Maria Tofini-Tsandila: Withdraws candidacy for EOA of Famagusta and resigns from DIKO

"A request to voters to go to the polls and vote wisely"

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Maria Tofini-Tsandila withdraws her candidacy for the Presidency of the Provincial Self-Governing Organization of Famagusta and leaves DIKO.

This announcement:

With this text, I declare that I am withdrawing my candidacy for the presidency of the Provincial Self-Governing Organization of Famagusta and at the same time I am leaving DIKO, which with its attitude forced me to take this decision.
My decision came after deep thought and intense reflection with my staff and family.
All these years I fought passionately for my party, DIKO, of which we were all once proud. I do not deny my responsibilities, because in recent years, while many of the executives saw the departure of our party from the principles and values ​​of its founders, we continued to stand on the ramparts and support principles and ideals.
Throughout my career up to now I have operated with ethics and honesty and I do not wish now to get involved in scheming and intrigue.

For this reason, the time has come for me to step down, as I no longer feel comfortable serving a party that does not represent my principles and values.

At the same time, I am also withdrawing my candidacy for the presidency of the Famagusta District Self-Government Organization and I will support the candidates for all offices, who will convince me that they have a vision, program, critical thinking, ethics and will be firmly and assertively on the side of the citizens of the District Famagusta, free from party suggestions and crutches.

Special thanks go to the members of the Provincial Committee of DI.KO Famagusta who in four meetings decided to nominate and support my candidacy. Also the member of parliament of the Democratic Party of Famagusta, Mr. Zacharias Koulias, who strongly and with very convincing arguments supported my candidacy as well as my family.

Finally, I feel the need to thank sincerely and from the bottom of my heart, all those who supported me in this venture, those who still urge me to continue, and all those who believed in me, my vision and my abilities.

Appeal to the voters to come to the polls and vote wisely, with reasoning, without fear, vote for people who will care for the citizen and not people who are passionate about power and chair.