The astrological predictions of Saturday, January 28, 2023

The Moon makes its appearance in Taurus, there will be a need for stability, security, security and tranquility. In matters of a professional and financial nature, there will be reluctance to take risks and initiatives, the aim will be to protect what has already been achieved. The conditions will be favorable to settle financial pending matters, it will be good to avoid postponement and delay.



Aries, today you are given the opportunity to meet people from your wider environment who raise your psychology. The afternoon gives you the opportunity to be active at all levels and take important initiatives in your personal and professional life.

Professional - financial 

Try to focus on goals you want to achieve as today you can take advantage of possible opportunities that will be given to you at the level of partnerships. Proposals from abroad can be extremely realistic and create a new context in your professional life.

The day is ideal to take off your partner emotionally and give wings to your relationship. Fun and frolic take center stage and refresh you. If you are single, there may be many people who want to come into your life as the passion and dynamism you exude arouses interest.


Taurus, you are given the opportunity to sort out financial issues that may be causing you intense anxiety. Midday skyrockets your self-confidence and turns your interest to fun and company that open new spiritual paths in front of you.

Professional - financial

Professionally, you are given the opportunity to proceed with plans you may have in the best possible way. Make sure to take advantage of suggestions from abroad that may arise and open new paths in front of you as they will bring you closer than ever to your personal goals.

You feel more optimistic than ever and this is immediately noticed by your partner, make sure to take advantage of the evening to spend unique moments with him. If you are unattached, new people come into your life through the wider environment to lift your psychology and radically change your worldview.


Gemini, until noon you have the opportunity to sort out issues concerning your interpersonal relationships. In the afternoon, stress and overexertion increases, financial issues come to the table and concern you.

Professional - financial

Suspicion can play a leading role in financial affairs as you feel that you cannot trust the people you work with. It is important to tap into your keen senses as it is a fact that your intuition will not let you make wrong choices.

Personal insecurities should not get in the way of your relationship as tension and conflict will prevail with excess. If you are unattached, the turmoil you feel does not allow you to let go of a new person who comes into your life and creates turmoil.


Cancer, you feel that the time has come to close affairs in everyday life as there are many obligations that concern you. The afternoon fills you with strength and self-confidence and this becomes evident in the professional environment in which you move.

Professional - financial

You can give your best to close cases and fulfill obligations you have undertaken in the workplace. The fact is that you will impress with your dynamism and determination, and this can have a positive impact on relationships with your superiors.

By taking dynamic initiatives, you can close everyday issues that concern your relationship and create tension with your partner. If you are unattached through the work environment, a new person may emerge that will activate all your senses.


Leo, you want to focus on creating and having fun as you feel the time has come to enjoy life's joys. The afternoon skyrockets your energy and helps you to be active in future plans you may have.

Professional - financial

You can take the necessary initiatives at a professional level that will help you to launch your goals in the future in the best possible way. Your intense energy will impress the professional environment and will create conditions for positive developments that will satisfy you.

Your optimism and generosity become immediately apparent to your partner and these create the right atmosphere for you to have a great time together. If you are unattached, many may be the ones who will show interest in you as it is a fact that you impress with your charm and brilliance.


Virgo, today you turn your attention to family issues that come to the surface and you are called to find solutions. The evening gives you the opportunity to deal with financial issues that may burden the family, giving ideal solutions.

Professional - financial

Real estate issues may come to the fore as he is given the opportunity to close the best possible deals for you. The dynamism and understanding you show will help you balance your relationships with your superiors and avoid possible tensions in the professional field.

Create the right framework where you can enjoy the moments with your partner, leaving away stress and insecurities that may be bothering you. If you are unattached, it is possible that there will be a new acquaintance through the familiar friendly environment that will take off the passion, intimacy will play an important role.


Libra, today it is possible that you seek to meet people from your close environment, wanting to get their advice. The evening will help you to be active on all levels and to balance situations with important people in your life.

Professional - financial

It is possible that you will feel that the opportunities given to you at the level of trade and communication will launch important developments for you. You must take advantage of them as they can give you important partnerships of your life and open new professional paths in front of you

Communication and passion will play an important role in the relationship as they will help you to balance any situation with your partner and for harmony to prevail in your personal life. If you are unattached through your friends, an acquaintance may come that will lead you to move differently at the level of relationships. 


Scorpio, today you are strongly concerned with your material and emotional needs. The afternoon is likely to push you into discussions that may arise with people in the work environment and will concern financial issues that you want to close.

Professional - financial

Financial rewards are of concern to you and it is possible that you will seek important discussions with persons from the work environment. The confidence you show and your hard work will play an important role in achieving your best.

Put passion and sensuality into everyday life as these will help you escape from the routine that can adversely affect your relationship. If you are unattached, it is possible that a new acquaintance will arise that will put you on a new path, changing the facts on a daily level.


Sagittarius, today creates the conditions for you to make moves that will play an important role on a personal and professional level. The afternoon dramatically increases your self-confidence and may lead you to initiatives that will take off your relationship.

Professional - financial

Nothing can get in the way of what you want to accomplish at the level of your partnerships and this is something that is immediately apparent in the environment you move. Make the most of possible proposals that can play a decisive role in your professional image and prestige.

The lust and excitement that dominates the relationship leaves no room for tension and resentment. You enjoy every moment with your partner and this makes you especially happy. If you are unattached, the new acquaintance may arise that will initiate important developments in your personal life upon her arrival. 


Capricorn, you feel like you want to distance yourself from everyone as issues from the past come to your mind and trouble you. In the afternoon, you are active in closing cases that may affect your family life and are pending from the past, burdening your psychology.

Professional - financial

Take advantage of the day to complete cases that are pending and significantly affect your psychology as they create stress. It is necessary to take the necessary initiatives in order to launch obligations and chores in everyday life that tire you.

You will not hesitate to show your partner everything that worries you as the day is suitable for closing issues that affect you psychologically. If you are unattached, the return of people from the past can scare you, don't hesitate to take the initiative to give definitive solutions to what you think is keeping you in the past.


Aquarius, today you feel that the time has come to express your plans and ambitions to friendly people who can understand you. The afternoon will help you mobilize in an ideal way and take the necessary initiatives that will bring you closer to achieving your goals. 

Professional - financial

It is a fact that you will not hesitate to take the necessary initiatives to get closer to your dreams on a professional level. People around you will play an important role in this as your instincts and original ideas return.

Try to express to your partner all that you want to accomplish together as it is likely that you will find that he wants to support you in all that you plan. If you are uncommitted through the friendly environment, new acquaintances may arise that will play an important role in achieving your goals.


Pisces, today you have the opportunity to sort out professional issues that may stress you out like the last few days. At noon, your mood changes and you seek to meet friends and have a good time.

Professional - financial

The need to get closer than ever to your goals and ambitions helps you to work together with people in the professional environment. You should be careful as it is possible that there will be disagreements that will lead you to arrogance, which will be very annoying.

A discussion about goals you have in common with your partner will bring you closer than ever and will motivate you to achieve them. If you are uncommitted, people in your friendly environment express their feelings strongly, which can be surprising.

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