On 5/2 the Snow Full Moon will bring ups and downs in the lives of 4 signs

On the evening of February 5, 2023, the "snow" Full Moon forms in a fire sign, Leo, and because the main aspect it forms is a square to the unpredictable Uranus, we may be in a rebellious mood, reacting to what it also traps us into acting impetuously and impulsively without thinking of the consequences. 


According to asibiliou.gr, the Full Moon that takes place at 16 degrees and 41 minutes on the Leo-Aquarius axis affects all the signs, but those who represent or have a horoscope or personal planets in the fixed signs, i.e. Taurus, the Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, from the 13th to the 19th degrees of these signs.

But let's look in detail at the 4 zodiac signs most affected by the intense "snow" Full Moon on the Leo-Aquarius axis on 05/02/2023


The "snow" Full Moon will play with your nervous system, as you will be faced with unexpected developments and changes. And even though you hate change, sometimes it's necessary to move forward and evolve. The hot sectors affected by the moon have to do with home, family, real estate, your parents, your childhood and by reflection with career and there may be spatial changes at work or at home. If your family relationships are right, it's a good time to engage with those you love and reconnect if you've missed caring for them. However, if your relationships are borderline, then they can create tensions out of nowhere and change the balance. You will also be concerned with the house as a space and you may go into the process of remodeling the space and giving it a new lease of life, or a problem may suddenly arise and you need to make repairs that may also blow your budget. Or a move may arise after unexpected situations, either at work or in the family. The moon squares Uranus in your sign and opposes Saturn and this means that there may be some revelations about persons you thought were very close to you and your confidence will be shaken, and you may be forced to make quick and hasty decisions. Because you will be emotionally charged, avoid serious meetings and conversations, because repressed feelings and anger may surface and you may close many doors behind you. You see your ruler, Venus, squares Mars and adds fuel to the fire! Pay attention to your relationships with either relatives or colleagues, especially if they represent one of the fixed signs, i.e. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, as there may be situations that may push you to your limits. Also, pay attention to your health and fitness.

You are most affected by the Full Moon if your Sun is between 13 and 19 degrees of your sign, or if you have an ascendant or planets in the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius in these degrees.


You host the Full Moon on 05/02 and you need to be ready for anything, as there may be changes, upheavals and revelations that may affect developments in a relationship or partnership. The moon in difficult aspect with the planet of "surprises", Uranus, but also with strict Saturn, will bring clarifications on a personal and professional level. You may be faced with incomprehensible behaviors and get out of your clothes reacting impulsively. On the other hand, there may be unexpected developments or hidden secrets on a personal or professional level will come to the surface that will fill you with anger and frustration and put a definitive end to a relationship or partnership without much explanation and conversation. There is also the scenario that the area of ​​relationships and partnerships gets confused, if for example you have feelings for someone from work and the "interests" collide and all this puts pressure on you. Or your relationship may be exposed and you will be in a difficult position and have to explain. The influence you receive is particularly strong and will put you in the process of taking stock of yourself and realizing, in the easy or the hard way, where you are going in your life. The Full Moon will help you to be reborn, believe in yourself, leave behind the trivial, forge a new path and remind those around you that you have boundaries and needs that must be respected and served. If some of you feel that the excitement and passion has been lost in your relationship, you will prefer to go your own way. The same can occur in a partnership. But if you are happy and your partner is exactly what you were looking for, then you will make the decision to take the relationship one step further. Of course, you should be more careful and prudent these days and with your health issues.

You are most affected by the Full Moon if your Sun is between 13 and 19 degrees of your sign, or if you have an ascendant or planets in the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius in these degrees.


The Full Moon in the sign of Leo on 05/02 on the one hand makes you more ambitious, but on the other hand it can bring sudden developments in your career or at home and in the family, especially if you are born in the second decade. You will have the need to come forward, show your talents and seek recognition. But others around you may create obstacles for you, pressure you, constantly demand more from you and if you do not manage to control your nerves, then you will not avoid tensions both in the family and at work. Don't rush and play control and power games because the more you push situations the more they will get out of your control and you will end up exposed. The square formed by Uranus with the Full Moon in Leo brings unexpected situations in the professional area and you may not know how to react and what to decide. On the other hand, it is possible that the changes concern the home or family area. For example, the need to move or a matter concerning your family members arises. These days, you may suddenly be concerned with matters related to a property and you need to run to settle the situation. Your nerves and patience may be tested during this period and you may have grumblings at home and tensions will not be absent if you do not find the golden ratio between career and family life. We also have Venus square with your traditional ruler, Mars, which complicates the situation and creates competition, jealousies and tensions. So try to understand that others have needs too and you don't have to take everything personally and misunderstand the slightest thing. Don't transfer your burdened psyche from the office to your family and partner and keep your cool so you can make good decisions when you're under pressure. Of course, if things reach a tipping point, maybe a circle will be closed. Don't be afraid to change your goals and priorities if you want to. This decision can lead you to other more beautiful paths for you. A new career, a more prestigious position, a happier life may await you. Pay more attention to your health.

You are most affected by the Full Moon if your Sun is between 13 and 19 degrees of your sign, or if you have an ascendant or planets in the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius in these degrees.


The Full Moon forms opposite you and brings the issues of relationships, marriage and partnerships to the fore and perhaps some of you will be called upon to make serious decisions about their future. This moon will shed a lot of light and reveal things and situations, so get ready for major changes in the way you relate, the way you work together, as you enter the process of examining from a different perspective how you see yourself in your relationships and you make a fresh start by setting boundaries and setting specific conditions that you want to be met. The difficult aspects formed by the Full Moon with your ruler Uranus and your co-ruler Saturn create a particularly charged atmosphere in your everyday life and in your relationships and may bring to the surface what you hide, what you avoid facing and call to you to find solutions. Something particularly annoying may come up suddenly and you cannot tame your nervous system, but there is no need to be aggressive, as this will not solve your problems. You may be faced with a dilemma if you need to make an important decision about the course of a relationship or partnership, or the other party may make this decision for you suddenly and you may feel betrayed. But, you should put aside the impulse and show seriousness and calmness in your decisions. Separate your priorities, keep your people close and remove those who create toxic situations. Try to calm down before having any discussion because otherwise you will lose your right. Of course, first of all you should take more care of your health and good physical condition, especially if you were born in the second decade.

You are most affected by the Full Moon if your Sun is between 13 and 19 degrees of your sign, or if you have an ascendant or planets in the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius in these degrees.