The astrological predictions of Saturday, January 21, 2023

The New Moon is formed in the sign of Aquarius, the characteristics will be vitality, sociability, disposition for collective action, for actions of social contribution and solidarity. The way of thinking will be positive and optimistic, however beware of exaggerations, there is a danger that over-optimism will lead to hasty decisions. In the professional field there will be creative openings for improvement and positive change.



Krie, the intense emotion that possesses you today can lead you to close in on yourself and your thoughts. Use the day to solve issues of the past that may concern you as the ideas you have will be ideal to move forward.

Professional - financial

You may be asked to manage issues that may be pending to occupy your professional life. Your innovative ideas are the ones that can provide the necessary solutions so do not hesitate to trust them. Financial issues seem to be resolved and the issues you may have had are no longer bothering you so much.


Sudden discussions with your partner about pending issues that may still concern your relationship can lead to excellent conclusions in relieving psychology. The unattached are called to manage sudden communications with persons of the past. Unique emotions are revived.


Taurus, the mood to communicate with your friends is strong so you will not hesitate to use every way to get in touch with them. The ideas that emerge from your discussions can be extremely beneficial and bring you closer to your goals and ambitions.

Professional - financial

From today, a period opens before you that you are called to take on important responsibilities at a professional level. It is a fact that this can affect your psychology, but remember that the time has come for you to really show that you are explaining it through the hard work and discipline required. 


Emotional distancing is something that will trouble your partner as he seems to have a strong need to move away to see things in realistic terms. The unattached take advantage of the opportunity to communicate with new people who can create intense upheavals in your life.


Gemini, gloom and pessimism make their appearance strongly and you have to manage these emotions with realism and logic to be able to balance. Do not allow your stressful schedule to affect your psychology as this will act as a deterrent to all your activities.

Professional - financial

Take care to manage calmly which professional issues have arisen as stress is a bad advisor and can lead to conflicting moods. Your professionalism and method will excel as long as you make every effort required to provide solutions and avoid tensions with your superiors. 


The tension you experience can be relieved in your partner, something that will not help you enjoy the moments with him and relax leaving behind what may have troubled you. The unattached may have social obligations that bring you in contact with new people who are very interesting to you. 


Cancer, positive psychology continues and is the one that supports you even in possible difficulties that you are called to face. The people of the wider relative and friendly environment are there for you so do not hesitate to communicate as it will be ideal to have a good time talking to them.

Professional - financial

Being careless will not help you settle business matters as mistakes are possible and can put you in a difficult position. Communication and advertising are the things you can excel at so take advantage of potential opportunities that can come from nowhere and are very promising.

Your personal life is experiencing beautiful moments and this is something that gives you the impetus you need to see the optimistic side of life. Your partner plays a leading role in this. The unattached one charms you with your humor and fun and it is certain that you will attract the attention of people who will express their feelings for you.


Leo, the irritability is evident from the morning as emotions and phobias that you usually have well hidden inside seem to come to the surface. Do not let the tension dominate because you are more likely to relax in those around you and this has negative implications.

Professional - financial

Take initiatives to resolve financial issues in relation to banks and the public that may be of great concern to you. It is certain that your intuition can guide you in an excellent way and you can be profited from any transactions. Sudden conversations come to the fore with people from the professional environment who give a boost to your finances. 

Suspicion and jealousy do not help to bring calm to your relationship and this is something you should curb to avoid controversy. The unmarried is not excluded to come in contact with people who will impress you and will give birth to unprecedented feelings for you.


Virgo, you feel that the time has come to communicate with the important people in your life and try to meet their potential needs. Be careful that your fears do not lead you to behaviors and situations that ultimately do not satisfy you because this is very easy to happen and eventually get trapped in something that displeases you.

Professional - financial

You are given the opportunity to take advantage of possible discussions with people from the professional environment and to proceed with plans that you may have and can yield the maximum results. The fact that you seem to understand the needs of others will help balance to prevail and there will be no one who will be dissatisfied. 

