Province of Famagusta: The sea "washes up" with drugs - Another 2 kilos were detected

The narcotics found reached 40 kg - the Police "comb" the beaches of the province of Famagusta

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40 kilograms seems to be the amount of drugs detected so far on the beaches of the Protaras area, after the latest incidents where the sea washes up packages of narcotic substances discarded from a ship off the Mediterranean.

Yesterday Monday, another two kilos of packages which appear to contain cannabis were found after intensive searches and patrols carried out by members of the Police and YKAN. The patrols are intensive and so far the total amount of narcotic drugs found on beaches exceeds 40 kg, while other amounts of approximately 75 kg were washed up on the beaches of occupied Famagusta and Rzikarpasos.

Europol and Interpol as well as Police Forces in neighboring countries have been informed about the case, while the information is being evaluated as to whether the large quantities have been discarded from a ship south of Lebanon.

However, according to the information, the Police Authorities are on foot with patrols, combing the beach front of the entire coastal area of ​​Protaras.

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