The astrological predictions of Wednesday, January 3, 2023

Venus makes its appearance in Aquarius and will remain in this position until January 27, 2023, in the emotional sector the way of approach cannot be ruled out in its initial stage to have a more friendly or impersonal aspect. There will be openings for meetings, contacts, discussions, the characteristics will be spontaneity, comfort, friendly disposition. Non-conformist and impulsive characters should avoid exaggerations, especially in cases where they will maintain a direct interest in a specific person of an emotional nature.



Krie, the day invites you to pay all your attention to your interpersonal relationships. The afternoon leads you to exaggerations and manipulative behaviors that can energize the atmosphere causing conflicts.

Professional - financial 

It is important to keep tones low in terms of partnerships as conflicts are very likely today and can lead to ruptures. Try to calm down negative emotions and limit power moods that will bother you greatly.

Think carefully before expressing the insecurities you feel in your partner as you can become conflicted and vindictive creating problems in your relationship. If you are unattached / careful you should be with a new acquaintance as it brings to the surface fears and you may overreact.


Taurus, the day can cause problems with people close to you. Difficulty in communication is problematic. The afternoon significantly affects your interpersonal relationships as sudden events upset the scene and possibly cause controversy.  

Professional - Financial

Misunderstandings and possible misunderstandings can create flaws in your agreements and collaborations. Be careful as the tension lurks and can lead to ruptures. Take care to get away from subjectivity and get in touch with the needs of others for balance.

Being in the mood to express how you feel can help you to get away from quarrels and tensions that can create coldness with your partner. If you are single, the new person may suddenly come into your life to emphasize that it is time to have a good time on a personal level.


Gemini, the day focuses your attention mainly on a financial level and you can claim the best for yourself without caring if it is really possible. The afternoon disturbs your daily life and increasing tensions in the workplace.

Professional - Financial

The tension at work lurks as it is not excluded that there may be unexpected events that come and concern issues of the past. Possible revelations irritate and frustrate you, be careful not to lead to head-on collisions that will offer you nothing.

Claim what satisfies you in your relationship, do not give your partner the feeling that you are not interested in his own needs because problems will appear. If you are single, it is possible for a new acquaintance to emerge through the workplace, do not be biased and uncompromising and give the opportunity you need to see what it can offer you.


Cancer, what you are mainly interested in is dealing with family issues that are bothering you these days. The afternoon leads you to excessive and extreme behaviors that will provoke strong reactions and controversies.

Professional - financial

The emotional ups and downs you have will affect your collaborations as it is not easy to manage potential issues that come to the fore calmly. Be careful to avoid exaggerations and strong enforcement tendencies caused by your own insecurities.

Mood swings and your personal insecurities negatively affect your relationships since you have no measure and you go beyond the limits due to the tension you feel. If you are single, it will be difficult for you to commit to a new person as your mood swings and fears lead to loneliness.


Leo, you are devoted to the faces of those close to you as you spend time with them uniquely. The afternoon brings to the surface obsessions and prejudices that can create problems in your communication and relationships.

Professional - financial

Insecurities and phobias arise in connection with trade agreements and possible transactions that interest you that can lead to extreme behaviors. Do not let anything that upsets you dominate and try to limit the excesses by trusting your instinct.

Be careful not to become irritable and excessive in comments to your partner as this will hurt him and can create tension between you. If you are unattached / it is possible for an acquaintance to emerge through the immediate environment, your strict eyes and treatment will not leave room for a positive development.


Virgo, the day turns your attention to your material and emotional needs. The afternoon strengthens selfishness and stubbornness and you can become overly imposing with people around you. 

Professional - financial

Your finances are in the center of interest as they occupy you intensely. There may be issues with people you trade, but you need to be very careful in your handling because your exaggerations and fears lead to behaviors that will not be tolerated.

Take care to find your self-control and self-esteem and stay away from picky and harsh behaviors that will affect your relationship. If you are single, it is difficult to be left to a new person as fears and lack of self-confidence do not allow you to see clearly what it can offer you.


Libra, today you are mainly interested in expressing everything that you feel and want to cover around you. The afternoon brings to the surface issues of a family nature that hurt you and you may exaggerate in your behavior.

Professional - financial

Do you want to take initiatives in terms of business and possible collaborations that interest you. But fears can overwhelm you and there can be behaviors on your part that will negatively affect any question. Do not let irritation and doubt negatively guide any situation you are interested in.

Try to manage the need to impose yourself on your partner due to insecurities and wounds of the past that still bother you. If you are single, it is possible for an acquaintance to arise that will distract you, be careful not to run away with sharp and absolute reactions that will bother you.


Scorpio, the day strengthens the need for isolation due to the issues of the past that come to the surface and weigh on your psychology. In the afternoon they can lead to outbursts due to emotional overflow that you can not manage.

Professional - financial

You should be careful at work as on the one hand the sentimentality on the other hand your fears do not allow you to concentrate and be down to earth in the tasks you have undertaken. Mistakes are possible so make sure you pay full attention to what you have to do.

Listen to your intuition and do not allow ghosts of the past to dominate the relationship creating problems. If you are unattached, people from the past come back showing again fears and wounds that have left their mark and do not allow you to move forward without weights in the future.


Sagittarius, the day gives you the opportunity to meet friendly people and spend pleasant moments with them. The afternoon raises suspicion and insecurity for friends and people you meet. Be careful because you can become vindictive and receptive causing strong reactions.

Professional - financial

Do not try to impose opinions and thoughts on the people you work with in a sharp and imposing way. It is certain that they will react just as strongly and your relationship can be pushed to the extreme due to harsh statements and actions that will stigmatize your relationship for good.

The intense need for independence fights within you with the desire for domination and imposition on your partner. Possible irrational behaviors on your part to energize the atmosphere in the relationship. If you are unattached / the person through the friendly environment shows his interest, but your fears can lead defensively to arrogance that will lead to removal. 


Capricorn, today gives you the opportunity to deal with professional issues and your image in the wider social environment. The afternoon raises the need for enforcement and manipulation that will annoy those around you and lead to friction.

Professional - financial

You may feel that your superiors are trying to impose situations that do not suit you in your professional life. At the same time, it is possible that you have noticed a background that bothers you strongly. Be careful because conflicts will not favor any professional pursuits you have, be careful to avoid them.

You can become tough and absolute with your partner as long as you impose your desires and feel in control. Think that this will provoke similar reactions. If you are not engaged in the professional space new faces may emerge, control games will not favor any development.


Aquarius, today you seek to enjoy moments of joy and carefreeness with people in your wider environment. The afternoon leads you to dogmatic and fanatical behaviors that will intensely annoy and provoke controversy.

Professional - financial

Do not try to impose what you think is right on people you work with and who want to open new horizons in front of you. Your behavior can be frustrating and lead to fierce opposition that will have a negative effect on you.

Do not allow insecurities that come from past situations to spoil the beautiful atmosphere in your relationship and override optimism. If you are unattached, people from the wider environment show intense interest in you, but you can become impudent and absolute with them, causing unpleasant developments.


Pisces, today you focus exclusively on the fun and joys that only interest you. The afternoon brings sudden invitations from the wider environment that will elevate your mood.

Professional - Financial

Communication agreements and suggestions from outsiders can come as a surprise. Pay attention to how you react as egocentrism and overconfidence can significantly disturb and hinder the positive development of things.

Sudden invitations are extremely beneficial for the relationship as they help you to escape from everyday life and from possible tensions. If you are single, the new person comes suddenly into your life, launching passion and sensuality to new heights. Make sure you enjoy every moment with him.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from