Famagusta District - Domestic violence: How many incidents were recorded in one week

395 complaints, 142 arrests and 4 convictions nationwide - How many incidents concern the province of Famagusta

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Since the beginning of the operation of special units for domestic violence and gender-based violence in the Police Directorates across Cyprus, 395 complaints, 142 arrests and 4 convictions have been made, said the Police Spokesman Christos Andreou.

In his statements, and answering a question about the special ranks, which operate for domestic violence and gender-based violence in the Police Directorates all over Cyprus, the Police Spokesman stated that the special ranks started operating from September 1, 2020 in Limassol , from 23 November 2020 in Nicosia and from 15 February 2021 in Larnaca, Famagusta and Paphos.

In total, he said, 49 members of the police force serve in these ranks.

Asked about the number of complaints submitted, he replied that 395 complaints of domestic violence and gender-based violence have been made in Cyprus since the inception of these scales. In Nicosia 236 complaints were made, in Limassol 135, in Larnaca 13, in Famagusta 3 and in Paphos 8.

He added that in the context of the investigation of these complaints, so far 142 arrests have been made while more than 140 cases have been taken to court. In relation to convictions, Mr. Andreou stated that there have been four convictions in Limassol.

The incidents in the province of Famagusta

In his statements on the show Morning Schedule of the Third Program of RIK, the Spokesman of the Famagusta Police Directorate Andreas Konstantinou stated that since February 15, when the special unit in the province of Famagusta operates for incidents of domestic violence,

As he said, in Klimakio of the province of Famagusta there are seven members who have been selected based on specific criteria which have to do with the training and experience they have gained in the investigation and handling of such cases in the past. With the establishment of the ladder, the seven members have received additional and specific training, in order to fully fulfill their duties.

He stated, finally, that from February 15 until today, the Police have received three complaints regarding incidents of domestic violence which are under specific investigation. Specifically, as he said, these are cases where women have been victims of violence either by their husbands or by their children.

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