The astrological predictions of Saturday 29 October 2022

Mercury enters Scorpio and will remain in this position until November 17, thinking will be analytical and extensive, feelings will have depth and will not remain on the surface. The way of thinking will be strategic, the actions will be methodical. Both in matters of a professional nature and in matters of sentimentality, the discussions will have depth, there will be a need for revelations and clarifications.



Krie, the day creates the conditions for stable developments at the financial level. The afternoon strengthens your need to meet close people and have a good time with them. 

Professional - financial 

It is possible that there are financial claims regarding your business. Most likely you will achieve the best for yourself as your effort and hard work seem to be recognized. Of course, you also with stability and determination claim what you think you deserve.

Intensely communicative and social evening is provided for you and your partner, you can enjoy every moment having fun with him. If you are unattached, new acquaintances may come from the immediate environment who will gather attention due to their communicative mood and humor.


Taurus, the day enhances the mood and it is possible to seek to get away from the wider environment. You are concerned about financial issues that you want to sort out due to your insecurities.

Professional - financial

You are given the opportunity to deal with financial issues that interest you as you want to move forward with projects that can bring you better income. It is important to show tolerance in the views of others as stubbornness will cause tension.

Try to calm down fears and worries that can cause problems and come from past situations. If you are single, it is important to have a clear mind when you show interest in a new person entering your life and put the repressed aside.


Gemini, the day can bring to the surface intense suspicion of friendly faces causing controversy. You can focus on a personal and professional level in the plans you have.

Professional - financial

You should be careful in the professional environment as you will not hesitate to collide with people you work with. The suspicion is high and you will show it immediately and clearly with his movements. Try to take initiatives that will unburden you and help your plans.

Your partner can feel the deepest needs you have as long as you give him the opportunity to express his own and find the necessary balances. If you are single, it is possible that there will be new faces in your life as you have the leading role and you can not go unnoticed.


Cancer, the day may bring significant developments in terms of goals and ambitions you may have. In the afternoon you feel that it is time to isolate yourself from everyone and everything thinking about what is bothering your psychology.

Professional - financial

You are given the opportunity to launch in the best possible way goals and aspirations that you can have by opening a new chapter in your collaborations. The fact is that the maturity and determination you show will lay a solid foundation in his next professional moves.

Intense sensibilities and romance can show your partner what you feel and think about, as long as you do not let the mood fall asleep. If you are single, it is possible for a person from the past to return that will significantly affect your mood.


Leo, the day gives you the opportunity to stand out in the professional environment by evaluating your effort in the best possible way. In the afternoon you leave behind professional obligations, turning your attention to your friends.

Professional - financial

You have worked hard to achieve the best in your professional life by giving a lot of your time and energy. This now seems to be recognized by your superiors and it is not excluded that there may be particular developments for you in your career.

An outing with friendly company will be ideal for you and your partner as it will help you escape from the tension of the last days. If you are single through a friendly environment, a new person can emerge who will play an important role in your life from now on.


Virgo, the day creates a stable framework in your personal life that particularly satisfies you. In the afternoon you focus your attention on professional issues that come to the fore.

Professional - financial

You know what you are looking for and how you want to proceed in your professional life and that is obvious. There may be business issues that may upset you. You will do well to trust yourself and the possibilities you have as you can overcome any difficulties.

It is possible that there are social obligations that you should attend, it is important to have your partner next to you to enjoy beautiful moments together. If you are single through the professional environment there can be a significant new acquaintance that will change the facts of life.


Libra, the day creates a solid foundation of an emotional nature that relieves you of insecurities and fears. The afternoon raises your optimism and self-confidence.

Professional - financial

You have the opportunity to proceed with steady steps by concluding agreements of a financial nature in relation to third parties. The business activities that concern you can have the development you want as you show determination and a consistent approach to whatever you want to achieve in your life.

It is important for you to have fun with your partner as this creates special joy and optimism for the common future you have together. If you are single, the new acquaintance can emerge through the wider environment that will give you wings psychologically and emotionally.


Scorpio, the day enhances security and stability in your personal life. The afternoon turns your attention to financial issues that can create insecurity and doubts.

Professional - financial

Your collaborations seem to have a solid foundation as you have a realistic mindset and approach to things. Try to move slowly and steadily as developments will justify you. Possible financial issues come to the fore, trust your intuition because it will justify you.

Spend time with your partner and do not let your fears affect the relationship and its course. Personal insecurities should not cause problems. If you are unattached, it will be difficult to let go of new acquaintances as there is a strong suspicion that you can not calm down.


Sagittarius, the day helps you stabilize in the work environment without stress. In the afternoon you are left to have fun as sociability takes off.

Professional - financial

You face daily issues and work responsibilities with confidence and maturity and this helps you to provide the required solutions. Your collaborations come to the fore as you strive for a harmonious atmosphere to prevail so that we can perform the best possible for you.

Enjoy moments of joy and companionship with your partner that will have a very refreshing effect on your relationship. If you are single, new acquaintances can come and impress you with the persistence and stubbornness they seem to conquer you. 


Capricorn, the day helps you to show with stability and maturity his feelings to your partner. In the afternoon you turn your attention to everyday obligations that concern you.

Professional - financial

It is important to trust the people you work with and to show that you will not hesitate to support their every action in a direct and dynamic way. It is possible to increase the obligations in everyday life, do not let nervousness prevail.

Do not get caught up in details, let the emotions establish the relationship in the best possible way as this will create the ideal situation for you and your partner. If you are unattached / mood swings and whining do not allow you to be left in a new acquaintance that can distract your attention.


Aquarius, the day gives you the opportunity to close cases of the past that concern your family. In the afternoon, your mood rises sharply, it's time for fun.

Professional - financial

It is possible to trade for real estate issues that will concern you today. The time has come for you to close cases that affect your psychology by making the best possible deal. Beware of financial waste that can affect your pocket.

You can enjoy unique moments of passion with your partner, as long as you leave aside the doubts that may create issues between you. If you are single you can trust a new person who comes into your life as most likely he wants to offer you his best self.


Pisces, the day is not ruled out to create problems in financial matters as your reaction will be strong. In the afternoon you show your interest in family matters that concern you intensely.

Professional - financial

It is important that you make the best possible financial arrangements for yourself, but you should leave aside any doubts about the people involved. Real estate issues are likely to arise that you need to deal with calmly and clearly.

It is important not to try to impose your stubbornness on your partner as this will have negative implications for your personal life. If you are single, it is possible to have a new person, but the upset you feel and your personal fears do not allow you to have clear thinking.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from