The astrological predictions of Tuesday 2 May 2023

The Sun will be conjunct Mercury retrograde, there will be openings for meetings, contacts and conversations, however great care should be taken in the way opinions and comments are expressed. There is a risk of misunderstandings, where some may misunderstand the concepts and messages. There will be difficulty in the matter of understanding and acceptance, there should be clarity in discussions, confusing words and insinuations may lead to problems.



Krie, the day gives you the opportunity to close issues of the past that concern you on a family level with confidence and dynamism. Be careful at noon as intense emotion can lead to outbursts.

Professional - Financial 

You can claim what you think you deserve in the professional field as long as you show faith and confidence in yourself. Do not rest on big words and promises especially at noon as they will most likely lead you to the wrong paths and conclusions.

Use the day to show your partner feelings and express thoughts that can help stabilize your relationship. If you are single, the return of persons is likely to increase sensitivities, beware of hasty decisions that you will later regret.


Taurus, you strongly feel the need to isolate yourself and immerse yourself in your thoughts. The afternoon may lead to outbursts and nervousness that will affect close relationships.

Professional - Financial

Try to concentrate on the daily responsibilities and chores you have undertaken at work as mistakes are very likely due to carelessness. It is possible that your schedule will be overturned and that will be enough for you to feel the stress and tension overwhelm you.

Intense sensitivities and nervousness do not leave room for objective thinking, which can negatively affect your relationships. If you are unattached / careful you should be with people from the past who return and create tension and friction.


Giving, you are given the opportunity to dedicate yourself to friendly groups and conversations that you can enjoy. The afternoon may lead to fights due to irritation and intolerance that you may show.

Professional - Financial

Team spirit dominates most of the day as you seek to coordinate with the people you work with to get the best possible result. Try to limit the tension in the afternoon hours that will not help you in communication.

It is necessary to avoid disputes with your partner, it is not the best day to discuss common goals and ambitions that you have. If you are single and new people can come into your life through a friendly environment, be sure to contain your insecurities that lead to conflict.


Cancer, the day helps you to enjoy every moment with people from the wider family and friendly environment. You can enjoy the company, the conversations, the fun where optimism is the protagonist and lifts your mood.

Professional - Financial

Nothing can stand in the way of your dreams in your professional life and this is immediately perceived by your associates. Especially at noon, try not to get into a process of discussions that may lead to wrong paths and moves.

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy your partner and create the best possible conditions to renew your relationship through pleasant surprises and actions. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a new person in the wider environment who will radically change the data on a personal level.


Leo, the day strengthens the emotions and gives you the strength to escape from situations that concern you intensely from the past. You have the ability to close outstanding issues by trusting your intuition alone.

Professional - Financial

You are given the opportunity to close cases that are pending from the past and affect your financial opportunity. Pay special attention at noon to deals that may seem ideal to you, but are more likely to hide things and be deceived.

Moments for two that will work beneficially in the relationship will help you press firmly on your feet and escape from possible fears you have. If you are single / a new acquaintance may arise that will upset you, do not allow doubts to cloud your thoughts.


Virgo, the day helps you spread your wings regarding future goals and dreams you may have. It is not excluded through the friendly environment that there will be people who will play a leading role from now on in your personal and professional life. 

Professional - Financial

It is important to proceed with professional plans that you can have based on your logic and intuition. Especially at noon you will do well to get away from possible conversations that can trap you in ambitions that do not express you. Pay attention to the people you trust.

Sharing goals with your partner helps you to function as well as possible as a team and to get closer to common goals than ever before. If you are unattached through the friendly environment, a new person can emerge, extremely eccentric and different for your data.


Libra, the day gives you the opportunity to shine in whatever environment you find yourself as you show determination, maturity and practical thinking. It is important to take advantage of possible opportunities that will be given to you as long as you do not trust big words that you will hear.

Professional - Financial

A quick perception of things, determination and a realistic approach will help you provide solutions to everyday issues that concern you at work. Especially at noon it is important to avoid possible decisions that may be wrong due to the psychological charge that exists.

It is necessary to give time to your partner and put aside the many professional obligations that can create problems in the relationship. If you are unattached, a person comes from the professional environment who can change your personal image in the wider social environment.


Scorpio, the day helps you feel unique as you realize the dynamism and show faith in yourself. Make sure you enjoy beautiful moments with people from the wider environment and the person you have by your side that will be unforgettable.

Professional - Financial

Make sure you are fully focused on daily tasks as it is not easy for you to focus on what you need to do. Be especially careful at noon as egocentrism makes its appearance in the wrong way and may cause dissatisfaction among those around you.

The day is ideal to get away from the routine with your partner and enjoy an escape in the countryside that will help you enjoy your love. If you are single, the new person comes into your life to open your horizons and help you see your life from a new perspective from now on.


Sagittarius, the day gives you the opportunity to find psychological balance and close cases that may be of great concern to the family environment. You escape from doubts and fears, something that particularly satisfies the family.

Professional - Financial

It is important to be careful about financial matters, especially at noon as the hypersensitivity you may experience will lead to wrong choices. Try to avoid decisions that in the end will not be in your favor because later you will face yourself.

You can create the best possible setting for you and your partner to enjoy moments of passion and sensuality that will take you off. If you are single, the new person can come into your life who you will enjoy strong feelings with and will help you feel completely safe next to him. 


Capricorn, the day gives you the opportunity to communicate with a person in your environment who is important to you and to leave behind issues that have occupied you lately. You know who you are, you are firmly on your feet and this is something that everyone at your side appreciates.

Professional - Financial

Trade and advertising play a leading role in your professional life, giving you the opportunity to enter into agreements that will be profitable for you. Beware of big words especially at noon that can deceive you, avoid possible discussions and decisions you have to make.

Do not let anything spoil the day, as you can enjoy moments of fun and carefree with your partner that will help you escape from any worries you have. If you are unattached, people come from close quarters who will help you feel what companionship means. You will realize how important it is for you.


Aquarius, the day helps you to organize your daily schedule in the best possible way as you show perseverance and patience with everything you have undertaken to do. The moments with your own faces will make you very happy.

Professional - Financial

You can make financial claims in the workplace as the faith you show in your abilities and in your offer can be rewarded. Of course, be careful not to rest on big words that you will eventually discover later that they have nothing to offer you.

Enjoy every moment with the person you have by your side who will help you close possible wounds and traumas of the past that still bother you. If you are single / the new person can come into your life, it is necessary to give yourself time to really see what he wants from you.


Pisces, today you focus your attention on your friendly and emotional needs. The afternoon does not allow you to be relaxed with people around you as insecurities lead to intolerance and stubbornness.

Professional - Financial

You have the ability to close financial issues and pending issues that may concern you and create stress. Especially in the afternoon you should be careful in which discussions as the tension leads to an aggressive attitude that does not facilitate the agreements you want to reach.

Your frustrations and fears can lead to abrupt and uncompromising with your partner, which will cause frustration in the relationship. If you are single, it is difficult to leave yourself in a new acquaintance that may arise as the doubts are many and you can not overcome them.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from