The astrological predictions of Saturday, February 4, 2023

The Sun forms a square with Uranus, it is possible that there will be internal conflicts and contradictory feelings, beware of outbursts and sudden outbursts. For restless and non-conformist characters it will be difficult to frame them in rules and conservative views, it will be good to limit the reactions. It is not excluded that there will be difficulties and negative reversals, it will be necessary to maintain self-restraint.



Gossip, excessive gossip can lead to promises that are not easy to keep. Make sure you think carefully about what you are expressing as this will help you to avoid potential commitments that are not easy to meet. Communication with people close to you lifts your mood. 

Professional - financial 

There are many designs and this gives you a very positive feeling for your business. You want to get closer than ever to your dreams and it is possible to turn to close people who show a willingness to stand by you and support you. Beware, too many words are poverty; do not promise more than you can.

Optimism and a positive mood dominate on a personal level and give impetus to your relationship as you express with ease and immediacy the strong feelings you have for your partner. The unattached is likely to come in contact with a new person who fills you with joy and peace.


Taurus, from the night you come out of introversion and show with dynamism what you feel by expressing feelings and opinions. Be careful because you are entering a period where you can become aggressive and vindictive, wanting to defend your beliefs.

Professional - financial

Financial discussions are the protagonists and give you the opportunity to really show your skills. It is time to resolve issues of the past that may still plague you. This requires logic and empathy to achieve your goals and for others to be satisfied with the result.

It is important not to get caught up in personal views that may not express your partner and to lead to conflicts that will not benefit your relationship. The unattached have the opportunity to confidently express thoughts and needs to a new person who wants to invade your life.


Gemini, the day raises your psychology and creates the conditions to spend beautiful moments with the people next to you. Claiming to be the center of interest, be careful because you can become intensely selfish and this can be annoying.

Professional - financial

You seek to be active at all levels and to achieve your goals. You have to be careful as it is possible to promise a lot and make plans that are not feasible. Realism and moderation will help you see clearly how you need to move.

Sensuality can dominate your relationship and create an ideal environment to experience unique moments of passion with your partner. The unattached have the opportunity to impress the person you are interested in as the sweetness and optimism impress you.


Cancer, you are given the opportunity to take initiatives to overcome issues that concern you from the past. You feel that you can do it and that ultimately helps you to balance psychologically. People from the friendly environment communicate with you suddenly, raising your mood.

Professional - financial

There are many business plans and it is possible to exaggerate by setting goals that are not achievable. Make sure you work realistically because this will help you focus on what you can achieve. This will help you to take steps in a more efficient way.

You can create an ideal atmosphere for you and your partner as romance raises emotions to the heights. You feel more optimistic than ever and this works beneficially in your relationship. The unattached is likely to deal with a person from the past who fills you with joy with his return.


Leo, communication with people in your friendly environment fills you with optimism as the atmosphere between you is ideal. This gives you the strength to mobilize potential common interests that create new perspectives in front of you. After all, your team effort strongly attracts your attention.

Professional - financial

You have the opportunity to make plans that are extremely ambitious and can create important opportunities for you in the future. This fills you with joy and a positive mood. It is possible that there will be friendly people who will be involved in your business and will create the conditions for new collaborations.

Conversations with your partner can lead to common goals that are easy to achieve as you can function in the best possible way as a team. The unattached is not excluded to come in contact with a person from the friendly environment who immediately expresses his interest in you, raising your self-confidence vertically.


Virgo, people from your wider relative and friendly environment surprise you by communicating with you and this creates great well-being for you. You give your best and you can create a pleasant atmosphere in your contacts as you also feel optimism prevailing. 

Professional - financial

You can claim the best from the professional field as it seems that dynamism prevails and creates the conditions for important developments. Being promoted will help you in personal recognition and recognition by the people who play a dominant role in your career.

The person next to you is important to you and it is possible to think seriously about the evolution of your relationship at all levels. The unmarried is likely to come into contact with people from the professional environment who show intense interest in you and can play a leading role in your life.


Libra, communication with people from the wider environment fills you with joy as new spiritual paths belong in front of you. Nothing can stop you and you have the confidence to claim the best for yourself and for your future course.

Professional - financial

It is important to be able to keep promises as gossip can lead to commitments that you may not be able to fulfill. There is no reason to disappoint your co-workers by seeking to be liked by keeping which balances in the wrong way.

Optimism and fun dominate your personal life and give breaths of freshness to the relationship. Intense sensuality creates unique emotions and moments. The unattached is likely to come into contact with a person through the wider environment that fills you with joy and creates the conditions for you to come closer on a personal level.


Scorpio, you are given the opportunity to alleviate your phobias and insecurities as it is important for you to overcome all that makes you suspicious of others. Give yourself the opportunity to see the real benefits and opportunities it can take advantage of. 

Professional - financial

A lot can be said to people from the work environment, be careful not to make promises that are not easy to keep. Immorality can expose you, so think carefully before expressing your views and possible suggestions you may have for work issues.

Passion can create a unique atmosphere in your relationship and bring you closer than ever to the person who creates strong emotions in you. The unattached person took the opportunity to come in contact with a person who creates a strong heartbeat and launches sensuality to the heights.


Sagittarius, your interpersonal relationships are the ones that star today as you seek to have a good time with people from your environment. The fun and the need for communication play a leading role and create an ideal atmosphere in your contacts.

Professional - financial

You have the ability to move forward at a fast pace and trade deals as your plans seem to be evolving as you would like. You can pursue the best for yourself and this will result in significant profits and financially.

The atmosphere in your relationships is great as you realize with your partner what satisfies everyone and you do not hesitate to give your best for each other. The unattached can communicate with a person who sets your mood and leaves no room for doubt in his behavior, in terms of his interest in you.


Capricorn, you are given the opportunity to settle daily issues that can cause you stress. This creates the conditions for you to possibly overcome your critical mood that bothers those around you and leads to tension for no real reason.

Professional - financial

You enjoy offering and working and that creates credibility in your face. Whatever you undertake, you can do it in the best possible way, thus creating the conditions to earn what you deserve in the workplace where you move.

Do not miss the opportunity to settle routine issues that upset your relationship leaving behind that can create nervousness in you and your partner. The unattached can not communicate with a person from the work environment that distracts you, you will do well not to focus on details that do not let you see the big picture. 


Aquarius, joy and childhood are not lacking and this characterizes your day and your contacts with people around you that are important. Self-confidence helps you to really show what you want to achieve and that nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.

Professional - financial

It is possible that there are trade agreements that interest you and give you the opportunity to evolve. You can get a lot, as long as you limit the chatter that will lead to wrong promises. Exposure will not help you to be promoted professionally.

Use the day to spend uniquely with your partner and to take off the passion and sensuality that creates a unique atmosphere in your personal life. The unattached have the opportunity to communicate with the person who is causing you a strong heartbeat and to impress with your determination.


Pisces, today you are given the opportunity to turn to the immediate surroundings, seeking to communicate and express thoughts and opinions that you may have. The need for knowledge increases and this can lead you to new educational interests.

Professional - financial

You are given the opportunity to have important commercial transactions that will help you move on to new professional activities. Your quick thinking and arguments create conditions of trust with the people you deal with.

Your partner understands the need for stability and tenderness in the relationship and this helps to prevail harmony between you. The unattached can get in touch with a person who creates the right atmosphere to feel safe with him.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from