The astrological predictions of Tuesday, September 28, 2021



Krie, the tension you feel can greatly affect the family environment. It is possible that there are people who want to impose their views by dominating you. This will be enough for you to react abruptly and enter into a process of fierce confrontation.

Professional - financial 

Real estate issues come to the fore and can be of great concern to you. Beware of conflicts that may arise with persons you are dealing with. In the evening it is possible to have professional proposals that seem ideal. Show restraint and watch their development.

The suspicion expressed by your partner bothers and hurts you. Do not allow negative emotions to cause tension, focus on giving stability and security with your presence. The unattached can be upset by a new person who wants to approach you, see the positive side that can have a strong relationship.


Taurus, the tension is diffuse today and you will not hesitate to express yourself vindictively and aggressively, especially towards people around you. Be careful as family relationships can be significantly affected due to your own outbursts. Conflicts are possible so keep your nerves.

Professional - financial

Sudden proposals for collaborations are very likely to arise and you will do well to take the initiative if you consider them to be favorable to you. Of course, it is necessary to show restraint when there is disagreement or lack of communication with your partners.

Communicating with your partner is not ideal and this can lead to wrong conclusions. Avoid important discussions today that will be deadlocked and irritating. The unattached may not have the required mood for a new person in your life as nervousness prevails.


Gemini, insecurities and suspicions affect your mood and do not allow you to easily handle possible disagreements with people around you. Make sure you are restrained and move with logic. Late at night you find balance as you reconcile with your fears. 

Professional - financial

Financial issues are of great concern to you and this can lead to controversy with the people you deal with. Stubbornness will not help to impose your point of view, as you will find strong resistance from those involved. At the same time, keep your senses alert as some may try to win by seeking to control you.

Let sensuality dominate the relationship and do not allow doubts to influence your behavior. At the same time, make it clear to your partner that you will not accept control. The unattached seem to be afraid and you can not easily manage a new person who comes in contact with you.


Cancer, you need to enjoy every moment of life and you will seek to do so with the people around you. Take care in the afternoon not to be overwhelmed by the suspicion that can create problems as you will not hesitate to release the tension in the environment in which you move.

Professional - financial

Discussions in a friendly environment prevail as there are innovative ideas that you can follow and play an important role in achieving the professional plans you have. Beware of financial issues as expenses increase and it is not easy to hold on to your budget.

It is important to focus on having a good time with your partner and to leave possible conflicts that affect you aside while avoiding irritation. The unattached person feels that you want to get in touch with a person who creates security for you. But your doubts increase your nervousness.


Leo, the need to be isolated can affect contact with those around you as obsessions and phobias intensify that afflict you. Find the necessary balance through everyday life and practical issues that help you function realistically.

Professional - financial

Obligations are enough but at some point in the day you seem lost. It requires concentration as it will help you avoid troubles and mistakes due to daydreaming. At night, it is possible that there will be pleasant developments that will relieve you in relation to the workplace you move.

Your partner may seek to bring up issues of the past that hurt you. Criticism can affect you and intensify your frustration. The unattached will probably be upset by a person from the past who returns and works pressurously on your psychology.


Virgo, the need to communicate with friendly people is pervasive and you may have unique ideas that will interest you. Be careful as wanting to design common goals can lead to ruptures. Impressive moods can cause tension and controversy. 

Professional - financial

You want to move forward dynamically in the ambitions you may have, but it is possible that there are people who are trying to impose themselves on you or are operating underground against you. Do not lose your optimism as this will sooner or later have a negative effect on them.

Your partner can push you and that makes you suffocate. Set your limits with logic and calm, away from conflicts that will unpleasantly affect your relationship. The unattached can get in touch with a person through the friendly environment that increases your heart rate and your fears.


Libra, the insistence on dealing with your public image can cause controversy and adversely affect the course of your wider relationships. At night do not miss the opportunity to communicate with people who can help you get closer than ever to your personal goals.

Professional - financial

The background in your career may hinder you in important plans, but you can face it. A prerequisite is to be straightforward and clear and to stay away from manipulative situations. In the evening you can take a breath of relief, as the developments work positively for you.

Career difficulties can be relieved in your partner, try to let that push you away from your personal life. The unattached can have a strong interest from a person within your professional environment, be careful because he may want to impose himself on you.


Scorpio, relationships with the wider family and friends environment trouble you as you enter into a process of conflict with those who try to direct you when they try. In the evening, enjoy the moments with those who communicate pleasantly because they take care to raise your mood. 

Professional - financial

Underground movements of people you trade can concern you, as in this way they try to direct the agreements to their advantage. Realistic reactions and revelations on your part will help to restore balance.

Use the moments to relax with your partner and stay away from what does not help you to see love with optimism. The unattached give you the opportunity to communicate with a person through your wider environment, who attracts your attention. Do not be afraid to let go as this will work perfectly for you.


Sagittarius, your fears can prevail during the day as they are reinforced by the suspicion you feel about those around you. At night you will be able to balance by overcoming what can negatively affect your psychology and behavior.

Professional - financial

Avoid getting into litigation with people you deal with financially. The suspicions that they are trying to speculate against you may turn out to be true. Keep tones low as sooner or later you will be able to move ideally for yourself and your goals.

Passion abounds in your relationship, but it is possible that it will lead you to dark thoughts that will provoke quarrels. Indulge in emotions and the need to become one with your partner. The unattached can communicate with a person who takes you out of your waters, as you feel strongly his influence on you.


Capricorn, your interpersonal relationships are significantly affected by the need to control the movements of those around you. This will raise the odds if you do not manage to contain your momentum. Keep tones low and use the night to compensate those around you for possible misunderstandings that have arisen.

Professional - financial

Your co-workers may react strongly to possible abrupt and dominant behaviors that you will exhibit. The maturity you are called to show helps to avoid rivalries and unnecessary tension. At the end of the day, remember that optimism and a positive approach to things will prevail.

You want to impose yourself on your partner and this can lead to unnecessary friction in the relationship. Do not seek during the day to make moves that will hurt, as your mood changes at night. The unattached have the opportunity to get in touch with a person who shows you intense interest and can change your life with his presence. 


Aquarius, everyday life affects you psychologically as fears can come to the surface that do not allow you to move as you would really like. Beware of sharp and authoritarian tendencies that will trouble the people you meet every day.

Professional - financial

Outstanding issues can affect your work movements, as you seek to deal with them to leave them behind. The mood for conflict can bring to the surface backgrounds and obstacles that will disappoint you. Do not be discouraged as developments will justify you.

Obsessions can push you to be critical, thus seeking to bring your partner into your waters. Know that it will not work and there will be tensions. The unattached can be trapped in work responsibilities and stress that do not allow you to enjoy contact with the person you are interested in.


Pisces, the need for creativity determines your mood, but it is possible that there will be people who will disappoint you with their attitude regarding your personal concerns. Most likely they will understand it later and come back with full support and warmth.

Professional - financial

You are trying to move in terms of goals and aspirations that you have, but it is possible that there will be obstacles due to the behind-the-scenes processes that exist. Do not be disappointed because the developments will impress you, as they work in your favor and this fills you with optimism.

Your partner is the person you care about and this can push you into strange behaviors wanting to feel safe. Do not let anything upset the positive atmosphere that exists. The unattached can get in touch with a person who fills you with joy and lifts sensuality with his presence.

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