The astrological predictions of Saturday, February 11, 2023

Mercury makes its appearance in Aquarius and will remain in this position until March 2, the characteristics will be optimism, spontaneity, innovative way of thinking. Emphasis will be placed on conversations, on social contacts, and there will be a need for collective activities. In the professional field, new proposals will be heard, if the opinions are substantiated they will have the possibility to find application and implementation.



Krie, the wrong approach you may have to issues related to those around you can lead to choices that will cost you. Try to enjoy the communication with the people who make you happy and do not get into important discussions that may not turn out as you would expect. 

Professional - financial 

Everyday life has difficulties and you are called to face them calmly. The day is not suitable to focus on what is stressing you as the mind is not focused and you can make wrong choices. Avoid important discussions with people in the workplace as the conclusions will not be realistic.

Do not allow yourself to get into the wrong paths that will affect your relationship, excessive demands and promises will have negative consequences. The unattached can enjoy the moments of communication with a new person you are interested in, of course you will do well to keep a small basket in big words that can impress.


Taurus, the day helps you to communicate easily the views and needs you have. At the same time, however, you are not in the mood to understand what really satisfies others, something that will create difficulties in relationships and collaborations.

Professional - financial

It is important for you to take initiatives and make your career ideas a reality. The willingness to accept and take advantage of new proposals will be ideal as it will help you see globally what can be done professionally in the best possible way.

It is important to show a willingness to understand your partner as a lack of objectivity will not help the positive development of the relationship. The unmarried is likely to be a new person who will get your attention, it is important to be open to new proposals that may not be familiar to you and may alienate you.


Gemini, the day leaves no room for you to objectively understand what your real needs are. This will significantly affect what relationships with those around you as your requirements may be unrealistic and achievable. 

Professional - financial

It is important to avoid important discussions about your finances and collaborations as misperceptions can lead to commitments that are not profitable for you. Make sure you take distances to see realistically how you should sleep.

You are focusing on your personal needs in the wrong way and this may have an unpleasant effect on the course of his personal life. The unattached should be wary of new people who express their feelings for you as it is possible that there are expediencies that are not obvious.


Cancer, the emotion is intense and leaves no room for an objective view of things, significantly affecting relationships with those around you. Exaggerations and outbursts will not help to really show what is covering you and what you want from the people you meet.

Professional - financial

Discussions regarding trade issues may arise and it is not excluded that there may be proposals that seem quite worthwhile. Do not rush to end up and make choices that will be binding in the long run as today leaves no room to see objectively what is what will really favor you.

Your intense romance and sensitivities can lead to the idealization of the person who stars in your life, drawing wrong conclusions that will cost you later. The unattached is not excluded to communicate with a person from the past who promises a lot, do not rush to make your choice as the need to experience the ultimate fairy tale in love can lead to mistakes.


Leo, friendships are likely to trouble you as there may be high expectations from the people around you. You need to consider if what you are asking for is realistic and take the necessary steps to see clearly which people are the ones who can cope with what satisfies you.

Professional - financial

The way you manage your finances can be problematic as it is easy to lose your temper and make wastes that will cause you problems. Think that you can enjoy the small joys of life without exceeding your budget.

Insecurities intensify and can lead to wrong paths as you will not hesitate to wrongly claim your own space in your personal life. The unattached can communicate with a person through the friendly environment that upsets you, but the insecurities are many and blur your thinking.


Virgo, you feel that the time has come to star in your interpersonal relationships and this leads you to claim the attention of those around you in the wrong way. It is possible that there are people around you who, in order to satisfy you, will make promises that are not easy to keep and that will be enough to disappoint you.

Professional - financial

The day is not favorable for you to take initiatives regarding your collaborations as it is not excluded that there may be people who want to involve you in situations that are not clear. Protect yourself and do not allow the need for self-promotion to lead you to the wrong choices.

Do not be self-centered in your needs as this will not help you to function realistically in your relationship. The demands you may have on your partner should be achievable. The unattached person feels that you can not balance within yourself what you really need from a new person in your life and this affects the communication and the mood for flirting.


Libra, intense emotionality and the need for isolation prevail today and can lead to melancholy. Focus on art and objects that can help you escape the gloom as only in this way will the psychological balance be achieved.

Professional - financial

The emotional charge you have leaves no room to see clearly how you have to handle daily issues and obligations in the workplace. Make sure you enjoy the day away from what worries you as the conditions are not ideal for making decisions.

Wounds of the past come to the fore and can occupy your relationship, try to avoid important discussions as the day is not appropriate. The unattached are likely to bring back people from the past who will create emotional confusion for you.


Scorpio, friendships are the ones that give you joy, but it is not excluded that there may be people in the specific environment who will arouse suspicion with their behavior. You will do well not to idealize the people around you as this will probably lead you to get hurt by their behavior.

Professional - financial

It is possible to think of goals and aspirations that you need to achieve in order to feel confident about yourself. This can lead to wrong conclusions and your involvement with people who will probably lead you to financial choices that will not be right for you.

Passion is strong in your personal life and it is possible to lose control by seeking to control every move of your partner. The unattached is upset by a new person who comes in contact with you and this does not allow you to see clearly what he really wants from you.


Sagittarius, you are given the opportunity to enjoy beautiful moments with people around you, but in reality what you can not realize is that you idealize whoever creates the feeling of security. Be careful to distance yourself as then you will find that you can idealize the wrong people.

Professional - financial

Your professional life is at the center of interest as you may want to enter into partnerships that seem extremely advantageous to you. It is better to wait to be able to see objectively and realistically your next moves as if you need to most likely make mistakes.

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy intense moments of romance and passion with your partner, at the same time you will do well to avoid important discussions as the time is not right and the intentions are clear. The unattached can communicate with a person who will look ideal to be next to you, but it is necessary to give time to see his true intentions.


Capricorn, the contacts with people from your wider environment dominate and fill you with joy. Try not to allow obsessions and criticism to manifest as this will lead to tensions that will spoil the pleasant atmosphere that prevails.

Professional - financial

You want to smooth out everyday life and relationships in the work environment, but it is a fact that you can not clearly see what are the right moves to achieve your goal. Do not rush as this will lead to wrong choices that will create tensions.

You are given the opportunity to enjoy every moment with your partner away from decisions that may concern details in your relationship. Do not allow stress to dominate. The unattached have the opportunity to communicate with a person who fills you with optimism, take care not to lose your temper and focus on the wrong situations as this will come at a cost. 


Aquarius, the anxiety that prevails during the day is intensified due to the lack of self-confidence that comes to the surface and does not allow you to clearly see your true worth. It's time to dump her and move on.

Professional - financial

It is better to avoid discussions and transactions on financial issues that concern you as you do not have an objective picture of things and you may be led to wrong choices. Be sure to listen to your instincts and avoid important commitments that may later play a catalytic role in your financial surface.

Your personal fears can create problems in your personal life as insecurities prevail and can lead to conflicts with your partner. The unattached do not feel confident with a new person you communicate with as you can not objectively discern what he wants from you.


Pisces, the irritability that you have from the morning can affect your behavior and annoy people around you. The tension comes from issues of the past that you are called upon to deal with head on and leave behind you once and for all.

Professional - financial

You have the opportunity to use commercial proposals for agreements that come to the fore as long as you get away from personal ideologies that do not allow you to see objectively what will really work best for you. Financial issues of the past may come to the forefront seeking a definitive solution.

Make the most of the communication mood that exists with your partner, escaping from views that may limit you and not allow you to see what can really benefit your relationship. The unattached can communicate with a person who stimulates your spirit and curiosity with his behavior.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from