The astrological predictions of Thursday, January 12, 2023

Mars in Gemini returns to a straight course and will remain in this position until March 25, the characteristics will be optimism, vitality, need for new acquaintances, for socializing, for variety and for adventures. In matters of a professional nature, there will be a mood for pursuits, the conditions for changes and improvement will be favorable.



Krie, you find the opportunity to express your feelings and needs with dynamism. You can limit the spontaneity that will cause tensions and show those around you that you know very well what you want from them. Emotion and logic are uniquely harmonized.

Professional - financial

You focus on goals and aspirations that you may have and on how to achieve them. You show determination in possible discussions that you participate in. You will not hesitate to take the necessary initiatives that will give you the opportunity to come closer than ever to your dreams.

The emotional stability that you possess significantly helps the course of your relationship and leaves no room for unnecessary controversy. The unattached can show what really pleases you in a relationship in the person you come in contact with and attracts your attention.


Taurus, the day negatively affects your mood as you feel that you are taking on more responsibilities. This does not help you to operate freely and blocks possible initiatives that you want to take at all levels.

Professional - financial

Your professional life works hard for your psychology as you are called to take on more responsibilities. A climate of gloom and pessimism may appear, but you should take advantage of the current situation as through the difficulties you will evolve significantly.

Emotionality is intense and helps you to express yourself to your partner as you feel that you have a person next to you who can fully understand you. The unattached are likely to communicate with a person from the past who helps you find your self-esteem.


We give, friends star and give outlets as coming in contact with them you fill with joy and serenity. They are the ones who with their ideas can help you make your future plans. The goals you can set are to find a response and a positive attitude.

Professional - financial

If you work in a team, you will definitely be able to take the right steps to get closer to your ambitions. The environment you rely on will help you achieve the goals you have set in the best possible way. But note that you have to try hard.

You want your personal space to be a relationship without upsetting its balance and this is something you will claim from your partner. The unattached have the opportunity to come in contact with a person who opens new horizons in front of you and creates a framework of stability in your life.


Cancer, issues of the past seem to concern you and touch your need for discrimination in the environment in which you move. Don't give in to pessimism as it won't help you see clearly that you need to move. Trust your confidence and dynamism because these will help you stand out.

Professional - financial

It's time to dump her and move on. It is certain that you have the determination needed to take the necessary steps to leave behind obligations and responsibilities that affect your psychology.

The responsibilities you take on affect your relationship, if you ask for the support of the person next to you, you will be able to avoid problems in the relationship. The unattached is not excluded to communicate with a person through the professional environment that relieves your worries.


Leo, optimism comes and in combination with maturity gives you the opportunity to see how you can move in the future with the best possible result. People from the wider family and friendly environment will support what you seek.

Professional - financial

New horizons open up in front of you and the collaborations you have help in this. You are willing to give your best to achieve the maximum result that will satisfy you and the people who play a leading role in your business.

Your partner creates a framework of stability in the relationship and this works extremely beneficially in your psychology as it fills you with joy and a positive mood for the future. The unattached have the opportunity to communicate with a person who can play a decisive role in your personal life in the long run.


Virgo, insecurities and fears can bother you and create psychological problems. During the day you find the necessary balance as logic dominates and can help you stabilize your strong emotions.

Professional - financial

Financial issues in relation to third parties and business moves that you want to make come to the fore and concern you. You can see every detail in detail and make the right decisions that will help you win your transactions.

Passion combined with maturity helps to lay a solid foundation in your relationship and not allow what worries you to negatively affect its development. The unattached is likely to communicate with a person who is raising the volume vertically. Emotional stability is what you ask for and you will claim it in an absolute way.


Libra, you focus on interpersonal relationships as it is important for you to be loved and accepted by those around you. Do not let insecurities dominate and clearly show the emotional maturity that governs you as this will be greatly appreciated.

Professional - financial

It is important to be able to find the best elements of your collaborations as these will help you give your best to have a great result. Stability in gait and decision making will help you develop relationships with your coworkers smoothly and creatively.

Your partner is asking for emotional stability and you can give it your all. You are willing to show that you can strive for your relationship. The unattached can come in contact with a new person who fills you with security because of the maturity he shows.


Scorpio, everyday life concerns you and most likely you will try to solve issues that need time during the day. Dealing with family issues that may arise can stress you out, use your determination and mental strength to come up with definitive solutions.

Professional - financial

Your work situation plays a crucial role during this time for you as you want to have a solid foundation. Possible rearrangements can be stressful and this can be very frustrating. Rest assured that the effort you put in is highly valued.

Everyday details can significantly affect relationships, giving you the opportunity to make decisions with your partner that will relieve you of stress. The unattached is not excluded to communicate with a person through the work environment where you feel intense intimacy with him.


Sagittarius, creativity is the star today as it is the one that fills you with joy and the mood to deal with whatever makes you happy. It is possible to make decisions to deal with your talents that you may not have evaluated before that new paths open up in front of you.

Professional - financial

You show determination and dynamism in terms of trade items that you can deal with. This leads you to lay a solid foundation for agreements that can pay off in the long run as long as you make the effort.

Expressing feelings and thoughts to your partner will help to ensure a climate of security and stability in the relationship. Fears come to an end and do not bother you anymore. The unattached is not excluded to communicate with a person who will realize that he came to stay in your life.


Capricorn, the family will play a leading role today as it gives them the opportunity to be with those who fill you with warmth. It's time to close situations that may have affected your self-esteem and to realize your personal worth through them.

Professional - financial

Close financial issues and real estate issues that may concern you. You are given the opportunity to think methodically about your moves and make decisions that will play an important role in your income. They will be the best possible in the current conditions.

Romantic mood plays a leading role in the relationship and creates a security framework for you and your partner, something that brings you closer than ever. Unattached, you want to put a person in your life who will fill you with warmth and give you a strong sense of intimacy that is crucial to you. 


Aquarius, the immediate environment is what you turn to for advice and discussion on possible issues that concern you. Communicating with them will help you to delineate and realize that you need to move from here on out to achieve goals and personal ambitions.

Professional - financial

You set your limits against your co-workers and with the maturity of thinking that distinguishes you, you impress with the way you manage possible situations that may have arisen. Dynamism is not hidden and helps to provide specific solutions that will unblock any problems that exist.

You show that nothing can discourage you, something that positively affects your partner. The maturity you face in the relationship creates the necessary security. The unattached can communicate with a new person you want to star in your life by showing maturely what you want a relationship to give you.


Pisces, today it is not ruled out that you will enter into a process of controversy that will cause coldness with people close to you. Make sure you limit your insecurities and look at things objectively as this will help you in any manipulation.

Professional - financial

You have the opportunity to close financial issues of the past that can relieve your psychology as you know where you are going and where you are going. Beware of trade agreements and transactions that will find obstacles in their development as this can disappoint you.

The intense sensuality and emotion that prevail in the relationship will help you escape from pessimistic thoughts and enjoy the moments. The unattached will do well to be careful in the way you express yourself to a new person you are interested in as you can become absolute and this can be annoying.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from