The astrological predictions of Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Mercury in Capricorn returns to a right path and will remain in this position until February 11, there will be an opportunity to correct mistakes made during the previous period. In matters of a professional and financial nature, the way is opened for discussions, negotiations, the conditions for agreements will be favorable. The characteristics will be rationality, capacity, the approaches will be direct and essential, the methodical pursuits will have a positive result.



Krie, the day gives you the opportunity to deal with family issues that may have come to the fore. The afternoon will raise the volume sharply and may cause conflicts will spoil the atmosphere in the family environment.

Professional - Financial 

Try to avoid conflicts with people you work with as the mood is intense and it will not be easy to manage calmly any situations that arise. Try to keep a low profile so that you can make the best decisions for business plans without compromising your collaborations.

Do not allow irritability to dominate your personal life and create problems. Make sure you escape the tension to protect your relationship. If you are single, it will not be easy to let go of a new acquaintance as nervousness does not allow you to enjoy the moments.


Taurus, the day gives you the opportunity to open a new chapter in terms of relationships with the immediate surroundings. It is possible to feel that some people put obstacles in your way and this may initially disappoint you, but you can take advantage of the times in possible opportunities that can be connected.

Professional - Financial

It is possible to find barriers to trade agreements and transactions that you may be interested in and that will be enough to cause you frustration and pessimism. The effort on your part will help to overcome any difficulties and achieve your goals.

It is important to express with confidence what you feel in your relationship in order to avoid the distance from your partner that will cost you. If you are single, the new person can come into your life through the immediate environment that will lead you to reconsider the way you perceive your personal life.


Gemini, the day invites you to make a new beginning in terms of your material and emotional needs. It is possible that there will be obstacles in collaborations or transactions that will create special stress and insecurity for you, try to work realistically to find the appropriate solutions.

Professional - Financial

It is important to close financial issues that concern you, but it is possible to find obstacles or people will put a brake on your plans. Try not to be disappointed as this will be the key to both your psychology and the solutions you want to find.

The insecurities that come to the surface affect your relationship as you feel alienated from your partner, make sure you express what you are thinking without fear and suspicion. If you are single, it will not be easy to express feelings that you have a new acquaintance due to the lack of confidence that afflicts you.


Cancer, the day gives you the impetus to star on a personal and professional level. The afternoon sharply increases the tension and significantly affects your professional relationships as conflicts may be ruled out.

Professional - Financial

The tension in your professional life can create frictions with people who are decisive for your career. Be sure to set aside possible conflicts and disagreements that will not help you achieve your professional goals.

Try to limit the austerity and nervousness in your relationship as external factors can affect you and break up your partner. If you are single, it will be difficult for you to dedicate yourself to a new person as the demands are many and the stress does not let you enjoy the moments.


Leo, you strongly feel the need to isolate yourself from everyone and everything. Your afternoon causes intense upset that may be manifested in people of the wider environment due to repulsions of the past that affect you.

Professional - Financial

It is not easy to concentrate on what you need to manage in everyday life as your mind travels and you can not concentrate. The odds will be many as it is possible to make mistakes that will adversely affect the obligations you have undertaken.

It is important to enjoy every moment with your partner and not let anything affect the unique atmosphere that may exist between you. If you are single, it is likely that a person from the past will return who will cause intense upset and bring to the fore wounds that have not closed.


Virgo, you feel that the time has come to meet friendly people and express innovative ideas that you have. The afternoon increases suspicion and irritability and may lead to conflicts that will cost the friendly environment.

Professional - Financial

Tensions in the professional environment can play a role during the day as there are doubts and suspicions about the people you work with. Obstacles that you find in your business plans irritate you, try to overcome them calmly and prudently.

There may be disagreements with your partner about common goals that interest you, try to avoid important discussions that will lead to tension. If you are single, new people come through the friendly environment to upset you and provoke strong emotions.


Libra, you give your best in your professional life and the obligations you have. The afternoon may bring to the fore competitive behaviors by others that will irritate you and lead you to spasmodic reactions.

Professional - Financial

You may think that people in the professional environment are trying to prevent you from achieving your goals. The competitive mood of some may disappoint you, but you need to avoid the frustration that will lead to mistakes.

Take care to avoid quarrels with your partner that will have a cost in the relationship due to the intense irritability and selfishness that may exist between you. If you are unattached / new acquaintances through the professional environment will upset you, your aggressive mood will not help them to develop smoothly.


Scorpio, you feel that the time has come to enjoy the company and fun to the fullest. The afternoon brings to the surface obsessions and whining that will affect your relationship with people from the wider family and friendly environment.

Professional - Financial

Increased obligations in everyday life will not allow you to be happy and do not leave the time you want for yourself. Irritation manifests itself and can lead to outbursts mainly in the fellowship environment which it is good to avoid so as not to create misunderstandings.

Do not allow your bad mood to spoil the atmosphere in your relationship, have fun and enjoy the moments with your partner that will fill you with joy. If you are unattached through your wider environment there may be a new acquaintance, try to get rid of obsessions that will create unpleasant situations.


Sagittarius, you are given the opportunity to close financial cases in relation to third parties. The afternoon increases the tension and selfishness and it is not excluded that you come into conflict with people who deal with creating problems in the development of your affairs.

Professional - Financial

Try to avoid confrontations with people you deal with financially as they will have costs in the course of the issues that interest you. It is important to behave smartly in order to achieve the best possible for you that will relieve you of financial burdens, avoid conflicts.

Try to enjoy the moments with your partner staying away from suspicion and jealousy that can lead to fierce conflicts between you. If you are unattached / overexertion can cause a new acquaintance, it will not be easy for you to manage your nervousness. 


Capricorn, you want to get closer to people who play a key role in your personal life. In the afternoon, the intensity increases vertically and you will not hesitate to collide head-on, relieving repulsions and wounds that you hide inside.

Professional - Financial

Tension can prevail in your collaborations as he seems to want to impose your terms in oblique ways. It is important to avoid conflict situations that have nothing to offer you, except to put obstacles in the way of your professional goals.

Confrontations in your personal life will come at a cost as it is possible to relieve the tension you feel in your partner by creating intense problems in your relationship. If you are single, new acquaintances may come into your life, but be sure to curb the nervousness that will not allow you to enjoy them.


Aquarius, the day creates increased obligations in everyday life. The afternoon raises the nervousness vertically and it is not excluded that conflict situations will arise in the fellowship environment that will disappoint you. 

Professional - Financial

Everyday life and increased obligations increase nervousness and it is possible that problems may arise in the development of business plans that you have. Try to avoid criticism and whining that will create problems in the work environment.

Do not let the intensity of daily life and work break out in your partner, creating additional problems in your life. If you are unattached / careful you should be in a new acquaintance through the work environment as irritability will be a bad advisor and will create obstacles in its development.


Pisces, the day invites you to focus on your personal life and invites you to a new beginning with the person you have by your side or with a possible acquaintance that comes into your life. It is possible to take distances to really see what you want and to clarify your position. 

Professional - Financial

It is possible to feel that people in the professional environment want to get in the way of your personal pursuits. You can overcome any difficulties as long as you make a significant effort and clarify within yourself which goals are the ones that cover you and which are not.

You need to be clear with your partner as this will help you understand what you really want from the person next to you. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a new person who will mark a new chapter in your life, giving him security and stability.

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