The astrological predictions of Saturday, July 30, 2022

The Moon makes its appearance in Virgo, the characteristics will be organization, methodical thinking, self-restraint, rationality. In the professional field, collaborations will have the possibility to reach a profitable result. In the discussions there will be agreement and acceptance, the opinions will be documented.


You can start the day in a playful mood and the need to take care of business becomes more intense as the day progresses. With Saturn in your solar 11th house you may have a greater need to have meaningful friendships and relationships with others. You are likely to find the greatest satisfaction when you take personal responsibility for people who need your help. You make an effort to build lasting friendships with respect, and in the process you may let go of some connections that no longer serve your purposes well.

While you may start the day wanting regularity and familiarity there can be some mental strain as the day progresses. Possible obstacles due to Mercury – Saturn opposition. With Saturn transiting the sector that governs career goals, responsibility and status until next year, you have the opportunity to stabilize these areas of your life, but the process can sometimes be frustrating. Today, however, make sure to limit complicated thoughts and have a good time.  

You can start the day with lightness and a good mood. A Mercury-Saturn aspect comes into play and can reveal flaws or obstacles especially related to communication, transportation and equipment. The negatives may be more obvious than the positives. Strengthen the relationship with your loved one today and come up with pleasant activities rather than conversations that can burden the atmosphere. If you are alone, communications or concerns about the past may come to the surface.

The day starts with an emphasis on the simple things. Even so, a Mercury-Saturn opposition comes into play as the day progresses and can temporarily keep you tied down. Ideally, financial or emotional obstacles or challenges help you discover basic needs or information about yourself and your relationships. Taking small steps towards realizing a dream can be more rewarding now even if you have to overcome an obstacle before you can move forward.

The first half of the day can be more easy and charming. As the day progresses a slightly inconvenient truth may emerge, but when you think about the big picture it's good to know. One can be unreasonably critical or frustratingly unresponsive. Try to focus on things you can improve and have the power to control. A Mercury-Saturn aspect can indicate a mental tension or a blockage.

The day may start with a relaxed, flowing energy but as it progresses you may feel a little tired or burdened by recent issues that are taking up a lot of space in your mind. With Mercury and Saturn opposite you may have heavier demands regarding work and more difficult relationships with others. You could feel like someone is pushing you away, or you may feel that you are valued less than you really are.

You may start the day particularly interested in approaching, however as the day progresses you are more inclined to withdraw or take a break. With a Mercury-Saturn opposition in play you may face a disappointment or a disappointing reality regarding a creative project or relationship. Conversations can be difficult to be healthy so it's best to avoid them.

You may feel pretty secure as you start the day, however as the hours go by you may face the touch of others and possibly yourself as Mercury approaches an opposition to Saturn. Responsibilities may weigh more heavily on you, or there may be disapproval that frustrates you. Fears and insecurities could affect discussions. You can of course express your displeasure but with careful words.

You tend to go with the flow as you start the day however as it progresses, a Mercury opposition to Saturn in your communication sector may cause some problems. Maybe you decide to be more careful with what you say and how you say it. A small difference of opinion can become something much more. Decision making can be challenging and people may not agree with you.

You may feel comfortable as you start the day, but as the day progresses, the Moon's move into your solar 9th house suggests that you desire more interactivity. A Mercury-Saturn transit also comes into play and there can be a misunderstanding or a blockage that leaves you feeling a little frustrated. Financial decisions are not clear right now, and you may decide that it is better to conserve energy than to argue or push an issue.

You may start your day wanting feedback or interactivity. A Mercury – Saturn transit can indicate handling a blockage or obstacle as the day progresses. Procrastination solutions today can help you as you see new ways of doing things and relating to others. However it is best to avoid giving advice as people may be more sensitive than usual.

You can start your day determined to get organized. As the day progresses your attention is likely to drift. Also with a Mercury transit with Saturn coming into play, you may have to deal with a block or challenge before you can move forward. With Saturn in your solar 12th house you may face concerns about your determination or performance. You are also likely to have a need to help others, which competes with your desire to do something for yourself