The astrological predictions of Thursday, December 8, 2022

The Full Moon is formed in Gemini, the characteristics will be optimism, vitality, thoughts will be focused on the positive side of situations. Anxiety and insecurity disappear, inhibitions are left aside, approaches to both emotional and professional matters will be dynamic and spontaneous. There will be openings for social contacts, they will have the possibility to be used either on a friendly level or on an emotional level.



Krie, controversies in the family environment can affect your psychology and lead to strong reactions. Take care to calm your nerves, especially in the evening to enjoy the moments with the faces can relieve you and have a good time.

Professional - financial

Excessive reactions that may exist in business seem to be annoying. Arrogance and the need for control do not help you to really think about how you are called to manage situations that are difficult. Moderate your reactions and impulsivity to avoid friction.

Manipulation games will not help your attitude to prevail calm, so leave the insecurities aside and seek to have a good time with your partner. The unattached have the opportunity to communicate with a person who fills you with confidence and faith in yourself.


Taurus, relationships with your close environment may go through difficult times as you may feel that someone is trying to have a direct influence on you. Late in the afternoon, you can easily express your needs and correct any misunderstandings.

Professional - financial

You should pay attention to trade agreements and transactions that you may have as it is not excluded that some people will try to take advantage of you. The evening is suitable for a good discussion that will lead to the satisfaction of those you seek and will give you joy.

It is possible to become angry with your partner, something that will lead to tension. At the same time, make sure that you calmly manage similar behaviors that will irritate you. The unattached can get in touch with a person who understands what you want in your personal life and is ready to make it poetry.


Gemini, you can feel emotionally insecure as phobias and repulsions come to the surface that you are called to face. Be careful not to collide with people around you because of the tension you feel. Take advantage of this opportunity to solve issues of the past that concern you.

Professional - financial

During the day you will do well to be careful in financial transactions that concern you as it is not excluded that there may be people who will try to wrong you. But do not miss the opportunity to close issues of the past as these are particularly favored.

You do not feel confident about yourself and this has a direct impact on your relationships. Possible behaviors that your partner manifests can bother you severely. The unattached are likely not to leave you to a person who will show interest as suspicion affects your psychology.


Cancer, relationships with others are the focus of your attention and you may feel that they are trying to oppress you and bring you to their measures. It is important to be able to control the anger you feel, otherwise it will lead you to conflict situations that will not be easy to control.

Professional - financial

Collaborations can yield significant profits as long as you manage to balance potential negative emotions that come to the surface and create problems. Take advantage of the conditions to reap the greatest possible benefits for yourself without coming into conflict.

Passion and suspicion dominate on a personal level and can negatively affect your relationship. Make sure you can balance your nerves to better manage the situation. The unattached can not collide with a person who shows interest due to the willingness to impose his wishes.


Leo, the past seems to bother you and does not leave room for you to function in everyday life freely. From the night onwards, you increase your pace and speed, but you do not manage to shake off everything that worries you.

Professional - financial

Everyday life and chores at work work stressfully on your psychology and it is not excluded that you will be led to conflicts that will bother you. The thought of clearing up collaborations is intense, be careful not to be strict with your partners because this will have consequences. 

The distances you can take from your partner hurt you as you feel that he is cold towards you. Seek to resolve issues that may be troubling your relationship. The unattached are distinguished by a lack of self-confidence and this affects the contacts with new people in your life.


Virgo, the tension with friendly faces can dominate during the day, negatively affecting your psychology. Really identify what is bothering you and express it away from control games and manipulative mood that leave no room for honest discussion.

Professional - financial

Backstage games trouble you in your professional life. You may feel that there are people trying to undermine you, which will sooner or later lead to a head-on collision. Use your intuition to see how you will move.

The need for independence in personal life can lead to doubt in your partner. Trying to limit you will provoke your strong reaction. The unattached can not come into contact with people who will fill you with joy and optimism by changing the atmosphere in your life.


Libra, the many obligations can have a detrimental effect on your psychology and prevent you from enjoying the day. At night your mood changes and it is possible to come in contact with friendly people who fill you with joy and help you express your thoughts. 

Professional - financial

Problems that may come to the fore in your career are of great concern to you as there seem to be people in the professional environment who want to limit you. The background bothers you, but do not let it negatively affect any of your questions. Focus on closing issues in a positive way.

Do not allow stress to affect your relationship by relieving the person next to you of possible career problems. The unattached have the opportunity to get in touch with people from the past who will fill you with joy and help you solve issues that may have been on your mind.


Scorpio, good mood accompanies you even today, pay attention only to your reactions in relation to people of the wider relative and friend of the environment who you may think are trying to dominate you. Late at night stress can affect family relationships, make sure you eliminate it.

Professional - financial

Commercial issues do not seem to be evolving as you would like as there are underground toys that irritate and detune you. The gloom for your career increases after the afternoon as it is not excluded that you will find obstacles in its development and this will disappoint you.

Do not lose your joy and positive mood trying to control your partner, at the same time make sure to show him that passion is what guides the relationship and not the handling. The unattached can probably feel that the time has come to get close to a person who gives you unique feelings.


Sagittarius, the intensity is diffuse and not easy to manage. Beware of conflict situations that may arise with people you meet as they will lead you to see a side of yourself that you do not like. The need for control will not help to have relaxed tones.

Professional - financial

Financial issues in relation to third parties and business transactions come to the fore and it is not excluded that you may have a fierce confrontation with the persons involved. Intuition guides you to realize a possible background and to find the right way out of difficulties.

You can take the passion and sensuality into the relationship, staying away from negative emotions and prejudices that create problems. The unattached need to be isolated as you do not feel ready to show complete confidence in a person who approaches you.


Capricorn, you try to keep balance with people around you, but at the same time you strongly want to impose your own beliefs. This will adversely affect the course of your relationship by creating problems and intense conflicts that you are called to avoid.

Professional - financial

Confrontations with co-workers Your co-workers can take a negative turn if you try to control the facts, as obsessively and repulsively affect your behavior. Your finances can affect you as you are not optimistic about their development, something that significantly affects your psychology.

You are given the opportunity to bring the required balance to your relationship, as long as you manage to manage the need for manipulative games that you also manifest. The unattached have the opportunity to come in contact with a person who is distracting you, be careful not to dominate with your behavior because the results will not be as expected. 


Aquarius, irritability can negatively affect your schedule and make it difficult for you to move. Try not to let go of the tension in the environment you are moving in and try to identify what is causing you the most upset. Close pending cases to feel better.

Professional - financial

Confrontations can catch fire in the workplace as it is possible that the background will come to the surface that will bother you strongly. Try to maneuver smartly and make moves that will lead to responding to what you have undertaken without confirming the aspirations of others. 

The need to distance yourself from the person next to you creates confusion and leads to uncomfortable situations, you will do well to explain how you feel to avoid the cold. The unattached are likely to feel that no one can understand what you really want.


Pisces, creativity is something that concerns you intensely and it is possible to focus on talents that you want to promote. You will do well not to doubt yourself and not to allow people around you to try to manipulate you when they try.

Professional - financial

The job will occupy you intensely as you seem to think about possible pending issues that you have and create stress for you. It is possible to face obstacles that will lead to pessimism, it is time to trust yourself and the possibilities you have. Only then will you overcome what concerns you.

Repulsed come to the surface and you can collide head-on with your partner creating problems that are good to avoid. The unattached do not feel confident about what you can offer and insecurities are born that you are called to curb.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from