DERYNEIA: "Famagusta Avenue Garage" awarded the Intercultural Achievement Award 2021 from Austria

One of the most recognized applications of the last 8 years

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Famagusta Avenue Garage is a place in Deryneia, where organizations, groups and individuals from both communities can work together to promote a culture of coexistence, the exchange of experiences, thoughts, ideas and more.

Famagusta Avenue Garage recently took part in the Intercultural Achievement Competition 2021 where it was awarded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of European and International Affairs.

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We are very excited to announce that Famagusta Avenue Garage has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence in Intercultural Achievement Award 2021 by the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs.
We feel honored and excited to be selected for promotion on the website of the ′ ′ Dialogue of Cultures ′ ′ Task Force of the Austrian Ministry, as one of the most distinguished applications of the last eight years, in the field of intercultural dialogue worldwide.
In just three years of operation, the Garage on Famagusta Avenue has demonstrated great potential in the work of cross-border interaction and intercultural understanding, and has become an important contributor to peace in the Province of Famagusta.
We promise to continue our efforts to create opportunities for people from all communities of Cyprus to come together, meet, discuss, work together and build a brighter, more peaceful and prosperous future for all.
If you are interested in doing our job, contact us directly through our social media pages or via email at: