Three lucky signs will have a great time these days

During the week we are going through (until April 9th) we will be lucky to be favored by the transits of the planets, especially if we want to make a new beginning or plan something for the future. Even the difficult things that will be presented to us, do not scare us too much and we feel productive and cheerful all days. Venus conjunct Uranus and the full moon in Aries bring excitement and a sense of fun and spontaneity.


As reports, these days we will feel the need to try new things with the sense of adventure occupying us. Also, Mercury is in Taurus with their energy emphasizing spontaneous and unpredictable behavior, so you need to be very careful with your actions and stay grounded.

Which three zodiac signs are most favored in the coming days?


This is a great time to embrace your individuality and take risks in pursuit of your passions. Trust your intuition and you may be surprised at the results. The stars are moving in your favor, so put aside thoughts and follow your dreams. At the same time, use your communication skills as well as your charm to communicate what you want. These days stay polite and you will see others praise you for your patience and flexibility.


The position of Mercury has a big impact on you. You crave change and seek excitement in your relationships and social life. But you know that the only way to get from point A to point B is through communication. You have seen how the lack of it has messed up some things in your life, so be sure to break free from routines and limitations and explore your possibilities. This could be a time to make unexpected connections with people who share your passions and interests. Spontaneity is key here. Don't hold him back.


The intensity of the days will be such that you will feel like a god. Expect to be involved in something that will utilize your best talents. The admiration of others is a given as they recognize your contribution and praise it. Just watch out for your impulsiveness and try not to make hasty decisions that could have negative consequences in the long run. You may feel like you have to take more than your fair share and try to. Remember that nothing in life comes easily or without cost. The good thing is that in the next few days your social life and work are going well and the week is indeed very positive.