The astrological predictions of Saturday, September 3, 2022

Attention should be paid to the opposition of Mercury and Jupiter, in the discussions there may be difficulties, there will be irritations, ambiguities and lack of honesty cannot be ruled out to bring tension. Impulsive characters should be careful about their reactions, it would be good if the opinions are expressed calmly and not with a stubborn reaction.



Krie, the tension increases during the day as you are confronted with deeper emotions and insecurities that affect your psychology. It is possible that there will be frustration and gloom that will take you away from friendly people and there may be problems in your relationship.  

Professional - financial 

Obstacles and delays in financial matters can affect your movements and mood. It is important to keep the positivity and the faith in your instinct that can give the required solutions to whatever arises and concerns you.

You seek to direct and control your partner and that will be enough to distance himself. Try not to lose your self-control. The unattached is not in the mood for flirting and new acquaintances as doubts about those around you play a leading role psychologically.


Taurus, the day invites you to show all your attention to your interpersonal relationships. You have to get rid of blinders and egocentrism that do not allow you to work with objective criteria. Show good mood and understanding and you will not lose.

Professional - financial

You are very busy with your finances, but it is very likely that you will not manage carefully and this will have a cost in your budget. New opportunities for collaborations can be given to you that you are called to take advantage of away from the mood to impose your own ideas.

The tendency to insist on dynamism in your views can annoy the person next to you and cause friction in love. If you are unattached, you have the opportunity to make an important new acquaintance, do not allow subjectivity and the easy mood for misunderstandings to prevail, creating tensions.


Gemini, everyday life shows its moods as the pace increases due to obligations and requirements that may concern you. Do not allow anything to affect your mood and lose your optimism. Be careful as pending situations reappear and cause emotional charge. 

Professional - financial

Upheavals in the work environment can significantly affect the issues you want to address. It is important to control your nerves and stress because they will lead you to fierce conflicts with colleagues. Show faith and optimism for the future, this will give the necessary impetus to face the difficulties.

Increased demands negatively affect your relationship and leave no room for carefree moments with your partner. The unattached will not seek to meet a new person as the intense daily life makes you tired and anxious.


Cancer, the optimism and childhood that exists can be limited by phobias and suspicions that affect your behavior. The upheavals that can affect creative activities that interest you may spoil your fun.

Professional - financial

The egocentrism that you can manifest in economic and business affairs will create problems in any developments. Beware of overturning goals and ambitions that will fill you with stress and intensify insecurities. Take the opportunity to find what really suits you.

Do not act restrictively on your partner as this will lead to coldness and pessimism that will affect the relationship. The unattached are limited by repulsions and you are not allowed to flirt and have fun with a possible new acquaintance.


Leo, you need to stay away from socializing as you want to feel safe within the family environment. It is possible that the mood swings can lead to melancholy and pessimism that will spoil the warm environment that exists.

Professional - financial

Obstacles and conflicts that may arise with your partners affect your behavior and lead you to move away. Be careful as sudden events can upset your career path, something that fills you with frustration.

It is possible to feel that your partner is absolute and hard with you and this negatively affects your psychology and behavior. The unattached do not leave room for a possible new acquaintance as the bad mood pushes you to isolate yourself.


Virgo, the people close to you are the protagonists and create the mood for communication. It is possible that there are problems in everyday life that will affect your behavior and possibly lead to outbursts. 

Professional - financial

Conflicts that may arise in relation to trade agreements will trouble you and can cause fierce controversy. Be careful as it is easy to escape due to tension and to distance yourself from people you work with.

Obsession and absolute reason will not help to overcome possible problems that afflict your relationship. The unattached are likely to have sudden new acquaintances that will change your personal course and worldview with their presence.


Libra, you focus on financial issues that come to the fore and can be of great concern to you. This can spoil your mood, something that will be felt in your environment and will affect the atmosphere by raising egocentric tendencies that will bother you.

Professional - financial

Financial blockages can frustrate you and affect your behavior. It is important to keep your nerves in the face of possible sudden changes that upset financial agreements and plans that interest you immediately.

Your personal fears can cause tension on a personal level and you can become abrupt and aggressive with your partner. The unattached are not in the mood for flirting and new acquaintances as you do not feel that you have the confidence needed to claim the person you are interested in.


Scorpio, the need to express how you feel prevails today and can affect the way you treat those around you. You need to avoid the harshness and aggressiveness that will alienate you from important people for you as they are sure to react. 

Professional - financial

Relationships with your co-workers are tested as there is tension and it is possible that there will be obstacles that will negatively affect your business plans. Your divisive mood must be limited, otherwise it is very likely that it will result in the removal of a partner from your professional life.

Subjectivity and nervousness are bad counselors and can lead to head-on collisions in your personal life. Unmarried is likely to be a thunderous love that will take off the heartbeat, beware of harsh behaviors that will disappoint.


Sagittarius, you strongly feel the need to isolate yourself from everyone as situations of the past come to your mind that affect you. You will do well to show self-control as it is possible to break out in close people and cause pointless tensions.

Professional - financial

Everyday life is overturned by events that affect you significantly and on a psychological level. Be careful as this can change the data in peer relationships. At the same time, strong emotions create a blurred picture of things and mistakes are very likely to occur.

It is important to show confidence in your partner as your insecurities can lead to coldness and distancing. The unattached are called to manage the returns of persons of the past calmly as possible spasmodic movements will lead to controversy.


Capricorn, your friendships are the focus of interest and it is important to try to show understanding and good will. This way you will avoid tensions and Cold War behaviors that are not difficult to arise during the day.

Professional - financial

Problems and obstacles are likely to arise in terms of your goals and aspirations as there may be upheavals in the data you have had so far. This will affect the partnerships and you may need to limit yourself financially. Take care to show restraint so as not to distance yourself from people who can play an important role in your plans.

You want to free yourself from what may oppress you in your relationship, but there are strong insecurities that do not allow it. A cool and harmonious conversation with your partner will help. The unattached can deal with a person who comes suddenly into your life from the friendly environment. Just try to control your abrupt and arrogant behaviors. 


Aquarius, you have the opportunity to socialize with people from your wider social environment as it is possible that there are similar obligations. Watch your abrupt and absolute behavior as you will easily be led to friction and coldness.

Professional - financial

Confrontations with people in the professional environment are intense as they will not hesitate to pressure you and ultimately disappoint you with their behavior. Be careful as you can limit yourself in a straightforward way and avoid reactive behaviors that will cause further problems.

Professional obligations work negatively in your relationship and this causes aggressive behaviors on your part. Be careful as important issues will arise with your partner. The unattached have the opportunity to come in contact with a thunderous acquaintance that comes through the professional environment and strongly influences you with its presence.


Pisces, the day focuses your interest on relationships with the wider family and friends environment and on possible training issues that catch your attention. You will do well to limit your irritation to discussions in which you participate as tension is not excluded to star. 

Professional - financial

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Try to act in realistic terms to avoid cheating.

Enjoy the moments with your partner in your personal space, creating a highly romantic setting and leave for later important discussions that will lead nowhere. If you are single, it is possible that there will be new acquaintances that will fill you with optimism, be careful not to get stuck in details as they will not let you see the reality and what it can offer you.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from