The astrological predictions of Thursday, March 9, 2023

The Moon is in Libra, the characteristics will be sociability, optimism, condescension, the moods will be peaceful, in discussions there will be a possibility for understanding and acceptance. Solutions will be found to issues that negatively charge relationships, clarifications will help to provide clarifications that will dispel doubt.



Krie, the emotion is intense and you dedicate your time to the family as you feel that it is time to close issues that may be pending from the past and trouble your relationships within it. It is important to show sensitivity and understanding of what is bothering others.

Professional - financial 

You want to isolate yourself from the professional environment and see by distancing yourself what is ideal for you. You have the opportunity to utilize situations of the past in the appropriate way as your intuition guides you in a positive direction.

Romance dominates your relationship and creates the conditions for you to feel closer than ever with your partner and to close definitive chapters that may affect you. If you are single, it will not be easy to let go of flirting as the emotional ups and downs will not allow you to.


Taurus, focuses on family and people you feel can give you warmth and stability. Do not allow external factors to affect your relationships as it is possible that there will be coldness and distancing that will displease you.

Professional - financial

Difficulties and obstacles in your career can affect your psychology and sink emotionally considering that you can not achieve your goals. You will soon see that you should not be disappointed, what is needed is hard work and effort on your part.

Express all that gives you security in your partner as there is a mood of understanding on his part and this will lead to unique moments between you. If you are single, it is possible to make new acquaintances through the familiar friendly environment that will give you the stability you are looking for.


Gemini, your immediate environment plays a leading role in the day as you are given the opportunity to communicate everything you feel and think. You have the ability to stand out for who you are as long as you limit fanaticism to your views as this can be annoying and create tensions.

Professional - financial

Commercial transactions and communication issues come to the fore and may pique your interest. Take care to take advantage of possible opportunities that are given to you, just try not to be disappointed in obstacles that come to "measure" your true strengths.

Dedicate yourself to your partner and give yourself and the other the opportunity to communicate everything that concerns you in order to provide solutions. If you are unattached, it will be difficult for you to go unnoticed in any environment you are in and this will bring you many new acquaintances.


Cancer, you have the leading role wherever you are as you show your emotions with dynamism and determination. Your needs are a top priority, but you will not hesitate to show understanding to the people you are interested in in order to normalize your relationships.

Professional - financial

You have the opportunity to take the necessary initiatives to enter into partnerships that you may consider to be ideal for you. Caution As the need to beautify faces and situations can lead to mistakes, it is important to listen to your instinct.

A good mood on your part will play a catalytic role in the development of the relationship as you show your partner understanding and the need to be close to him. If you are single, a new acquaintance can emerge as tenderness and romance prevail and create an ideal atmosphere.


Leo, you are given the opportunity to get in touch with deeper emotions and focus on those that have hurt you in the past and you want to overcome. Emotionalism blurs the landscape and it is not easy to easily see the power it has as a personality to leave behind what has stigmatized you.

Professional - financial

It is important to be completely focused on your daily activities as thoughts blur your mind and can lead to costly mistakes. Financial issues seem to concern you but it is important not to manage them influenced by insecurities and fears.

Create a dream context for you and your partner as this will help you enjoy wonderful moments with him that will work beneficially for the relationship. If you are single, the return of people from the past is not excluded, which will create a strong emotional charge, beware of possible outbursts.


Virgo, you can have a great time with friendly people as they seem to be able to perceive your personal approach in relation to goals and ambitions that concern you together. Enjoy the moments with them as they will work at your disposal.

Professional - financial

You seek to take initiatives that may bring you closer than ever to your dreams, but it is important not to beautify the people involved as this will ultimately disappoint you. Listen to your intuition that can guide you in an ideal way and protect you from traps.

The revolutionary and independent approach she shows to the relationship can adversely affect her course, make sure she creates in the ideal context to satisfy your partner. If you are unattached through the friendly environment, a new acquaintance can emerge that will take off the emotion and romance in your personal life.


Libra, your public image and self-promotion are what worry you the most and can create conditions for important moves that will affect your subsequent course. Do not turn away from people you are emotionally attached to and listen carefully to what they want to say to you.

Professional - financial

Your career choices should be careful as he is willing to idealize the people involved influenced by personal ambitions. You will do well to avoid important decisions and see in realistic terms how you can move forward to achieve your dreams. 

Put aside the professional issues that affect your relationship and make sure you experience the tenderness that your partner seeks to give you. If you are single, the new person can emerge from the professional environment that will look ideal for a stable personal course.


Scorpio, you experience moments of joy as people around you play a leading role in the groups you are in and you have a unique time. Your optimism becomes a springboard for those around you in an effort to show that despite all the difficulties, nothing can feed you. 

Professional - financial
You have the opportunity to deal with communication and advertising in case you are interested as you are given opportunities that you are called to take advantage of. Positive thinking will play an important role in dealing with potential business issues, as well as your intuition that you have to trust it completely.

Joy and positive mood dominate your personal life and create the right setting for you to experience unique moments of passion and sensuality with your partner. If you are single, it is possible for a new acquaintance to emerge through the wider environment that will take off your psychology.


Sagittarius, the irritation that exists from the morning can create conflict situations in the environment that moved. It is important to get in touch with your emotions and try to calm down your phobias that provoke sudden reactions and behaviors.

Professional - financial

Your finances may be troubling you as you are called upon to enter into transactions and compromises with persons or organizations that may be pending. Try to use your instinct as it can get you out of the difficult position and give you the opportunity to move more comfortably. 

Show your true feelings without fear to the person next to you as only then will you be able to overcome which insecurities and doubts can affect you. If you are single, let time really show what your intentions are so that you do not become frustrated.


Capricorn, it is primary for you to deal with people who are in your environment and have an important role in your life. The need for balance determines you, but it is necessary to cover your personal needs as compromises do not suit you.

Professional - financial

Your partners may have suggestions for you that seem ideal but it is essential to look if there are things that are not clear and may involve you in situations you do not want. It is better to leave the crucial decisions for today and look for all the details that can create problems.

You can enjoy romantic moments with your partner that will work rejuvenatingly in the relationship and will help you leave behind what may be bothering you. If you are single / likely a new acquaintance seems to be the perfect match for you, but you will do well to be cautious until you feel confident.


Aquarius, your daily obligations create stress that is not easy to control. Outbursts will affect the relationships with the people you meet so it is important to control your nervousness and try to manage the tension you feel.

Professional - financial

The options at work that may exist may seem ideal to you but you should keep a small basket in many promises that you probably hear. You will do well not to make decisions if you are not sure about what they can bring you as you may be involved in the wrong paths.

Be careful to avoid important discussions with your partner because you can become critical and irritating causing intense conflicts. If you are single, it is not easy to indulge in flirting as the fatigue of everyday life and the irritability pay off.


Pisces, everyday life can trouble you as it increases your stress and obligations. It is possible to get frustrated and depressed during the day from the development of issues that interest you, but you can quickly overcome it and take psychological breaths that will help you focus on what you want to achieve. 

Professional - financial

Despite all the difficulties you may face during the day, you have the opportunity with hard work to cope with whatever is requested. The background and the malicious comments can not stop you and you are given the opportunity to show what you can achieve by impressing with your quick perception and instinct the fellow environment.

Use the moments to solve issues that concern your relationship every day and to experience the tenderness and passion that your partner can give you. If you are single, a person through the work environment can show intense interest in you, do not stick to details that do not allow you to enjoy strong emotions.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from