The astrological predictions of Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Hermes will be in opposition to Poseidon, paying attention to the extent that will be given to daydreaming, fantasies and the need to escape from reality. Thought will be confused, attention to delusions and illusions, it may be difficult to face reality with realism and objective thinking.


With the Moon in your zodiac sign all day you prefer to live in every moment. Emotions that require your attention come to the surface and you should not ignore them. You may need to pay more attention to your professional obligations that you have ignored or set aside. Find ways to soothe your loved one 's insecurities. You who are alone, flirting works tonically for your psychology.

You find more joy or you create balances in your daily life and routines. Your nervous energy can lead you to a somewhat chaotic atmosphere, especially at work, or you may try to take on too many things at once. Your sexual partner needs emotional reassurance so deal with it. You who are alone, new acquaintances will help you break away from the past.

The day with the passage of Aphrodite with Zeus causes some concern. You tend to look for creative or relaxing outlets. The Moon spends the day in your social sphere of connection and contact with others. A little frustration at work may force you to adjust, as your ruler Mercury creates a small challenge with Saturn. Avoid exaggerations towards your loved one. You who are alone, the easier it is to get excited about new acquaintances, the easier it is to get disappointed.

Making the house or the base of your activities more comfortable and harmonious can offer you satisfaction today. However, there is a tendency towards excessive enjoyment. Mercury creates a small challenge with Saturn and you may need to do something again that you thought you were done or face a small detour. For best results in work, focus on achieving your goals step by step. Your emotional life or your psychology in relation to love has its ups and downs.

The Moon spends the day in the field of your spirit keeping your morale high. You are excited about your aspirations and ideas but be careful not to take on more than you can handle. A Mercury-Saturn influence works a little inhibitory but can also warn you of the need to sort out practical details. Through small problems with your loved one you can find alternative ways to enjoy your relationship. You who are alone, set your expectations.

The Moon spends the day in the field of your intimacy and motivates you to work with emotion. However, it may be difficult to concentrate and focus. But the excitement is great and may lead you to exaggeration and eventually lose your joy. Minor problems or delays in work are very likely. Your emotional life hides surprises that you must evaluate properly.

An Aphrodite - Jupiter aspect may indicate a tendency to aim too high or take risky actions. It may not be easy to find your directions when you have or see many options in front of you. Generally avoid taking criticism too personally, whether it is partners or your love partner. You who are alone, enjoy yourself and your sociability.

Gaining personal time and space makes sense today, as you may feel limited. Make sure you move consciously, be fair and use your common sense as there may be a tendency to exaggerate. However, the Moon helps you to set foot on earth in your work, health and habits. The communication that concerns your emotional, love life needs attention.

The Moon spends the day in the field of play, drama and entertainment today. You are a little bold with love and enjoyment. It is also a time when it is easier than usual to fall into the traps of procrastination. If you put a lot of options on the table you may end up turning around and not moving on. The same goes for your emotional life as you more or less do not know what you want.

The Moon spends the day in the field of home and family and you continue to crave gentle rhythms in your daily life. The days to come bring more energy for interaction but today you want to regain your strength. However, a concern can lead to bad choices so try to discipline your logic. Your emotional life has surprises that you are slow to identify or take advantage of.

The position of the Moon today indicates your need for movement, progress and mental stimulation. Actions now can cause anxiety or questions in a relationship. Some misconceptions at work can affect your psychology. Avoid hyper-analysis in conversations with your loved one or the person you are interested in.

There is a tendency to want to keep things and situations at a comfortable and simple level by staying on the Moon in your area of ​​resources all day. If you are worried about money or a conflict with someone over a matter of principles and values, it is natural to feel tense. Workshops and collaborations occupy your mind intensely. But the emotional life is at a good level with the possibility of changes and improvements.