The astrological predictions of Saturday, January 22, 2022

The Sun will be in a session with the retrograde Mercury, there will be a mood for communication, however in the discussions it may be difficult to communicate. The time is not right for clarifications and agreements, it will be necessary to give time to the events, impatience must be avoided.


Today you tend to push some situations or succumb to pressures and do many things at once and in a short time. You feel torn between the desire for more adventure or life experience and the need to clear up the details. Memories or surprise encounters can change the way you look at a person or a situation.

You may feel a little divided about whether you should deal with a problem or enjoy a little fun and carefree. You may also be torn between trusting someone or not. The day makes as the hours go by but leaves you food for thought. Although Mercury remains retrograde, your words have a greater impact than usual.

Excess energy can be a bit problematic today with a square of the Moon with Mars. Through feeling frustrated with your home or your emotional life, you can get ahead and solve some mysteries or problems. The discussions are particularly enlightening on issues related to education, transport, beliefs.

There is a tendency to overdo it today and the climate around you may feel a bit chaotic. Alternatively you may be concerned about problem areas related to work or health issues. New knowledge about an old relationship or your own psyche is useful and enlightening today and tomorrow. Thoughts, ideas, news or discussions about personal or financial issues can lead to important directions or developments in the future.

There may be interference today. Either a lot is happening around you, or you are facing the fear that you will lose something. Watch your haste or your impatience to handle needs and desires. You are particularly sensitive to the state of your money or your sense of security. Conversations about the past of your emotional life are best avoided.

Your desire for independence is evident today. The Sun and the retrograde Mercury align in the field of work and your health and you face any problems from a different angle, something that is useful. This passage helps you to see some of the details of your life that you have lost in the past.

Your mind may be overwhelmed and you better try to relax. While your mind is awake, you may need some time to be alone in arranging all your emotions and experiences. The Sun is heading towards an alignment with the retrograde Mercury and there are thoughts and creative sparks as the day progresses.

You may feel excluded or indecisive in pursuing your desires. However, it would be good to save energy until you gain the confidence to move at full speed. Especially as the day progresses you are in a great position to understand an issue from the past or a family issue and finding creative solutions to problems is satisfactory. However, it would be good to think carefully before making decisions.

With Mars in your zodiac sign these days you feel obliged to claim your independence, but finding a balance is more logical and more useful. Your ideas today and tomorrow, especially those related to learning, mental interests, communication, connections and siblings are important.

There is a tendency today to be a little hurried with your communications. Be careful not to confuse things more. It is important to deal with interests that occupy your mind and renew your spirit. With the Sun and Mercury retrograde aligned in the realm of money, talent, and personal possessions, pay close attention to the ideas that are being born now.

It is better to avoid quick conclusions as with the Moon - Mars aspect we tend to take things more personally than is probably justified. Especially as the day progresses you tend to see in a different way the problems with the Sun and the retrograde Mercury aligning in your zodiac sign. Your words have a greater impact than usual and with Mercury still retrograde you should be careful in the way you express yourself.

You may feel a little overwhelmed with responsibilities today, but it seems you can not do otherwise. If you feel overly dependent on the plans, plans and needs of others, you decide to handle these situations with some effort or solutions in mind. With the Sun aligning with the retrograde Mercury in the realm of your karma, in the past and in hidden subjects, a secret can be revealed.