Your partner plays a leading role in the day and it is possible that there will be discussions that will create a pleasant atmosphere between you and will help you to resolve issues that may have bothered you. The unattached have the opportunity to star with your charm and communication skills impressing new faces that enter your life.


Libra, the obligations are many and they are the ones that can make you very nervous as you want to fulfill them as best as possible. Make sure you have the composure you need to avoid unnecessary tension. Take advantage of possible ideas that will give unique solutions and will calm you down. 

Professional - financial

You are given the opportunity to give the required solutions to your work as it seems the quick perception of things that has to help a lot. Your suggestions will be imaginative and this will help you to deal with what you have undertaken in a very positive way, leaving the stress and whining aside that will only create problems and obstacles.


The need to upset everyday can now dominate and positively affect your relationship as you seem to have ideas that change the data in an optimistic way. The unattached is not excluded to enter into a process of discussions with people from the work environment who give you intense interest.


Scorpio, morale is very high and this is ultimately what can help in possible difficulties and situations that can be frustrating. The fact that you see things from a positive point of view is reflected in your environment and this is something that those around you especially appreciate.

Professional - financial

You feel that you can respond in the best possible way to whatever you have undertaken. Your self-confidence is high and this helps you to press firmly on your feet. Sudden proposals for collaborations come and you want to see in detail if they are the ones that can give the best possible for you. Stay away from egocentrism and you will not lose.

Focus on conversations with your partner that can pay off as they seem to turn the tide in your personal life in a positive way. The unattached can not come into contact with people who will surprise you by the intense interest they show in you.


Sagittarius, it is time to focus on the familiar environment and give the family the attention it needs. It is what will help you to feel stability and security and to be emotionally ready to accept the tenderness and warmth he seeks in these days as a human being.

Professional - financial

The original ideas he may have for issues that concern your business will help you to provide the appropriate possible solutions. Change the way you manage situations in everyday life because it also affects relationships with colleagues and employers. Honest discussions will help to better address any issues. 


Create the right atmosphere in your personal space as you seem to be able to enjoy unique moments with your partner that will work beneficially for your relationship. The unmarried is not excluded to be surprised by people from the familiar friendly environment, they immediately show how they feel about you.


Capricorn, discussing and enjoying the moments with people close to you is a priority for you. This is what helps you to leave behind possible tensions that you may be experiencing at this time. Good company will be a cure for nervousness and anxiety.

Professional - financial

Sudden suggestions in relation to commercial and communication systems come to the fore and it is called with the quick perception that you have to understand what is what can take off your professional life. The mobility he has today can be translated as nervousness, so make sure you limit it.

You will do well to express today how you feel your partner as the discussions can develop extremely optimistic and act as a catalyst for issues that concern you. The unattached, do not hesitate to communicate with a possible new acquaintance that arouses interest as it will pleasantly surprise you.


Aquarius, fears and possible insecurities come to the fore, it is possible that they will significantly affect you by focusing your attention on your personal worth. You will do well to believe in yourself because otherwise the lack of self-confidence will significantly affect the way you behave.

Professional - financial

You enter the process to see thoroughly and your collaborations are the ones that can perform the most in the next period. Discussions dominate as far as your finances are concerned as you seem to find the necessary time and opportunity to claim what you think you are entitled to.

It seems that the time has come to set your limits as today creates the conditions for clarifications on a personal level. The unattached seems to get away from absoluteness and look compromising for new things that subvert the mentality you have in your feelings.


Pisces, the time has come for you to claim with dynamism what you think you deserve from those around you, but the way you do it is the one that will make the difference. Avoid being vindictive and subjective as this is what will bother you the most.

Professional - financial

Sudden suggestions from people around you put you in a discussion process that can bring significant benefits to you. Remember that becoming abrupt and aggressive will be negative for you and will create unpleasant developments in your collaborations and professional life.


Communicating with your partner is what will dominate and give you the opportunity to express what you feel and ask from your relationship. The unattached feel that you can become the center of interest as you stimulate the attention of people with your imaginative attitude.

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