The astrological predictions of Wednesday 1 February 2023

The Moon makes its appearance in Cancer, the focus will be on securing, securing and balancing. Personal and family relationships improve, there will be pleasant meetings and interactions that will manage to stimulate contacts. In matters of a professional and financial nature, there will be reluctance to take risks and initiatives, the aim will be to protect what has already been acquired.



Krie, the day creates significant changes and upheavals in terms of goals and ambitions you may have. Beware of abrupt reactions that will cost in friendships and personal life.

Professional - Financial 

It is not excluded that there may be attitudes and events that will overturn the data and ambitions and plans you have so far. Try to be calm and not revolutionize just to react as this will have unpleasant consequences on your every endeavor.

It is possible that there will be revelations that will play a subversive role in your personal life and will create tensions in you and your partner. If you are single, a sudden new acquaintance may arise that will radically change the data in your personal life, be careful because there is instability.


Taurus, you are coming closer than ever to professional recognition as you can show your true potential. The afternoon pushes you to close cases that may be pending from the past and cause you problems.

Professional - Financial

Professional affairs come to the fore and you are called to manage with realism and confidence. Close any outstanding issues that are still bothering you as this will help you to relieve any stress and pressure that may be created.

The determination he shows will help you sort out issues from the past that may still be bothering your relationship. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a new acquaintance through your professional life that will help you deal with traumas of the past that still afflict you.


Gemini, you want to meet people from the wider family and friendly environment to have a good time. The afternoon helps you make decisions that can bring you closer to your dreams and goals with the support of your own people.

Professional - Financial

With a positive attitude you can take initiatives that will help you develop at a professional level. It is possible that there will be important proposals from people who are abroad and broaden the horizons of your career.

It is important to enjoy every moment of joy and optimism with your partner, friendly groups will create the right atmosphere to enjoy the evening. If you are unattached, new people come from groups that lift your mood to evolve and open your horizons.


Cancer, the day upsets you greatly as it creates significant changes in terms of your financial and emotional state. Be careful as hasty moves can lead to mistakes that will have significant costs.

Professional - Financial

It is important to show maturity and composure in possible changes that may occur financially as you will have to manage potential expenses that come suddenly and upset you. Beware of transactions that can also show significant nervousness as it will lead to conflicts.

It is necessary to keep low tones and leave intransigence aside as irritability leads you to apathy which adversely affects your partner. If you are unattached, it will be difficult to find a new acquaintance as the tension and insecurities do not allow you to do so.


Leo, the day overturns the data that exists in your interpersonal relationships. It is possible to react to anything that oppresses you and to break with people who have played a decisive role in your personal and professional life.

Professional - Financial

Unexpected cases that come to the fore can create significant problems in your collaborations. You have to show composure and maturity otherwise it is a fact that you will not hesitate to confront leading to a final rupture important collaborations in your life.

It is important to overcome potential tensions that affect your relationship as instability will prevail and will not benefit you or your partner. If you are single / the new acquaintance comes lightning fast in your life you need your public image, be careful because it does not guarantee stability.


Virgo, the day can bring key changes in terms of daily life as it is possible that a background will suddenly come to the surface against you that will significantly affect your judgment.

Professional - Financial

It is important for you to close cases in everyday life, it comes to the surface as it comes to the surface, mainly in the workplace, it affects them. Be careful as tensions can lead to emotional outbursts that will not help you handle your affairs properly.

Make sure that everything that affects your daily life does not break out in your partner, creating further problems for you. If you are unattached / you will hardly be left to a new person as fatigue and whining do not allow you to enjoy the moments with a new acquaintance that may exist.


Libra, the day can create upheavals in your personal life as potential secrets are revealed that will significantly affect. Be careful as the tension that may prevail will lead to conflicts with your partner

Professional - Financial

Upheavals can occur in terms of the plans you may have in your professional life. You are called to show composure and to manage with absolute connection any issues that come in front of you. You need to be careful with the people you work with as you do not hesitate to break out in them.

Disturbance will prevail in your personal life, try to show composure to avoid tensions that will lead to borderline situations. If you are single / the sudden new acquaintance comes and upsets you, be careful not to invest emotionally as there is no sense of security.


Scorpio, the day can bring ups and downs in interpersonal relationships and professional life. It is necessary to keep a low profile as sudden events create upheaval in the professional and personal field.

Professional - Financial

Try to stay calm as you are more likely to encounter sudden events and upheavals in your professional life. It is important to keep a low profile otherwise conflicts with your superiors will have unpleasant consequences.

It is essential that you do not overwhelm your partner with the tension you feel as he is likely to distance himself from you and become frustrated. If you are single, new acquaintances may suddenly come into your life that will change your data and your way of thinking on a personal level.


Sagittarius, the day changes the data in terms of close relationships as issues that you have to deal with come to the surface. It is important to try to stay calm so that there are no tensions.

Professional - Financial

Try to keep a low profile in partnerships and trade agreements that interest you as it is possible that there will be upheavals that will create tension. It is important to avoid sudden reactions and spasmodic behaviors that will expose you.

Communication will play a crucial role in the relationship, make sure you are not nervous and abrupt with your partner creating problems. If you are single, the new person may suddenly come into your life to upset the way you think and behave in relationships. 


Capricorn, your day can suddenly bring to the surface issues that will significantly affect you financially. Try to limit the security and intransigence that will lead to fierce rivalries.

Professional - Financial

Try to manage your finances wisely and not get into a process of risks that can create problems in your budget. Sudden expenses or upheavals in financial affairs that he may have trouble you, make sure you show a calm approach to things to overcome them.

You should not relieve the tension you feel in the person you have in your life as it will unpleasantly affect your relationship and create instability in your personal life. If you are single, it is important to behave calmly in a possible new acquaintance that may distract you as your doubts about yourself erupt.


Aquarius, the day upsets your interpersonal relationships and it is not excluded that there may be sudden events that will lead you to close collaborations or relationships with people who you think can not understand your mentality.

Professional - Financial

You are called to calmly manage new issues that may arise in terms of your collaborations and to radically change the data in your professional life. Otherwise the intense irritation and the need to react will lead you to ruptures and distances from important people for you.

Intense confrontations can arise in your personal life, try to keep calm as balances are necessary. If you are unattached / thunderous, a new acquaintance may come, beware of spasmodic movements that will create overexertion and removal.


Pisces, you strongly feel the need to isolate yourself as memories of the past come violently into your mind. The afternoon helps you to escape from melancholy and to press firmly on your feet, finding your self-confidence.

Professional - Financial

You have the opportunity to close pending cases and can cause you particular stress as you find the patience and perseverance needed to provide solutions. Try to get away from the emotionalism and work in a completely realistic way so that you have the appropriate profit that you deserve.

It is necessary to leave behind that it hurts and can hurt your relationship, enjoy moments of joy and passion with your partner that will calm you down. If you are single, the return of persons may affect you at first, but you will find yourself and claim the best for yourself.

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