The astrological predictions of Thursday, March 2, 2023

Mercury will be in conjunction with Saturn, it is a positive aspect that will bring professional openings, the conditions will be favorable for agreements, processing, meetings, transactions. The moment is right to implement the organized plans, the key to success will be concentration on the goals. The aspirations will be serious and achievable, the methodical pursuits will bring positive results. It is possible that there will be opportunities for new collaborations, it would be good to take advantage of the openings immediately.



Krie, it is a fact that the obligations are many mainly at the social level. The nervousness that possesses you is the one that can eventually create problems and come into conflict. Be especially careful in the afternoon as it seems that your insecurities are intensifying and this burdens your psychology.

Professional - financial

The responsibilities you have taken on are important and can cause you intense stress. In trying to convince those around you of your views you can become imposing and absolute. This will disturb and create problems in the development of his professional career. Make decisions where necessary based on logic and intuition.


Avoid outbursts in your partner as the only thing they will cause are problems and conflicts. Make sure you have it next to you in possible social obligations that you have to attend. This will relieve your psychology. The unattached person enjoys the attention of those around you and it is not excluded that there will be new acquaintances from the professional environment.


Taurus, positivity remains and you feel that you can respond to whatever arises in your life. This is something that transmits it to those around you and especially to the people of your wider relative and friendly environment. You will do well to focus on knowledge and potential objects that excite you.

Professional - financial

Communication and advertising are the focus of your business plans. Of course, the fact that you want to do something does not allow the routine to dominate. Expressing future plans to your partners is ideal as you seem to find suitable ground and a positive attitude. 


You experience unique feelings and moments with your partner, something that works extremely beneficial for your relationship. The optimism that overwhelms you is transmitted to the person next to you, taking the relationship to the next level. The unattached have the opportunity to meet the match that will launch your psychology.


Gemini, you feel the fears come to the surface and work aggravatingly on your psychology. Take advantage of the situation for deeper introspection as it will help you to really see what is creating your insecurity. This will work at your disposal.

Professional - financial

Take business initiatives that may interest you as it seems that your intuition directs you in a very positive way. Of course, make sure you control the intense suspicion that you have because it is the one that can energize the atmosphere with your partners. Financial issues seem to be making their way. 


You give the exercise to your partner that you are trying to have complete control over. This can only cause conflict so make sure you control your personal insecurities. The unattached move on the basis of your psychology and this leaves no room for new faces in your life.


Cancer, the need for companionship and acceptance by those around you characterizes your mood and leads you to come to terms with situations. Balancing and adapting to something you do not like is of course what will later create emotional tension that will be transferred to your environment.

Professional - financial

Your co-workers seem to react to your suggestions and it is possible that there will be competitive behaviors that will disappoint you. Do not allow anyone to manipulate you by serving personal aspirations and indifferent to what you really want in your professional life. 


You try to satisfy the person next to you, but do not forget yourself because this is what will ultimately play a role in the existence of absolute harmony in the relationship. The unattached have the opportunity to meet new people who will function renaissance in your personal life.


Leo, everyday life is difficult as your schedule is stressful and tries to cope with what you have undertaken. It is possible for stress to overwhelm your mood and this to create problems in your environment after you become critical and abrupt.

Professional - financial

You are intensely active at work as it is the ideal day to give solutions and complete issues that may concern you. The nervousness that governs you will create tension and controversy if you do not manage to control it. Remember that trying to impose your point of view can provoke a storm of reactions, avoid it. 

It is possible to make efforts to resolve details and issues that bother your relationship. The fact that you are trying to impose yourself is what will annoy and create controversy. The unattached have a lot to deal with and today you leave your personal life aside.


Virgo, your happy mood is a motivation for those around you and it is certain that you will not leave the moments untapped. It is an opportunity to have a good time and you will do everything to have fun with those around you. Creativity takes off and this greatly satisfies you.

Professional - financial

The need to create new paths at a professional level helps you to focus on your plans. Your dynamism and positive attitude will certainly work to improve professional and financial conditions. You also show magnanimity by understanding the moods of those around you. 

