What are the forecasts for today, Thursday 16 June

What does your zodiac sign say about today? How will your day go? 

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You have a good sense of your potential and expectations early today. As you look at time limits, planning and decision making become clearer. Friend support or advice may be your priority. However, a Sun-Neptune square can diffuse this energy especially as the day progresses. Patterns of thinking or problem solving can frustrate you if you look for reliable answers.

Paying attention to your practical affairs can often seem like a chore, but early today you feel more accomplished through these activities. A Sun-Saturn influence now is also useful for your reputation and influence. Avoid letting insecurities cloud your vision of someone or something. The delusion is intense. You can see what you want and not what happens, even in your love life.

The feeling that you are on top of things and the fulfillment of your responsibilities strengthens you. Early today you are in good shape for studies, for work in a long-term project and for gaining practical knowledge. Conservative design is satisfactory. However, a Sun-Neptune square also plays and the people around you are more sensitive than usual resulting in small problems escalating.

While the day may start on solid ground it can become a lot of play with your perceptions and beliefs as it progresses. A Sun-Neptune square can entice you to activate emotional blinders on a subject you do not want to face. You can draw conclusions, but avoid hiding key details. If you feel anxious about your relationship with your loved one, you need to take action. If you are single, be careful who you trust.

The people in your life or a relationship goal encourage you to focus on what is most important. The ability to rely on a friend or partner is comforting. The feeling that you are working on common goals with a specialist can discreetly strengthen a bond. You want to achieve practical issues that lead to a sense that life is more manageable. A relationship or financial issue may seem like a meteor, but it may be better to observe and wait.

Early today, your attention span is wide and you seem to have the energy to do things that are probably fueled by a sense of purpose and a clear sense of your priorities. With a Sun-Neptune square coming into play you feel you have no energy. There may be fog or something left in the air in a relationship that affects career, ambition or sense of direction.

The universe seems to show you that bringing more order to your life is the most beneficial. However a square of the Sun with Poseidon is also in play and clarity is desirable and useful. There may be a need to temporarily put some plans on hold to better take care of yourself and inspiration, imagination and emotional fulfillment. A little chaos in your personal affairs is possible.

It's time to dump her and move on. You may find practical ways to improve your living conditions. However the Sun forms a square with Poseidon and it is possible that there will be confused signals, albeit temporary. Perhaps it is better to avoid trusting the promises made today, including those that are not clear because they may be extensions of godly desires.

Accepting your limitations from the stress of overcoming it reduces the pressures today. While you can benefit from a practical point of view, the current square of the Sun with Poseidon can confuse or disperse the energies, instead of clearing things up. You may want to save the conversation about these things close to your heart for a better moment. Rhythms and patterns in relationships can be turned off and signals mixed.

Early today can be a great time to get into a more practical or realistic way of thinking about your talents and resources or your health and well-being. A healthy dose of common sense is refreshing now. However, the day shows a square of Sun - Neptune which is not suitable for locking things. Decisions regarding your love life should be made to wait a while.

Early today the extra effort you put into learning, creative or mental tasks can bring rewards along the way. However, a Sun-Neptune square today can blur perceptions and encourage an inward look for answers. Pious desires can play a role now, and while it is wise to have fun and fantasies, it is also important to know in which areas of your life you should be down to earth.

Making lists and plans early today can be comforting. When you know what to expect you feel more relaxed and can be more productive. If this happened every day I would get bored quickly, but this transition comes at the most convenient time and you are likely to feel quite refreshed rather than boring. However the day has complex energy and things are not as clear as the day goes on.

Source: Tlife