The astrological predictions of Saturday, September 18, 2021



Krie, the day gives you the opportunity to deal with your material and emotional needs. A period of redefinition and exploitation begins that can yield significant psychological benefits. Beware of stubbornness that can lead to friction.

Professional - financial

It opens a period in front of you where you can launch financial plans and changes that are necessary to feel confident. You can plan in perfect detail the course of your collaborations as the dynamism and determination you show do not allow you to leave anything to chance.

Emotions can dominate at noon, blurring your thinking. Do not allow issues of the past to spoil the fun and seek to discuss what is bothering you. The unattached feel the need to communicate with a person who raises your mood, You will need it especially at noon.


Taurus, the intense emotion that possesses you can lead to alienation and introversion. Don't let the traumas of the past dominate your mood. You can find the strength to let go of the fact that he has hurt you deeply by acknowledging the lessons he has taught you.

Professional - financial

Issues that have not yet been settled come to mind again. At first you may feel that you are sailing, but during the day you find the necessary psychological balance. Take advantage of the situation to plan next moves that will distract you from what worries you.

You take the opportunity to overcome issues that are pending from the past with your partner and to feel the security that is necessary for you. The unattached can focus on settling possible outstanding issues with a person of the past that still strongly influences you.


Gemini, from today begins a period for you that is characterized by introversion. Try not to allow past traumas to affect your judgment as it is easy to get carried away by the intense emotion that distinguishes you in wrong choices.

Professional - financial

The plans that concern the goals and ambitions that you have can be realized as you have the will and the required determination. Think carefully how you want to move and with the first opportunity that will be given to you in the coming days, take the necessary initiatives.

You can express your desires to your partner immediately, as he is sure that he will understand and will do everything to satisfy you. The unattached seem to be ready for something new and beautiful in your life that will fill you with joy and vitality.


Cancer, the next time for you it is important to focus on friendly faces. You enjoy the exchange of views and the submission of new and pioneering ideas that can lead to the creation of new goals and ambitions that attract you.

Professional - financial

The discussions that may have been going on lately on a professional level push you to be extremely creative. There are many thoughts for new business plans. The determination and mental strength you show will play a role in subsequent developments.

Joy and optimism elevate your relationship and elevate your imagination. You dream the best for the common future with your partner and you enjoy the time you spend with him. The unattached can communicate with a person who probably seems ideal to you, you will do well to keep a small basket and let time show real intentions.


Leo, in the next period of time you will probably deal with your personal projection and image that influences the view of the wider social environment. Your personal aspirations come to the fore, be careful as you can become tough as long as you achieve your goal.

Professional - financial

You turn your attention to a professional level and the next period is characterized by hard work, responsibility, desire for recognition. The effort you make will be recognized in the environment of your career, be careful because enforcement trends will energize the whole atmosphere.

The beautiful conversations help you and your partner to get out of competitive moods and to mobilize for a beautiful common future. The unattached are likely to come in contact with a person who gives you joy and optimism, something that will probably lead you to take initiatives to get into your life for good.


Virgo, from today your mood rises sharply. The right time has come to engage in spiritual interests that open your horizons. Contacts with people from abroad make you very happy and create conditions for projects and collaborations.

Professional - financial

It distinguishes you in terms of initiatives that you want to take in the work environment, as you are given the opportunity to discuss issues that concern you. Launch it in the coming days as you can achieve your desired goals.

Take care not to have demands that your partner cannot meet, as when you realize the sterile reality you will be intensely disappointed. The unattached person pays attention to a person you are communicating with and he can promise a lot, but he will hardly be able to respond by hurting you.


Libra, the day pushes you to get in touch with your insecurities. You are called to face parts of yourself that are not easy to manage, but it is necessary as this will help you overcome what scares you and makes you nervous. 

Professional - financial

It is crucial that you can discuss and plan the next moves with the partners that will help in your professional development. Beware of financial decisions that may seem ideal, but they are not, but you can not find it right away.

Communicating with your partner plays a crucial role to have a good time together and enjoy moments of joy that bind you. The unattached is likely to communicate with a new person who may have the conditions to enter your life with intensity and passion.


Scorpio, you focus on your interpersonal relationships. You want to be liked and accepted by the people who play an important role in your life. Be careful as in the need for balance you compromise with situations that do not make you.

Professional - financial

You provide solutions on a daily basis in your work and this is something that will be recognized. You are characterized by dynamism and the desire for progress and the next period is ideal for initiatives. Make the necessary plans as now you can pay attention to the last detail.

You can create a fairytale atmosphere for you and your partner and spend wonderful moments where tenderness prevails. The unattached make sure you see objectively the person you are interested in as the tendency to idealize it will cost you.


Sagittarius, the next time you focus on everyday life and how you will be able to meet your demanding schedule. Beware of stress as it will push you into criticism and that is enough to disturb your environment.

Professional - financial

Slavery and developments in it will occupy you intensely in the next period. Be careful as nerves are a bad advisor and can lead to minor tensions in your workplace. Avoid making important decisions under pressure, as this will have a negative effect on you.

Fun and optimism dominate your personal life as you feel that you can discuss and overcome even the slightest difficulty with your partner. The unattached, you feel that the time has come to show intense interest in a person who stimulates your attention and fills you with positive energy.


Capricorn, you feel that you can easily express the childhood that you diligently hide. Creation and art concern you directly as through them you can express hidden aspects of yourself that are eagerly looking for a way to come to the surface.

Professional - financial

The discussions in the work environment that will concern your income will play a leading role in the coming days. Show goodwill and express what may worry you as you will find an immediate response in the fellow circle. Any fears are sure to be overcome.

The beautiful atmosphere of the day will captivate you and your partner. You can dream together and experience wonderful moments of tenderness. The unattached will do well to enjoy the communication with a person who makes you happy, without trusting any promises he gives you. 


Aquarius, you focus mainly on the family environment. It is a given that in the next period you will seek to be with familiar persons who create a framework of stability and security for you. Beware of mood swings and intense introversion.

Professional - financial

Your transactions can be a positive development as planning is important and you can not make mistakes there. Beware of financial choices that may seem ideal as it will be immediately apparent that it is not and you will be negatively affected by this development.

The initiatives you will take for your relationship can excite your partner and there will be a unique atmosphere between you. The unattached one seeks to get in touch with a person who arouses your curiosity, who creates the desire to meet new objects with him.


Pisces, your material and emotional needs are at the forefront of interest as it is important for you to feel worthwhile. Issues of the past come to the fore and it's time to take the necessary steps by providing solutions that will help you recognize the potential you have.

Professional - financial

Financial issues that concern you can be solved as long as you show dynamism and do not allow insecurities and fears to affect your decisions. It is possible to complete a transaction that has been pending for a long time and gives you a breather in terms of your income.

Close issues that may affect your psychology and have been pending for a long time, creating problems in your relationship. It is what will create a stable framework for you and your partner. The unattached is not excluded to enter into a thought process for older situations that it is time to face face to face and with maturity.

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