The astrological predictions of Thursday, February 23, 2023

The Moon is in Aries, the characteristics will be optimism, spontaneity, vitality, need for change and renewal. There will be an opportunity for a new beginning, in the professional field job seekers will have the opportunity to find something creative and commensurate with the capabilities and qualifications. In the emotional field, approaches will be spontaneous and attractive, there will be an opening for new acquaintances.


The Moon spends the day in your sign raising emotions. Venus recently moved into your sign and until 16/3, decisions about love and money come easier. Venus rules partnership and money in your solar chart, and these things work in your favor more often during this cycle. With today's Saturn-Chiron aspect, circumstances may prompt you to improve your life in areas where you feel insecure, vulnerable or disorganized. As much as you want to connect with others or meet your social obligations, your resistance to following the rules or conforming to other people's expectations can temporarily stand in your way. 

Today's Moon in your private sector suggests the need to keep things low-key while you regain some energy. Venus is now in the same area of ​​your solar chart where it will remain until 16/3. It can be a time to relax and enjoy more time for yourself. The extra rest will do you good, even if you don't realize it now. You may support someone or get help from others behind the scenes. It is a good time to recognize your fears in order to move forward and overcome them. 

The Moon spends the day in your network sector. It's a time of the month to distance yourself enough to relax and socialize more faithfully. Venus is in the same sector and until 16/3 there is more grace, pleasure and enjoyment in your social circle. You're more approachable and sociable for it, and you can improve your love life, as long as it's within your priorities. Look for ways to manage pressures and responsibilities without completely ignoring your emotional needs. 

The Moon is at the top of your solar chart and you are more emotionally invested in your performance and tasks. Venus transits this area of ​​your chart until 16/3, bringing more creativity, grace and glamor to your work or reputation. You're enjoying your responsibilities more than usual and today you're able to examine fears related to the direction of a relationship or uncertainty about where you're headed in life, especially if you feel some external pressure to figure out what's going on around you. . 

The Moon spends the day in your spiritual sector encouraging you to look outside of yourself for emotional nourishment. Venus is in this area of ​​your solar chart until 16/3 and love, a special topic or a goal can inspire you. Transits these days are suitable for facing fears or concerns you have, regarding your long-term goals, education or leisure. If you color in these areas you might get a little wake-up call to get organized and manage your time more effectively. 

Today's Moon stirs the desire for a deeper connection with someone or a beloved work. Venus is in the same area of ​​your chart and while the Moon will leave early tomorrow, Venus will stay until 16/3. Shared resources and finances can get a nice boost during this cycle. Relaxed energy is available to you to deal with the more complex, complicated and confusing side of relationships. You can feel a bit rebellious if you're pressured to commit or follow rules you can't break. 

The Moon transits your partnership sector today, stimulating the need for companionship. With Venus in this sector of your solar chart for an extended period until 16/3, it's generally a strong time for one-on-one interactions. It may not be the time to deal with deep issues, but it is a good time for pleasant interactions. Making deals and compromises can be beneficial now. Today and in the coming days it would benefit you greatly to examine the goals and expectations of a relationship, however, as cultivating a spirit of fun or attention to personal needs can exhaust you. 

You seek more harmony and pleasure in your daily routine and professional life these days, with the Moon in your solar 6th house today and Venus there until 16/3. Social or romantic opportunities may arise through your work or pursuit of duties, health and wellness. These transits can help you restore joy when pursuing self-care. Today and in the coming days think of ways in which you will be able to better organize your time and balance between your personal interests and family life. 

The Moon spends the day in your pleasure and joy sector and you are in a more playful, creative mood. Venus recently moved into this sector of your solar chart, boosting your charm until 16/3. It's generally a good time to explore fun interests and hobbies. However, it would also benefit you today and in the coming days to take a closer look at areas of your life where you have refused to play by the rules and possibly missed opportunities as a result. 

The Moon spends the day in your heart and home sector, and you're drawn to familiar activities, nesting and cozying up. This transfer triggers your need for downtime. Focusing on yourself can be healing and just what you need. Venus recently moved into this area of ​​your chart and until 16/3 enhances your enjoyment of domestic, everyday activities. With the Saturn – Chiron transit also in play it would benefit you greatly today and in the coming days to explore areas where you have gone your own way, when a more organized, structured and disciplined approach would improve your life.

As the Moon transits your communication sector today, it keeps you interested in what's going on around you. Venus recently moved into this area of ​​your solar chart, and you find more enjoyment in learning, sharing, and connecting. Today and in the coming days, however, you may be particularly sensitive to criticism. It can greatly benefit you to focus on strengthening the areas of your life that make you feel vulnerable. But since you can't protect yourself from outside criticism without building a wall around yourself, working on self-acceptance makes sense. 

It's a generally good time to take it easy, with the Moon transiting your solar 2nd house today. It is also useful to turn your attention to the practical side of your life. Fortunately, with Venus in this sector of your solar chart until 16/3, you find more enjoyment in comfortable activities. Building something with patience can be attractive. It would benefit you greatly today and in the coming days to consider ways to bring more structure to your financial life, as disorganization or a rebellious attitude in this area can interfere with your ability to relax and truly enjoy your downtime.