From Frenaros to Deryneia, AKEL course for solution and reunification

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Great course for the solution and the reunification is organized by AKEL on October 3. The course will start at Frenaros and will end at the Deryneia roadblock.

This announcement:

"Given the disastrous and dangerous course that things have taken in the Cyprus issue, AKEL is organizing a great mobilization-course in favor of the reunification of our homeland and our people. With the slogan "We are marching for a Solution and Reunification", AKEL carries out on Sunday, October 3, 2021, a course that will start from Frenaros and will end at the Deryneia roadblock.

The call for mobilization is addressed to every Cypriot who refuses to remain indifferent at a time when the settlement of Varos and the final dismemberment of our country is more visible than ever. So, on October 3, we are moving towards a solution and reunification and we are saying that:

    • We do not compromise either with the occupation-dichotomous status quo or with the new accomplishments of Turkey to the detriment of Cyprus. We reject the demand of the Erdogan-Tatar duo for a two-state solution as well as any form of dichotomous solution.
    • We condemn the Turkish announcements for the enclosed area of ​​the city of Famagusta. We call for the implementation of the UN Security Council Resolutions. Famagusta belongs to the Famagusta people!
    • We demand the resumption of talks from the point that was interrupted in 2017 for a solution to the Cyprus problem on the agreed basis and framework. We demand from Nikos Anastasiadis to put an end to the backwardness and the inexpensive populism.
    • We demand liberation and reunification, peace and justice for our country and our people. Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, we raise our hands over the barbed wire and strengthen the flame of hope!

Information: 9:30 Pre-assembly at the Frenarou Community Stadium. March to the Deryneia roadblock. Buses from all provinces. tel: 22761121 ″

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