The astrological predictions of Thursday, September 15, 2022

The Moon enters Gemini, the characteristics will be vitality, curiosity, sociability, fluency. There will be a need for new experiences, the interest will be directed towards variety and adventures of various kinds, there will be difficulty in dealing with routine and stagnation. In matters of a professional nature, the conditions for acquaintances and new contacts will be favorable, however, it will not be easy to make decisions.



Krie, strong emotions and aggressive moods will occupy you today as your mood does not seem to be stable. From noon onwards, the fact is that it fell to you to enjoy the moments and leave behind everything that creates insecurity and fears.

Professional - financial

It is important to understand that colliding head-on with people who are the catalyst for your career will not help you during this time. Show faith and determination and take care to keep a low profile so that you do not get nervous. Beware of financial issues because limitation is possible.


What you need to keep in mind today is frustration and gloom as your personal life will be strongly affected and you will not be left to enjoy the time you may have with your partner. The unattached feel that you are being pressed emotionally and you have no appetite to focus on your feelings.


Taurus, it is a fact that the pursuit to focus on your needs and get out of the gloom is something that will not be easy. At night you find balances and seek to communicate with people who will show their interest in you.

Professional - financial

The pressure on a professional level seems to be starting to increase and this is something that affects you as you are called to take on more obligations and responsibilities. Later in the day you will find your confidence and you will try to claim what you think you deserve in a dynamic way.


It is possible to feel distant from your partner as you have a lot of problems and especially your professional life. Be careful not to let pessimism affect your emotions. The unattached person is more concerned with the career and less with the personal life for that and you put it on the sidelines.


Gemini, pay special attention in the morning to the fights with your friendly faces that will cost you as it is not easy to restrain your nerves. In the afternoon you seek to isolate yourself from everyone and everything and focus on thoughts and feelings that are revived from old assumptions.

Professional - financial

Tension with your colleagues is not out of the question as it seems to work spasmodically and cause nervousness to those around you. Fears come back and worry you about the course of your career. You will do well not to make any moves as you do not seem to be thinking clearly and this will have a negative effect.

It is possible to feel that it is time to move away from his partner as strong emotions develop into melancholy that is not easy to manage. Try to get away from what hurts you and show that you really feel. The unattached are trapped in situations of the past that offer you nothing. 


Cancer, in the morning you are probably busy with your business and the tension prevails as it seems that it is not easy to control your nerves. From noon onwards you turn to the friendly environment which is a fact that at first does not seem to cover what you would like it to give you.

Professional - financial

You should be especially careful in your business in the morning as you will not hesitate to come into frontal conflict with those who do not agree with the way you move. Make sure you keep your cool and show a team spirit that will help you recover.

The mood of independence that you show affects your relationship and it is possible to make important decisions from your partner that will affect unpleasantly. The unattached feel that you can not commit in your life for this you leave new people who may be interested away from you.


Leo, you focus on possible obligations that you may have and this is something that spoils your mood. Especially in the afternoon you would not want to deal with people who are not in your immediate environment as they negatively affect your psychology and you probably avoid them.

Professional - financial

Tension at a professional level is not out of the question and you are called to manage it so that it does not determine your future. Especially in the afternoon you do not see clearly how you should behave and due to gloom and stress you can make movements that are ultimately wrong. 


Your thoughts are not in personal life and this is something that can adversely affect the relationship for communication with your partner. Be careful not to be distant as there will be reactions. The unattached leave your personal side as the mood is not required to get in touch with new people.


Virgo, nervousness will prevail especially in the morning hours when you do not seem to have clear thinking due to stress and tension. In the afternoon they take psychological breaths and you are given the opportunity to get in touch with people from the wider relative who will make you happy.

Professional - financial

You look at things with more optimism, something that has a very positive effect on your professional life as well. Deal with what fills you with joy and you can become extremely creative like communication. Of course, first be careful not to try to impose your views as this will cause chain reactions.

