The astrological predictions of Thursday, January 26, 2023

The Moon is in Aries, the characteristics will be spontaneity, optimism, vitality, need for liberated energies. The approaches will be dynamic, both in matters of a professional nature and in matters related to the emotional life, there will be openings that if exploited directly the result will be creative. New acquaintances will arise, they will have the possibility to progress either on a professional and social level, or on an emotional level.



Krie, the day significantly affects human relationships and financial collaborations. You need to be careful about what you promise, as it is unlikely to happen and that will disappoint you later. 

Professional - financial 

The day gives you the opportunity to deal with financial issues, but it is possible to feel during the day that you can not communicate with the people you deal with. Avoid possible conflicts that may play a negative role in the development of your agreements.

Make sure you enjoy moments of joy and romance with your partner and stay away from important conversations that can be said many words but later you will be hurt. If you are unattached, you will do well to be wary of a new acquaintance that raises your psychology, but you do not know its true intentions.


Taurus, you seek to meet people from your environment who play a leading role in your life. The afternoon helps you to easily express thoughts and feelings and create an atmosphere of fun and joy while enjoying the day.

Professional - financial

Your collaborations can flourish as you have the opportunity to promote in the best possible way any cases that interest you. Take advantage of potential opportunities that are given to you as they will be important for achieving future goals that you have.

It is a fact that you want to have a good time with your partner and enjoy conversations with them that will help you escape from the trivialities of everyday life. If you are single, it is possible that new acquaintances will bring you closer than ever to good communication.


Gemini, today you have the opportunity to deal with everyday affairs and obligations that can create stress for you. The afternoon helps you close outstanding issues and feel relieved. This will make you happy.

Professional - financial

Discussions catch fire in the workplace as you are more likely to claim the best for yourself. This can be immediately perceived and accepted by the people around you and may have a direct impact on your finances.

You are not afraid to express with stability and seriousness what you feel in the person you are interested in and to improve your daily relationship significantly. If you are unattached, a new person comes from the work environment who gives you security and confidence.


Cancer, today dramatically increases your sensitivities and leaves no room for you to see clearly how you need to move in order to close cases that have troubled you in the past.

Professional - financial

Today you have the opportunity to move forward with dynamism in all the professional goals you have. But the fact is that during the day it is possible to collide with people who think you are exaggerating and that will be enough to get you out of your flow.

Illusions and emotional outbursts negatively affect your relationship, it is better to avoid tensions and discussions that will have a cost in your personal life. If you are unattached, it is possible that there will be a return from the past that brings to the surface unique feelings and wounds.


Leo, the day can give the wrong impression on people from the friendly environment. You need to pay attention to big words and promises that are not easily fulfilled as you will be hurt later.

Professional - financial

Today gives you the opportunity to deal with real estate issues that you want to close. Try to overcome possible confrontations that may arise in the workplace due to the intense irritation that you have.

This is not a good day to talk to your partner about goals that you may have in common, make sure you spend a pleasant evening away from what bothers you. If you are single, do not have any illusions about a person through the friendly environment that you may consider to be of interest to you.


Virgo, today creates illusions about your professional life and your public image. Beware of possible exaggerations or decisions that will not turn out as you might expect.

Professional - financial

You turn your attention to the trade and communication that can do the most for you. Be careful during the day as it is possible that secrets may come to the surface that may disappoint you, do not rush to make deals.

You may have big dreams for the person you have by your side, but it is important to show a similar mood for your relationship to move forward. If you are single, new people in the professional environment are very promising, but in the process, reality will come to the surface and can hurt you. 


Libra, today can create a wrong image of what you want to accomplish in the future. Try to avoid possible commitments that will result in your personal frustration.

Professional - financial

Today you are given the opportunity to deal with financial issues that may concern you intensely. Be careful during the day because it is not excluded to oppose people you come in contact with for bills and financial issues.

Exaggeration in fun can negatively affect your relationship, be careful not to run away disappointing your partner. If you are single, new people come into your life and have a refreshing effect on your psychology, but give yourself time to see if she is honest with you.


Scorpio, the day can lead to scenarios that will negatively affect your personal life. Beware of financial openings that may seem like ideal opportunities, but it is possible that you have made a mistake and become frustrated.

Professional - financial

Today gives you the opportunity to star on a professional level. It is a fact that cooperation is at the center of interest and you will not hesitate to take the necessary initiatives. Beware of possible irritation that will lead to which countermeasures you need.

Beware of scenes of jealousy due to suspicion that do not allow you to see your partner objectively. Try to avoid any kind of discussion that could lead to a violent conflict. If you are single, new people can lead you to unprecedented emotions, but this does not guarantee their sincerity.


Sagittarius, today can give you the wrong impression of situations that arise emotionally and financially. Avoid drawing conclusions from the end will not lead you to the right people.

Professional - financial

The day gives you the opportunity to close cases that are pending from the past and may hurt your psychology. It is important to be completely focused and stay away from the frustration that will lead to mistakes.

It is essential that your partner does not overdo it as you may have demands that are not feasible. Make sure you are realistic. If you are single, you should be wary of new acquaintances that come into your life as they may seem promising, but there are hidden points. 


Capricorn, today can lead to wrong choices regarding your daily life and physical health. Try to limit possible excesses that will cost your energy.

Professional - financial

The day gives you the opportunity to focus on goals and ambitions that you may have. Try not to be arrogant and ironic with people who disagree with the way you think as tension is very likely and especially with people you work with directly.

You are constantly focusing on details in the wrong way and this is something that can hurt or lead to wrong conclusions in your personal life. If you are single, it is not easy to let go of a new acquaintance as you are more likely to feel frustrated and lack mood.


Aquarius, today it is possible to lead you to give the wrong dimensions on a personal level, adversely affecting your relationship or possible new acquaintance that may exist. Keep a small basket of people who can promise a lot but you do not know what they really want from you. 

Professional - financial

Today gives you the opportunity to star in your professional environment. Try to avoid disagreements with your colleagues that may arise during the day as they will upset you and distract you from your goal.

It is important to give your best to your partner but there are no promises between you that may not be realistic as you are more likely to get hurt. If you are single, you will do well to be wary of new people coming into your life as they may seem ideal but most likely they are not.


Pisces, today you seek to meet people from the wider relative and friendly environment who raise your mood vertically. The afternoon helps you to become extremely expressive and creative, making fun in whatever company you are in.

Professional - financial

Conversations with people from abroad can be important, giving you the opportunity to evolve and open new horizons in the professional field. Your creativity will impress, so do not miss the opportunity to show it in all its forms.

You feel that the time has come to express all that you feel for your partner as it is important for you to know the strong feelings you have for it. If you are single, new people can invade your life as you impress with the optimism, joy and generosity with which it is expressed.

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