The astrological predictions of Thursday, November 10, 2022

The square of Mercury with Saturn is a difficult aspect, thoughts will be confused, there will be weakness in the matter of discipline and determination. In the work sector, organization and order will be necessary, there may be difficulty in concentrating. Beware of rash actions, jerky movements and impulsive reactions.



Krie, the day gives you impetus to take initiatives that spread your wings at all levels. Later in the afternoon, professional obligations that interest you come to the fore.

Professional - Financial 

You can take important initiatives in terms of proposals from abroad that may be of great interest. From night on you focus on the many obligations you may have, but remember that you can give your best and succeed.

Optimism and passion play a leading role in your personal life and create unique moments with your partner. If you are single / the new acquaintance comes through your wider environment that raises your self-confidence and the need to be active in your personal life.


Taurus, you seek to meet people from the wider environment in order to have a unique time with them. Your afternoon creates unique conditions for sudden opportunities coming from abroad and you are invited to take advantage as they will develop you.

Professional - Financial

The roads open in front of you as there are sudden opportunities of a professional nature that seem to interest you intensely. Make sure you are completely focused and put negligence aside as it is possible to be at the beginning of a new career path.

Try to have a unique time, pleasantly surprising your partner as this will take off the passion and emotions in the relationship. If you are unattached, new acquaintances come from your wider environment that will help you shake off that conservative that oppresses you.


Gemini, today you focus on solving financial issues in relation to third parties that concern you intensely. The afternoon can bring sudden issues from the past to the forefront that cause you intense upset.

Professional - Financial

Financial matters can trouble you as they return to the forefront and you need to provide immediate solutions. Try to find original ways out that will help you overcome stress and close cases in relation to third parties that make you nervous.

It is important to let go of the passion and strong emotions in your relationship and to leave the margin of doubt and suspicion that plague you. If you are single, the new person comes into your life all of a sudden to bring to the surface wounds and injuries that you have to deal with.


Cancer, the day helps you to close everyday affairs that create special stress for you. Later in the afternoon you turn your attention to the important people in your life.

Professional - Financial

It is a fact that you will show absolute determination in daily issues and work obligations that you want to settle. Turn your partnerships around as they can bring significant benefits to you.

Companionship is important to you so try to balance any disagreements you may have with your partner. If you are single, you charm everyone in your path and this can bring important new acquaintances in your life.


Leo, the day takes your psychology to the next level and creates a unique atmosphere in your relationship. Later in the afternoon he focuses mainly on daily affairs that interest you.

Professional - Financial

It is obvious that you want to sort out cases that concern you in the work environment and can irritate you. Try to find out what it is that will help you to release the tension in a creative way and close issues that will help you to breathe.

Everyday life should not help you to lose your fun, create the best possible context in your relationship to have a good time. If you are single through the work environment there are people who will show interest, you will do well to be available.


Virgo, the day helps you sort out family issues that may have arisen in recent days. Later in the afternoon, the mood for fun and flirting rises sharply.

Professional - Financial

You should pay attention to family choices in relation to real estate as it is not excluded that there may initially be mood swings and tension. Find the mental strength to overcome obstacles as this will bring you closer to the best possible solutions for you.

You are given the opportunity to have a unique time with your partner, do not allow selfishness and exaggerations to spoil the wonderful atmosphere between you. If you are single, your brilliance and self-confidence are a magnet for new acquaintances who want to show interest.


Libra, the day creates important conditions for excellent collaborations in relation to trade. Later in the afternoon you focus on the family as you want to feel tender moments with her.

Professional - Financial

You will not hesitate to take initiatives for business deals that have a lot to offer and are related to trade and communication. The fact is that you will show the dynamism required to enter into collaborations that have a lot to give in your professional life.

It is necessary to spend moments for two with your partner that will help you get rid of the difficulties of everyday life. If you are single, it is possible to make new acquaintances through the main friendly environment, beware of emotional ups and downs that will create problems.


Scorpio, the day helps you to claim the best possible financially in the workplace. Later in the afternoon you seek to communicate with people close to you.

Professional - Financial

It is important to take the initiative to claim what you consider to be financially worthwhile in the workplace. You will probably find that many agree with you and are willing to satisfy your desires.

Going out with people close to you will help you escape from insecurities and balance your relationship, make sure you give the opportunity to yourself and your partner. If you are not engaged through social events, there may be an acquaintance that is very interesting for you.


Sagittarius, the day leaves no room for optimism as you enjoy moments of joy and fun. Later in the afternoon you turn your attention to financial issues that concern you.

Professional - Financial

You focus on the professional initiatives you want to take as you feel that nothing can stop you from achieving the best for you. Pay attention to financial matters that can create special stress for you, you will calmly provide solutions.

Passion plays a leading role in your relationship as it is the driving force to give your best to the person you have by your side. If you are single, new acquaintances come into your life who are willing to give you security and peace. 


Capricorn, the day helps you to show dynamism in the family environment by closing cases that concern you. Later in the afternoon you come out of introversion as you claim to be the protagonist in the environment in which you move.

Professional - Financial

It is typical that you want to close important issues that are pending and can cause you stress. Take advantage of the opportunities that will be given to you and make moves that will relieve you of nervousness and will help you balance.

You are given the opportunity to show your needs directly to the person next to you, take care not to escape selfish behaviors. If you are single, there will be many who will show great interest in you as it is a fact that arouses interest wherever you are.


Aquarius, the day gives you the opportunity to get closer than ever to your goals as you take initiatives at all levels. Later in the afternoon you try to close yourself as memories come to mind and bother you.

Professional - Financial

Many will be the ones who will help you in your every effort in terms of your career as you show that you are determined for important moves that will pay off a lot. Your intense action will impress and help convince you of your motivations.

Moments for two away from everyone and everything will satisfy you completely as you want to get closer than ever with the person you have by your side. If you are single, people from the past come to emphasize the need to close cases that may still be bothering you.


Pisces, you try to communicate with friendly people as you enjoy your company. The afternoon is likely to bring sudden invitations that will excite you or new acquaintances that can play an important multilevel role in your life.

Professional - Financial

It is not excluded that there may be sudden proposals of a professional nature through the friendly environment that will be extremely favorable to you as well. Make sure you use them in the best possible way as you have the arguments and ideas to proceed with important projects.

You can come closer than ever with your partner to common goals that you have as the original thoughts will work refreshingly for your ambitions. If you are unattached through friendly groups there may be new people who will overturn your views on love.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from