After intense insecurities you can now see more clearly how you want to move in your relationship. The important thing is that you find your fun and this is especially appreciated by the person next to you. The unattached can not come into contact with a person who fills you with joy and optimism and you want him to play a role on a personal level.


Libra, you should pay special attention in the morning to the way you behave and communicate with those around you as it is possible to show irritation that is not easily manageable. Prepare for competitive behaviors that may upset you. 

Professional - financial

Think carefully about how you act in your collaborations because it will play a key role in their course from now on. It will not accept any underground behaviors and blows, you will do well to avoid them. In the afternoon your finances dominate and can bring you frustration that you will overcome quickly.

Opposites will not help calm in your relationship, so you will do well to give space and justify behaviors similar to your own. The unattached do not seek new acquaintances as your fun is not what is required. The tension leaves no room for extroversion.


Scorpio, it's time to focus on the relationships you have in your life and how you communicate with people who play a key role. The need to be by your side can lead to setbacks that do not suit your character and will sooner or later come to the surface.

Professional - financial

Obstacles in your collaborations may arise that you should manage calmly and prudently. Your mood is not the best at first and you may be disappointed, but remember that the effort is what will reward you for this, make sure you do not give up.

You will do well not to be harsh with your partner because it will be easy to confront him and spoil the beautiful atmosphere that prevails in your relationship. The unattached will most likely be isolated thinking of older situations that hurt you.


Sagittarius, you show your interest in everyday issues that you think you need to sort out. These are the ones that create special tension and stress for you and it is not excluded that you break out in your environment causing problems. Exercise will not help you balance so include it in your schedule.

Professional - financial

The obligations and chores that exist at work confuse your mind and increase your nervousness. Pay close attention as this will create problems with colleagues. Frustration with behaviors is likely to arise, but it is a fact that you will quickly leave it behind.


The good mood that prevailed in your relationship can easily be spoiled if you do not pay attention to your reactions and do not curb the nerves that will lead to confrontations. The unattached seems to take distances from possible new acquaintances as you focus on the detail losing the forest.


Capricorn, confrontations with family members in the morning will not help you start your day well. Along the way, especially in the afternoon, you find joy and fun by passing psychological breaths. Take care not to become absolute with those around you by changing the atmosphere.

Professional - financial

You are given the opportunity to act on a professional level, but it is possible that he will make jerky moves and this will cost the relations with your partners. Take care to reduce the frustration that you have because I am a bad advisor and in the end it can only have negative implications for your career.


Your mood rises and this seems to have a positive effect on your personal life, take advantage of the conditions to have a good time with your partner and enjoy the evening with him. The unattached want to know the ideal person for you and your thoughts revolve around it.


Aquarius, the tension with the faces of those close to you can spoil your mood in the morning and cause you irritation. This is something you need to overcome and see the positives of communication and contact you have with them. From the afternoon onwards the family stars.

Professional - financial

Tensions over trade deals may not arise in the morning and you should be prepared not to behave in a way that will cause additional problems. There seem to be issues that get in the way of their development, think carefully about what is holding you back and it does not allow you to free yourself and make the moves you want.

The beautiful moments with your partner can help you keep your psychology high and leave aside memories and traumas that may be bothering you. The unattached give your attention to people who have shown their interest in you and create security and stability for you.


Pisces, the mood to communicate with those around you becomes very strong from the afternoon onwards as you seem to seek to get in touch with people whose opinion you value. The joy they give you raises your mood and helps you escape from possible insecurities.

Professional - financial

It is possible to try to sort out financial issues that concern you, but you should be prepared for obstacles and delays that will increase the intensity. Think that you want to act in terms of trade and communication as the specific areas seem to suit you very well.


Communication will play an important role in your relationship as long as you take care not to become harsh considering the situations of the past that may have stigmatized you. Getting in touch with new people is something that pleases you, pay attention to your behavior because it will play an important role.

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