The astrological predictions of Saturday, February 26, 2022

The Moon is in Capricorn in matters of a professional nature, there will be proposals, collaborations and new opportunities that will give a boost to the career. There will be concentration on goals, thoughts will be methodical, coordinated pursuits will have a positive outcome.


The Moon spends all day in the field of your career and responsibilities, harmonizing with Jupiter and Uranus and you have the opportunity to connect with your work or goals. You get a new perspective on how others see you, as well as your performance. Do you devise strong business-related strategies or can you learn something that helps advance your interests? Your emotional life takes a back seat to this and you become a little introverted.

You have the energy today to teach and share. You are looking for attractive experiences and a break from the routine, with the Moon spending today and tomorrow in the field of adventure, your spirit and your prospects. However, you save time to spend beautiful moments with your loved one. If you are single, past thoughts or unexpected encounters cause you concern.

With the Moon in your 8th solar house, your need to give up and think is intense. Elaborating on your feelings and recent events is vital at this time. Take some time to understand your needs and the people around you. The Moon-Uranus triangle will help you gain a new perception of a situation. Your sexual partner has the ability to relax you and make you have a good time. If you are single, do not let your insecurities overwhelm you.

It is possible to enjoy a new and improved perspective on life today. The desire to support or entertain others is at the forefront and it can be emotionally refreshing to focus on someone. It's a relationship-oriented day and you tend to relax a bit with personal agendas and plans. You are also looking for ways to spread your wings somehow, as your desire to explore new things is stronger than usual.

What makes you more organized and what makes you feel responsible for your daily life, is favored today and new approaches and methods are welcome. You are actually looking for ways to improve or renew your routines. Some things turn out to be easier than you think. The moments you are with your loved one feel beautiful, as the interesting conversations flow naturally. If you are single, do not underestimate new acquaintances.

A relationship can bring your best self to the surface today and you really seem to enjoy it. The Moon spends the day in the field of joy, recreation, love and self-expression. You make the most of your free time, hobbies and relationships. Finally you need quality channels to express yourself creatively and today you find them easily.

Today's crossings help to create an open atmosphere in your personal life and it is also a good day to solve problems or engage in objective and useful discussions. The Moon spends today and part of tomorrow in the field of home and family and invites you to focus there. It's nice to make joint plans with your loved one. If you are single, you find interests that make you have a good time and not make second thoughts.

The Moon spends today and part of tomorrow in the field of your communications and harmonizes with Uranus and Jupiter, further enhancing your observation skills. The lines of communication are open and do not interfere with healthy interactions. A small change in your life or a pleasant news stimulates your mood, but also your generosity towards your love partner. If you are single, enjoy yourself and flirting.

Today's crossings encourage you to allow yourself to relax, so that you can envision your plans more clearly. The activities that connect you with the natural world are more appropriate, with the Moon in your solar 2nd house today and part of tomorrow. It's a good time to enjoy what you have and focus on yourself. Your emotional life and your emotions clear up and you make the right decisions.

The Moon spends the day and part of tomorrow in your zodiac sign and harmonizes with Uranus and Jupiter. Maybe it's a moment to learn more about yourself and your needs. Live, lively communications exist and you are in the spotlight. Intuition helps you identify opportunities, especially those related to connection or learning. Your sexual partner can understand your needs as long as you express them. If you are single, you are looking for something that will help you cut yourself off from the past.

The Moon urges you to enjoy a low profile or some emotional renewal. It's a moment to refresh and restore your emotions. Your observation is strong helping you to see something you had lost due to fatigue in the past. If given time, listen to your loved one and understand their complaints or needs. If you are single, pleasant developments in relation to a recent acquaintance lift your mood.

Today's transitions inspire you to connect, as the Moon today and part of tomorrow spends it in your social sector and in fact harmonizing with Uranus and Jupiter you tend to focus on positive goals and desires. You can explore new options and ideas. It's also a good time to take action and reduce stress. Friends give good advice or bring good news about your emotional, love life.