The astrological predictions of Thursday, December 22, 2022

The trine of Venus with Uranus is a positive aspect, relations are normalized, the characteristics will be optimism, vitality, there will be ease in the manifestation of emotions. In the emotional sector there will be openings and new acquaintances, there will be no shortage of interesting interactions that will cause excitement. Emphasis will be placed on flirting, approaches will be freed and spontaneous, contacts will very quickly take on a more personal aspect.



Aries, dynamism and emotion harmonize and can lead you to important initiatives that will satisfy your environment. You enjoy contact with your friends and they are the ones who can lead you to new things in your life.

Professional - financial

The initiatives you can take on a professional level find helpers in the environment of moving. This is something that satisfies you especially as it fills you with joy that I show you confidence. Self-confidence gives you the signal to those around you that they can count on you.

Your partner understands the need for space in the relationship and fully satisfies you in whatever requests you have. The unattached have the opportunity to come in contact with a person who can fill you with new ideas and work harmoniously to achieve common goals.


Taurus, the dynamism and composure that distinguishes you help you close issues of the past with people who are important to you. Reason and sensitivity harmonize in the best possible way and help you stand on your own two feet and make important decisions.

Professional - financial

It's time to take the initiative to close pending issues that may upset you. Determination is your main characteristic and this will help you to launch the developments in the best way for you.

You feel that you can offer a lot to your partner and you find a balance between the many obligations to enjoy moments with him. The unattached is not excluded to have a face through the professional environment that evokes strong emotions.


We give, communication with the wider environment is what helps you keep your psychology high and satisfy your curiosity for new spiritual interests. This is followed by friendly people who find that they can immediately perceive the way you think.

Professional - financial

It is the optimism that holds you back that helps you move forward quickly in achieving your goals. Nothing can stop you from coming close to your dreams as it seems that you have the right people next to you who can support you.

Your partner is the ideal ally for you for any future pursuits and this is something that gives you even more. The unattached will do well to take initiatives to get in touch with a person who stimulates interest and opens new spiritual horizons in front of you.


Cancer, you are given the opportunity to balance insecurities and fears that may bother you. You find the strength to move away from what is bothering you and your creation. This also works well in relationships with the people next to you.

Professional - financial

Take advantage of the opportunities given to you to get the best possible result in financial matters in relation to third parties. You can take advantage of the opportunities and benefit as your determination is likely to give the message for a better deal.

You do not get lost in suspicion and this gives breath to your relationship and creates the conditions for important discussions and developments. The unattached can enjoy the contact with a person who fills you with passion, but at the same time you feel safe with him.


Leo, you want to be liked by those around you as they are very interested in your opinion of you. But this does not mean that you lose your personality as you have the feeling that you can impress everyone with the joy and childhood you express.

Professional - financial

Your collaborations overcome any difficulties and the fact that you are in the mood for balance helps significantly. You trust your abilities and this is evident in the professional environment. This does not preclude new opportunities.

Harmony in the relationship is a dominant element and helps to eliminate problems that may have been a problem in the past few days. The unattached find balance through contact with people who fill you with a positive mood and show the impact of your presence in their lives.


Virgo, you find the balance to face daily chores that may have created tension for you. You move instinctively towards the solutions that you consider to be the best. Rest assured that trusting your intuition will only win you over.

Professional - financial

Your quick insight and instinct will help you clear things up in the workplace that may be pending and irritating. You have the passion and the dynamism to take initiatives to give definitive solutions.

You can solve everyday problems that concern you in your relationship and enjoy the moments with the person who fills you with emotions. The unattached is not excluded closer to a person than the work environment that creates a strong heartbeat.


Libra, you enjoy the time you spend with the people around you as you feel accepted by those around you and this is important to you. Your personality shines and this helps you to attract attention and be the center of interest.


You can experience unique moments of joy and love with your partner as they seem to perceive each other to the fullest. The unattached have the opportunity to come closer with a face impressed by your personality and the optimism you radiate.

You believe in yourself and this helps you to play a leading role in your collaborations. You are the one who will take the necessary initiatives to move forward quickly without disturbing the balance and creating problems in the professional space.


Scorpio, take advantage of the opportunity to solve problems that may concern the family as it has the necessary confidence to make decisions that will give way to difficult situations. This will help to normalize the atmosphere in the familiar environment.

Professional - financial

The initiatives you can take at work will help you launch issues that may have preoccupied you in the past. You can trust the quick perception of things and move forward without obstacles in future situations in the workplace that have a lot to offer.

Your partner understands what you are asking for on a daily basis, something that satisfies you very much and leads you to create a very tender environment between you. The unattached are likely to come into contact with a person through the familiar friendly environment that gives you a sense of stability and security.


Sagittarius, your good mood pushes you to play an important role in the immediate environment as it fills those around you with joy and optimism. It is a fact that nothing can discourage you and this plays an important role in the possible pursuits you will be able to have and relate to education.

Professional - financial

You have a direct understanding of things and I am convinced by the appropriate arguments in order to show determination in proposals and plans that interest you. Commercial transactions evolve perfectly as you make great promises with the moves and efficiency that sees you.

You feel that you have the person next to you who you can communicate and realize to the fullest extent you want from your personal life and love. The unattached can get in touch with a new person who wants to star in your life and can play a key role in your romance.


Capricorn, it's important that you manage to get over it, it's like insurance and you find your self-esteem. Create moments with those around you where you will enjoy the little joys of life as today is ideal. It is what will give you strong emotions and relaxation.

Professional - financial

Financial arrangements and business discussions evolve in the best possible way as you claim what you feel is worthwhile without breaking into. Make sure you set up backlogs and accounts as this is what will work to relieve your psychology.

Passion dominates on a personal level and there is nothing that can stand in the way of you and the person who plays a decisive role in your life. The unattached know what you are worth and what you are asking for and that makes it clear in your communication with a new person who may be expressing feelings for you. 


Aquarius, you have the opportunity to communicate with people from the environment in a direct and direct way. Rest assured that they will be able to understand what you need without causing tension as you seek to find balance and not create friction.

Professional - financial

It is crucial for you to develop your collaborations in the best possible way and this can lead to taking initiatives that will unblock any situations. You have left the irritation behind and this works as a relief in communication.

Immediately show the strong feelings you have for your partner as this will be greatly appreciated and it is certain that he will reciprocate. The unattached is likely to come in contact with a new person who is impressed by your personality and your special character.


Pisces, what satisfies you the most is to take the necessary initiatives to have a good time with the people around you. After all, the day is ideal for enjoying the company of people close to you as the fun is not lacking.

Professional - financial

The initiatives you can take on a professional level are impressive and leave no room for failure. Financial issues can be discussed with family members who show every willingness to support you. This creates intense optimism and confidence.

You can surprise your partner in a unique way by creating the right atmosphere to take off your relationship with intensely romantic and passionate moments. The unattached feel you come close to a person who inspires you and gives you a sense of intimacy. This will help you to escape the traumas of the past.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from