The astrological predictions of Wednesday, November 9, 2022

The Sun will be in opposition to the Uranus, it is a difficult aspect that may bring a kind of emotional and inner confusion, conflicting feelings will make their appearance. Unconventional and non-conformist moods will be, restless characters will want to go against the grain, rebel and go beyond the limits. Beware of exaggerations, thoughts will be confused, behaviors will be eccentric, strange, on a psychological level there will be ups and downs and moods.



Krie, the day invites you to focus on family issues that may be on your mind. You will not hesitate to take distances to see realistically any cases that interest you, attention to frustration and gloom that will burden the climate.

Professional - financial 

It's time to reconsider your goals and aspirations, but you need to distance yourself from thinking calmly and not emotionally about how you want to move. At the same time, new professional prostheses invite you to take on responsibilities that may put a lot of pressure on you, but can give you a lot.

It is possible to distance yourself from your partner, as you seem concerned about issues that concern your relationship. You dance between mood swings and cruelty. If you are single, you will not show a willingness to meet new people as you will probably be isolated due to your mood.


Taurus, the day helps you get closer than ever to people close to you. Conversations and relaxed moments play a leading role in the day and help you end pending cases that may have been bothering you. 

Professional - financial

Take advantage of the opportunities given to you to close commercial and communication cases that have occupied you professionally for a long time. You can convince with your arguments and impress with the quick perception and flexibility you have.

Communication plays a leading role in the relationship as you seem to be in the mood to provide solutions taking advantage of the good mood that exists between you and your partner. If you are unattached, the person from your close friends reappears and does everything to attract your attention.


Gemini, the day helps you to express possible insecurities and fears that affect your self-confidence. Use the day to have a good time enjoying the moments, the good food, the good company.

Professional - financial

The financial affairs that have been bothering you for a long time can have an optimistic course as you are given the opportunity to discuss what frightens you and creates insecurity with the people you deal with. Try to get rid of stubbornness because it will hinder any of your pursuits.

Express the passion and strong feelings you feel for your partner without absoluteness and intransigence that will create problems in your personal life. If you are unattached, a person returns from your inner circle who strongly creates the need to discuss a new beginning with him.


Cancer, the day leads you to a new personal beginning at all levels of your life as you come in contact with your real needs. There may be fears and insecurities about what you want to pursue, dynamism will help you deal with what is bothering you.

Professional - financial

Professional proposals for important collaborations may arise, but it is necessary to escape from the intense insecurities that occupy you and let your intuition guide you to the right decision. Suspicion will only put obstacles in business plans so try to limit it.

You will do well to be careful in your relationship because subjectivity and suspicion create important issues that can affect your partner. If you are single, it is possible for a new person to emerge in your life, you will have to manage personal doubts and fears in order for there to be a positive development.


Leo, the day opens a new chapter on a psychological level as you can deal with issues that concern you from the past in a dynamic way. Whichever clarifications arise will work positively for your interpersonal relationships.

Professional - financial

There can be many pending issues that may concern you professionally and you want to settle. Take distances as your sensibilities do not allow you to focus in realistic terms on your next steps. Only with logic and maturity can you conclude that it burdens you psychologically in your professional life.

Issues of the past can affect your psychology and trouble your relationship. Try to clarify them in order to move forward with your partner on solid foundations. If you are single, people from the past reappear and claim to be back in your life with stability and a reasonable approach.


Virgo, the day gives you the opportunity to focus on your friendships and to clear up with people who may have been bothering you lately. It is time to decide who you will go with and who will leave your life. 

Professional - financial

Problems and obstacles may arise in the workplace that force you to reconsider the way you move and the plans you have in mind. It is important to be able to take distances to see as realistically as possible which people can help you and which can not.

You clarify common goals and aspirations that you have with your partner as they negatively affect your relationship that is not possible. If you are single, the new person can enter your life through the friendly environment that will create a stable framework on a daily basis with his presence.


Libra, the day gives you the opportunity to focus on your public image and make the necessary changes to feel satisfied. Be careful because lack of self-confidence can play an important role in your next steps, it is important to believe in yourself.

Professional - financial

New professional proposals may emerge that will put you in a process of evaluating your true potential. Do not hesitate to take the necessary initiatives and take advantage of every opportunity that can lead you to a career that covers you.

Try to spend time with your partner as it is necessary to get involved in professional matters and take care of your relationships. If you are unattached, it is possible that there will be a new acquaintance through the professional environment that will play an important role in your life as it will push you to recognize what you really want in love.


Scorpio, the day invites you to recognize what your real potential is on a real level and to make possible choices that can take you away from family and your own people. 

Professional - financial

Communication dominates and you try to move forward professionally with optimism and realism. Obstacles can arise that will disappoint you, especially in proposals coming from abroad. Try to meet the challenges with a positive approach and hard work.

You seek to limit yourself to your partner and explain what can really help you move forward with steady steps. If you are single, it is possible that there is a new person in your wider environment who will help you review the mentalities and norms that affect your personal life.


Sagittarius, the day brings to the surface insecurities and fears that play a key role in your psychology. Realistic thinking will help you clear up and leave behind repulsions that sink you to a psychological level.

Professional - financial

Clarifications are likely to arise in financial matters in relation to third parties and business activities that interest you. Make sure you take advantage of potential opportunities and do not be disappointed by obstacles that may arise. Strong intuition and a logical approach to things will help you.

Suspicion can dominate your personal life and lead you away from your partner creating problems in the relationship, do not allow it. If you are single, it is possible that a new person will emerge who will upset you greatly, but your fears may prevail and you may prefer the distance. 


Capricorn, the day opens a new chapter in terms of your interpersonal relationships as you evaluate the people next to you in a strict way. Be careful because the stubbornness you may show comes from a lack of self-confidence that will create problems.

Professional - financial

You are given the opportunity to take steps in relation to new collaborations that may interest you. But you should not be disappointed or pessimistic with their course as it requires you to work hard and methodically to achieve the best that will take off your career.

Disturbance in your personal life can lead to coldness and alienation from your partner due to insecurities that come to the surface and negatively affect the relationship, be careful. If you are single and have the opportunity to meet a new person, do not let your fears get in the way of any development.


Aquarius, the day opens a new period in terms of everyday life that can work stressfully and invite you to take on your responsibilities. The fact is that you will clearly show your limits to the people involved on a daily basis.

Professional - financial

You take responsibilities at work and the demands are increased for you. New proposals may emerge that will be extremely tempting. Take care not to hesitate in front of possible obstacles and take the necessary initiatives to show what you can achieve in the work environment.

Obsessions and everyday life can create problems in the relationship due to the routine and fatigue that directly affect it. If you are unattached through the work environment a person can emerge who will help you to reach what really satisfies you on a personal level.


Pisces, the day strongly creates the need to star by expressing everything you feel in the environment you are in. Beware of exaggerations and unbiased expressions that may annoy the people around you.

Professional - financial

The initiatives you can take in your business should be careful as it is possible to have excessive aspirations and ambitions. You will do well to be realistic and try in a moderate way to show others what you really want in your professional life.

Give yourself and your partner the opportunity to resolve issues that hurt your relationship and to spend unique moments renewing the communication between you. If you are unattached / faces from the past reappear and upset you, give yourself the opportunity to express everything you feel.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from