You feel that it is time to show your deepest feelings to your partner, as their intensity is what will give him to understand what really means to you. The unattached one impresses with your cheerful attitude and your charm cannot go unnoticed.


Libra, your own people are the ones who gain your attention and you will certainly not miss the opportunity to be with them. Do not allow psychological ups and downs to lead to conflicts as it will not be easy to control them. Repulsed by the past come to the surface and occupy family relationships.

Professional - financial

Settle on issues related to real estate without letting nervousness dominate. Conflicts in the professional field can escalate if you do not pay attention to management as it seems that you will be the one to lead things. Keep tones low and set aside the need for handling.


It is certain that your strong emotions create the conditions for you to spend unique moments with your partner in your personal space. Be sure to limit the need for control because the reactions will then be intense. The unattached will find it difficult to focus on flirting as introversion and mood swings are intense.


Scorpio, you strongly feel the need to communicate about this and use whatever means you can to talk to people you feel close to. The advice you give and receive can be crucial to possible decisions at all levels.

Professional - financial

It seems to focus on trade deals and communication issues that can bring significant benefits to you. Of course, you will do well not to try to impose your personal point of view and to show compromise in the discussions. Your instinct is infallible and can get you ashore in a very positive way.


You are in the mood to express how you feel about your partner and to communicate with him by solving possible issues in a positive and at the same time dynamic way. Intuition and passion provide solutions that play an important role in your relationship. The unattached manage to attract the attention of those around you with a pleasant mood and innovative thoughts.


Sagittarius, your personal insecurities and lack of self-esteem come to the surface as you seem to become exaggerated and react stubbornly to what those around you expose you to. Believe in yourself and see the deeper causes for the intense emotions and fears you may feel.

Professional - financial

Take advantage of the day to make plans for new income sources that can pay off significantly. They are the ones that will help you stand firmly on your feet. Excessive waste or maintenance can lead to emotional instability and tension with the people you meet. Close possible pending financial cases. 


Intransigence does not help your relationship to progress positively, creating special tension with the person next to you. Relieve your strange psychology through the passion that will give another dimension to your relationship. The unattached to remember that your insecurities will be an obstacle to a possible new acquaintance, as the lack of faith in yourself prevents any development.


Capricorn, watch out today because it may not be easy to control your irritability and become aggressive with the people you meet. Take care to show your self-confidence and let the need to impose your wants on others aside because it is the one that will create a negative atmosphere for you.

Professional - financial

You will do well to take initiatives to enter into partnerships that can pay off as they are what you believe in and can invest in. Otherwise the intense energy will be manifested through irritability and aggression that will negatively affect any of your affairs. It's time to change the way you think and manage professionally.


It 's time to take care of yourself and your wants and this is what you seek to show your partner. The way you will report it is the one that will make the difference as there you can lose the measure and the intensity will prevail. The unattached one magnetizes those around you and it is certain that you will impress by catching the eyes.


Aquarius, you feel the need to be closed to yourself and this can negatively affect relationships with those around you. Seek to think about what is causing the emotional turmoil of the past and influencing you even today in the decisions you make.

Professional - financial

Make sure you are active in making decisions that will work positively in your career as the opportunity given to you today is important. Deal with issues that concern you and do not hesitate to make moves that will eventually signal the final solution that you must give.


The intense mood swings that you may experience due to past traumas that come to the surface affect your romantic life and create problems in your relationship. Put the wounds aside and focus on how to have a good time with your partner. The unattached are called to manage people from the past who cause incredible emotions.


Pisces, the need to meet friendly people determines the day and leaves no room for other activities. The innovative ideas you present stimulate interest and create the conditions for you to set common goals with your friends that will help you work in a unique way at a team level.

Professional - financial

It is a fact that you will take initiatives to solve issues that will concern the team you work with as you seem to have the dynamism required to show the way. Make sure you trust your instincts because they will give you an immediate idea of ​​what you need to do to succeed. Luck is on your side.


The fact that you have a common approach to things with your partner will help you move forward in your plans in the best possible way. Collective efforts pique your interest and bring you closer. The unattached one moves in the friendly environment and it is not excluded that there may be persons through him who express the need to approach you.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from