The astrological predictions of Thursday, September 30, 2021

The Sun forms a triangle with Saturn is a positive aspect, the characteristics will be rationalism, objective and global thinking, immediate decision making. In the professional sector there will be an opening for new collaborations, the obstacles are leaving, the way will be open for negotiations.



Krie, your mood is typical and illuminates the faces you meet. It is clear that it attracts everyone's attention with the joy and childhood that you express. You should be careful in the afternoon as tensions increase and confrontations can affect relationships with friends. 

Professional - financial 

Possible changes in financial plans and actions can lead you to adopt new behaviors and ways of managing your income. Avoid ruptures with people you deal with and adapt to new data that may eventually get to know you.

Do not allow irritation to affect your relationship, transform it into a passion that will take off your personal life and create intense sensuality with your partner. The unattached have the opportunity to get in touch with a new person who takes off the desire, avoid tensions so as not to create problems.


Taurus, fun and joy are the protagonists and leave no room for those around you to question the good psychology you have. Creativity helps you to relax and show talents that you may have oppression. It is certain that your actions will pleasantly surprise the environment in which you move.

Professional - financial

The creative ideas you have at a professional level will pique the interest of people who will seek to work with you. After all, you are willing to make a comeback in your business and throw over yourself what conventional may have limited your course.

You can pleasantly surprise your partner as the surprises will create an ideal atmosphere between you and you will enjoy each other. The unattached can not be surprised by the actions of a young person who strongly claims you and wants to star in your personal life.


Gemini, communication with people close to you works favorably on your psychology and gives you the strength to be active in the objects that interest you. You will do well to avoid possible tensions that create problems and use the time by adopting ideas that can offer you a lot. 

Professional - financial

Pending surprises you and you are called to face them calmly and away from the intense emotion that does not allow you to see clearly. The time has come for the crew to overturn the data so far and to act unconventionally in order to adapt to the new situation that arises.

You express your feelings directly and claim the best possible from your partner. Be careful not to overdo it as this will lead to tension, which will create problems. The unattached can get in touch with a new person who is distracting you, keep your tone low as nervousness will have an unpleasant effect.


Cancer, the feeling that you are being oppressed by the people around you is intense and this hurts you deeply. What is certain is that you will not remain inactive as your reactions will be fierce and can lead to quarrels. At night your mood changes and you treat those around you with positivity.

Professional - financial

Suspicion and control games significantly affect collaborations and may lead to rivalries. The movements of your associates irritate you as they may try to impose themselves on you. Move intuitively and do not seek to make decisions while you are in tension as this will lead to mistakes.

Despite all the tension that may exist with your partner, you find the strength to repel possible attacks and to bring about the harmony that favors your personal life. The unattached can not easily show confidence in a new person who tries to impose himself with his attitude.


Leo, you can spend time with the people who are the protagonists in your life, but what you mainly seek is to deal with you. Your behavior will play a decisive role in order to avoid frictions that will spoil the atmosphere and lead to fierce conflicts.

Professional - financial

Discussions that may exist at a professional level upset the data and you are called to adapt to new situations that test your need for stability. Do not react spasmodically to what is suggested to you and think methodically to find the positive points that you can develop in yourself.

Do not focus selfishly on your desires and give your partner the opportunity to express what he feels and wants from your relationship. The unattached can communicate with a person who distracts you, but competitive moods come to the surface and cause dissatisfaction.


Virgo, the need to isolate and dedicate time to yourself and to wounds that come to the surface prevails. This can affect relationships with those around you as you feel that they are trying hard to put you on a program that does not express you and limits you.

Professional - financial

Increased obligations at work can be a problem as you are called to respond to a lot while what you really want is to get away from everyone. Your behavior can create reactions that will not be pleasant, so make sure you adapt.

You should pay attention in the afternoon as the memories charge your psychology and you can act aggressively on your partner creating problems. The unattached do not seek to get in touch with a new person as the need for isolation is greater than ever.


Libra, you are given the opportunity to get closer than ever with friendly people and to spend relaxing moments expressing your possible ideas. Any doubts you may have will be put aside as long as there is good will. This will help you to overcome possible tensions that may arise in the afternoon. 

Professional - financial

Financial transactions are of great concern to you as there are upheavals that you need to manage calmly. Your instinct and ideas can work perfectly and create the conditions to get out of the impasse with profitable solutions for you.

Your partner can become demanding with you, something that will irritate you. Avoid rivalries and give your best to take off your passion. The unattached person has the opportunity to come in contact with a person through the friendly environment who shows intense interest in you, possible disagreements will cause nervousness, so be sure to avoid them.


Scorpio, communication plays a crucial role in your interpersonal relationships as it is not ruled out with manifestations of intense irritation in case you realize that they do not understand the way you think. Compromise will help you to overcome any nervousness. 

Professional - financial

Your career path concerns you intensely as there are increased obligations that you will have to meet. At the same time there is increased intensity that you can not easily overcome. It is not excluded that there may be blows under the table that will lead you to intense conflicts with your superiors.

Be tolerant of possible ideas that your partner has and that may suit you. By changing the data of the relationship you can renew love. The unattached have the opportunity to surprise the person you are interested in by communicating with him in a very original and creative way.


Sagittarius, you are filled with joy and pleasure to communicate with people from your wider family and friends. The optimism you have gives smiles to those around you. Possible nervousness in the afternoon can affect your mood, but nothing prevents you from enjoying good company and communication with the people you love.

Professional - financial

There may be new ideas and plans in the job you are called to do. It is possible to feel irritated as you do not follow the usual steps you knew but these changes can help you show new possibilities and believe in what you can achieve.

Make the most of the desire for action by creating an ideal context in which emotion will develop in your personal life. The unattached can communicate with a person who takes off the passion and sensuality in your life. Do not waste a minute as your mood will take off.


Capricorn, you have the opportunity to be original in everyday life as you can become extremely creative by thanking those around you. The surprises you reserve create a unique atmosphere on a personal level and significantly renew the communication with your environment.

Professional - financial

Financial issues that may concern you make you nervous and this can create problems in the discussions you have. Show compromise and do not allow your insecurities to dominate as they will lead to conflicts that will not help you.

Surprise your partner positively by changing the atmosphere in the relationship and creating unique moments of passion with the right conditions. The unattached is likely to contact you a person who is interested in surprising you with his strong feelings. 


Aquarius, your interpersonal relationships are important and you focus all your interest on having a good time with people around you. Be careful to avoid controversy as nervousness and aggression on your part will bother you greatly.

Professional - financial

Disagreements that may exist with your partners can be resolved as long as you show a willingness of consent and understanding of their wishes. Upheavals can occur in real estate deals, you will do well to adapt to new data that are asked of you because it may ultimately be in your favor.

You can enjoy intense moments of companionship with your partner as long as you leave the imposing mood aside that will put you in trouble. The unattached will do well to avoid irritation as he will not leave unaffected your communication with a new person you are interested in.


Pisces, you focus on your interpersonal relationships as it is important for you to have harmony and balance with the people you love. It is necessary to go beyond your limits by radically changing your mentality and way of thinking, something that will help you to have equal and honest relationships.

Professional - financial

There may be sudden suggestions that will get your attention. Your original ideas will play a leading role as it is important that you seem to realize quickly how you have to move and what is it that will give the best possible result.

Sudden conversations can change the course of your relationship and help you and your partner resolve any disagreements you may have. The unattached can not be surprised by a new person who wants to invade your life as he stimulates your mind with his intelligence and optimism.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from