Loizos Loizou: "The hands of the Central Committee of Beaches are tied" (VIDEO)

Salos with the legislation for the beaches

The inability of the Central Beaches Committee to implement the legislation it controls was pointed out today by the Chairman of the Committee, Loizos Loizou.

The Chairman of the Central Beach Committee spoke today in a telephone intervention on the show "Mesimeri kai Kati" on Sigma TV, where he revealed that the role of the committee is limited only to the issuance of beach use plans.

On the occasion of recent reports on the use of the beaches by the local authorities and for violation of the legislation, Loizos Loizou stated that the local authorities may translate the beach legislation at will, while pointing out the ambiguity of the legislation in some points about the way installation for sunbeds and umbrellas.

See the statements of Loizos Loizos at Mesimeri kai Kati: