The astrological predictions of Saturday, September 17, 2022

The Sun forms an opposition to Neptune, it is an aspect that carries risks for misunderstandings, falsifications, misinformation. Delusions and illusions will not help to make the right decisions, there is a risk of rash actions, impulsive movements and misunderstandings. The moment is not suitable for agreements, decisions, it will be necessary to give time to events.


You're curious today with the Moon in your communication sector all day. Although you may be distracted with this transit, the Mars-Chiron transit helps you focus. Ideas, media, projects and special interest activities can help you feel better. It is a vital time to help others with your words or guidance. Honesty is a desirable trait today.

Personal comfort, beauty, and valuable possessions take center stage today with the Moon in your solar 2nd house. Today's Mars - Chiron connection puts you in a position to gain the trust and support of others. You may make progress on a business or an idea that you can make money from. If something is on your mind and bothers you, think about some form of physical activity to deal with the stress.

The Moon spends the day in your sign and you connect with your emotions more than usual. Also, Mars in your sign harmonizes with Chiron, and the desire to take action to improve your life or enjoy the moment dominates. You may feel quite empowered as you leave a problem behind or commit to solving it. You have intense energy and vision today, and it's an ideal time to make efforts to improve your love life.

You are sensitive to the emotional atmosphere around you today. You tend to avoid the limelight for now, allowing you to focus and connect with your inner world. Tomorrow the Moon will move into your sign and you will crave more interaction. Today is more about isolation and processing. However, you tend to focus on those things that motivate and energize you.

It's only natural to put yourself in a positive mindset today. You are less likely to overthink and more likely to take positive action. Troubled relationships can benefit more now, but so can your spirit. You feel much better doing something about a problem rather than just thinking about it or talking about it. You also tend to draw positive energy from people, learning and movement and are ready to take on a challenge.

Today's Moon stimulates your ambitions and you may take on more responsibilities than usual. With today's Mars-Chiron transit, as soon as you decide on an activity or discover a mission, you participate wholeheartedly in it. You are courageous when faced with problems. Things that you recently struggled to express or decide now come out of you effortlessly. Words may not be perfect but actions can be clear.

Today's Moon encourages you to break away from your usual routine. There may be innovations today and what appears to be a problem may turn to your advantage. You may be particularly interested in sharing ideas and knowledge. A Mars-Chiron aspect is refreshing and productive. Sometimes it's much better to take an action and then figure things out as you go. This is a good time for a sense of purpose through a connection.

The Moon spends the day in your intimacy sector and you connect more easily with your deepest needs and feelings. You long for time to process and understand what is happening within you, but also in the world around you. With today's Mars-Chiron transit, you're rather fearless when it comes to accepting and dealing with deeper emotions, and you're ready to dive in and take care of your problems.

The Moon spends the day in your sector of partnerships and you are open to a different perspective on your life. With a harmonious aspect between Mars and Chiron you seem to know your next step intuitively. This energy is refreshingly immediate and you can feel very much in your element. Today your confidence seems to be directly proportional to your abilities to take action.

You are more aware of your duties and affairs. Fortunately, you're in great shape for productivity. Achieving a good balance between your heart and mind supports success in almost anything you do. Reducing mental stress is easier through activities or taking action, rather than overthinking things. Instead of speculating and guessing it's refreshing to take a detour or enjoy a special project.

You benefit from entertainment and play today with the Moon in your creative sector and Mars there also in harmony with Chiron. It's a great time to express yourself in creative, unique and original ways. You are courageous in finding the source of a problem and dealing with it as you do not want to be weighed down or limited by fear or insecurities. Physical activities or games can help reduce stress.

At this time of the lunar month you tend to prefer familiar people, situations and things. You connect with the need for comfort, security and care. However, you are very decisive and action-oriented with today's Mars-Chiron transit. You may be dealing with something that requires attention, especially a neglected area of ​​your life, and it's nice to do so. Your heightened self-confidence makes you particularly charming.