On Friday 16/9 the explosive Venus-Mars square will greatly affect 4 signs

On 16/09/2022 the eternal lovers, Mars and Venus, will meet in a square aspect that will bring intense passions but also conflicts and strong vibrations in the personal life of all signs and especially in 4 signs.


The astrologer Asi Biliu, in her article on asibiliou.gr explains in detail how important this astrological aspect is for interpersonal relationships and emphasizes that it will mainly affect the mutable signs of the 2nd decade, but also those who have a horoscope or personal planets from the 12th to the 16th degree of these signs.

 See in detail which are the 4 signs that will be most affected by the Venus-Mars square


The Venus-Mars square is here to create tensions and explosive situations in your relationships and family life. It is very likely these days that your wants will conflict with the wishes of your loved ones or you will face complaints that will cause you disturbance and irritation. After all, with Mars in your sign for the last few weeks, the only thing certain is that you have difficulty finding your peace of mind and situations occur that test your nerves and stamina. The climate is therefore tense and the behavior of others will lead you to strong outbursts, while if you do not manage to keep the balance you may even be led to ruptures. So try to stay cool and not take situations to extremes. Of course, it is possible that some of you will take advantage of this aspect to rekindle the relationship with your partner or rekindle the flame with a person from the past.


The square of Venus from your own sign with Mars from Gemini will enhance your charm and make you irresistible, as a result you will magnetize everyone and easily conquer the one you desire. Some of you will feel the need to indulge in a love affair without thinking too much about it, since what you need is to feel wanted and get validation. Of course, it is possible to make impulsive moves that will cost you and may have an impact on your social or professional life. You should think as logically as possible, carefully weigh the situations and invest only in those people who really deserve it. So don't waste yourself in relationships that give you a temporary carnal pleasure but lead you nowhere. Act with more self-restraint and above all do not try now to solve the problems that have been tormenting you for a long time, because things may get worse.


The Venus-Mars square will bring you up against nerves and competitiveness from your partner or from people in your professional environment. These days your relationship difficulties will surface and you are very likely to come into conflict with others, especially if you do not make mutual compromises and concessions. Selfishness, rudeness and lack of tact can push situations to extremes, causing you to distance yourself from your partner, while in the professional field others may have high demands on you and all this can create tension and irritation for you. It is important these days not to suppress your personal desires and to find the courage to claim your wants and above all to honestly express to others what you feel. Nothing will be able to stand in the way of what you want to conquer, as long as you are composed, have a plan and don't act completely impulsively.


The Venus-Mars square comes to shake up your interpersonal relationships and create disruption in your home and family environment. Everyone wants to be their own and no one is willing to back down. This will result in you coming into conflict with your loved ones, as one will try to impose himself on the other. On the other hand, you could use this aspect to rekindle your love life and generally release all that energy on the sexual side. So it may not be the ideal time to solve problems or to express your feelings, but you can put more passion into your everyday life and escape from the routine for a while. If you are single, you will find the courage to claim the person you are interested in, while it is possible that you will make a new romantic acquaintance that will renew you.