AGIA NAPA: They found 272 ampoules of "laughing gas" in a building - They were "burned" by testimony

Information that ampoules of laughing gas were kept and administered led the Police to an investigation

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A number of used and unused ampoules, believed to be ampoules with nitrous oxide – laughing gas, were found in a property in the province of Famagusta, following an investigation by members of the Police, according to a Police press release. A case of illegal possession and distribution of a controlled drug is being investigated against the property manager.

The investigation was carried out yesterday at noon, by members of the OPE Famagusta, based on a court warrant, in the office of the person in charge of the building, in his presence, following information that ampoules with laughing gas are stored and available for use in the building. A total of 257 used metal ampoules were found in the office during the search, as well as 15 unused metal ampoules believed to contain nitrous oxide. A canister, three ampoule devices, seven balloons, and other items were also found.

The items found were taken for examination purposes, with the Ayia Napa Police Station investigating the case.

Nitrous oxide is a pharmaceutical product, which is used exclusively for medical purposes, as an anesthetic gas, in minor surgeries.

It is administered only under the supervision of a doctor, since its use is dangerous for the health of the user, since, among other side effects, it can cause acute respiratory failure and failure of the circulatory system to supply oxygen to the body. Cases of neurological damage have been attributed to nitrous oxide abuse.

Source: Police Press Release