Discomfort of residents of Kokkinohoria for the delay of the Sewerage (VIDEO)

The operation of the Kokkinohoria Sewerage System is stuck in the appeals. Two municipalities and eight communities have been waiting for a number of years for the completion of the Wastewater Treatment Plant, while an investigation is being carried out by the Audit Office. 

The residents of the wider province of Famagusta and the neighboring communities of Larnaca are waiting for more than six years for the operation of the Sewerage System, the completion of which has been turned into an Odyssey. The reason for the delay is the construction of the Wastewater Treatment Plant, a project which is delayed due to the successive Hierarchical Appeals that have been registered with the Bid Review Authority.

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According to Andros Karagiannis, President of the Kokkinohori Sewage Council and Mayor of Deryneia, "The sewerage system in the Kokkinochoria area, which belongs to the Kokkinohoria Sewerage Council, should be operational by the end of 2015. We are at the beginning of 2019 and we have no news as to whether the bids will be validated to start construction of the biological station in Achna. People are wondering why the issue has been with the Review Authority for six years now. ”

In her turn, the Deputy Director of the Department of Water Development, Panagiota Hatzigeorgiou stated that "The delay in the implementation of the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Achna is mainly due to the involvement in the bidding process which has been done due to appeals to the Review Authority and to judicial means through the bidders."

The delay in the operation of the sewerage system has caused inconvenience to residents and local authorities mainly due to chronic uselessness and damage to the road network.

In his statements, Andros Karagiannis also stated that "Due to the non-operation of the biological station, the whole system is in danger of being destroyed, so we are the only province that, although it has a sewer system, has not yet operated and we see that the sewerage network is being destroyed as its entire road network has been destroyed. province of Famagusta. ”

It is pointed out that the Audit Office is conducting an investigation into the matter which has been brought before the European Commission of the Regions by the Chairman of the Board of Sewers of Kokkinohoria and the Mayor of Deryneia Andros Karagiannis.

See the whole excerpt with the statements of the President of the Sewerage Council of Kokkinochorion and Mayor of Deryneia, Andros Karagiannis: