overcome them.


Pisces, the day helps you communicate to those around you with maturity and prudence future plans you have. In the afternoon you turn your attention to the family as you seek to be with them.

Professional - financial

With seriousness and stability, you ideally launch trade agreements and collaborations that interest you intensely. It is important for you to show absolute seriousness at all levels so that the people with whom you discuss the responsible attitude that characterizes you in your professional life are perceived.

There is an immediate need for you to feel stable and secure in your relationship and that characterizes today. If you are single, a new person can come into your life that will help you feel strong emotions and you will have a sense of familiarity with him.

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