The astrological predictions of Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Aphrodite enters Pisces and will remain in this position until May 2, the characteristics will be sensitivity, intuition, need for love, for companionship, for emotional understanding. New loves will appear, some may find refuge in a platonic love, there will be openings for intercourse and acquaintances that will manage to move the gears of attraction. 


Those who maintain a strong bond will have the opportunity to have a fun and creative time with their partner, quarreling couples will have the opportunity to discuss, resolve contentious issues and reconnect.

Aphrodite heads to your solar 12th house where she will stay until 2/5. This area is a house of processing and assimilation of recent events and may involve the rejection of attitudes that do not work for you. Choose therapeutic activities when possible and let things flow naturally on issues related to your love, emotional life instead of questioning or analyzing them.

Aphrodite is moving to your social sector today and it is a good time to appreciate your friends, networks and their appreciation respectively for you. There are mutual benefits and you can enjoy the expression of your true self. You are looking for some stability in the workplace and the discussions are supportive and encouraging. Your emotional life has its ups and downs as sensitivities come to the surface.

Aphrodite starts her passage from the field of fame and your profession where she will influence you until 2/5. You can contribute something special and you have more time and mood to deal with your work affairs. People around you appreciate your efforts and are willing to help you achieve your goals. Today the Moon is in your zodiac sign and your personal affairs are in greater focus.

Aphrodite moves in harmony with your zodiac sign and will continue to improve your life in subtle but magical ways until 2/5. This passage inspires you, highlighting your natural talents for others to see and enjoy. The coming weeks stimulate your desire for more variety in your life. Today the Moon spends the day in the background of your map and it would be wise to rest and refresh.

Aphrodite is heading to your solar 8th house and you are in good shape to solve money issues. With Zeus already in this field it is possible to find enough pleasure in research, analysis or acquaintance with yourself, the search for clues and hidden aspects in your close relationships. Today there is good news or discussions that inspire you.

Aphrodite is moving today in the field of your collaborations, encouraging a pleasant focus on your relationships in the coming weeks. This period brings happy or useful people in your life or stimulates current relationships. You are open to communication and compromise and you can learn something inspiring about yourself through the eyes of others. Today is a very favorable day for research, learning and exchange of ideas.

Aphrodite is starting her transition today in the field of work and your health, so the coming weeks are possible to bring more harmony, enjoyment, and even aesthetic attraction to everyday life and the work environment. Restoring work-life balance may be the focus, and there may be some social opportunities that you should take advantage of. Today you are attracted to activities that expand your mind.

Aphrodite moves in harmony with your zodiac sign moving to your solar 5th house and is a good time for personal enjoyment. The flow, the attraction of energy is with you in the coming weeks. It is a potentially fantastic time for self-expression, creativity, romance, entertainment. Today you are in good shape to explore new approaches, methods and ideas that can improve your emotional and love life.

Aphrodite enters your solar field today, that of home and family. In this cycle that lasts until 2/5 you can find more enjoyment in your personal life or improve the harmony and balance in your home world. It is also wonderful to connect with the heart and explore your deepest needs. Today communicating and exchanging ideas with others is satisfying and lucrative.

Aphrodite enters your field of communication and so the coming weeks can be active to make useful connections or enjoy learning and personal interests. You seem to be attracted to the right situations, people and things that improve your daily life. Improved relationships and joy in your daily affairs are strong. The normalizing forces of Aphrodite are with you and so there is greater ease and favor in your social life.

Aphrodite today is leaving your zodiac sign and this new cycle is wonderful to enjoy what you have or what you have recently made. You feel more comfortable with what you already have conquests than looking for new experiences. It is time to see and appreciate your efforts and make the most of your resources. Today you can easily see your way out of a problem or understand an issue more easily.

Aphrodite is moving in your zodiac sign today and this passage helps you feel comfortable and attract more easily what you want in your life. You are also freer with your emotions and your personal charm is enhanced. Today's energies are suitable to seek some mental renewal and to spend time at home, family and pleasant activities that relax and rejuvenate you.