Paralimni High School: Students visit an animal shelter for animal awareness

Training actions of the Ministry of Education with the aim of raising the awareness of the student population of the area for the protection and welfare of animals after the events at the Lyceum of Paralimni

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After the sad and disturbing events in a school in the area of ​​Paralimni, as well as the unacceptable scenes of animal abuse, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth (YPPAN) plans training actions aimed at raising the awareness of the student population for the protection of animals.

Specifically, the Directorate of Secondary General Education cooperates with the schools in the area, so that the protection and welfare of animals, as well as zoophilia in general, are set as an additional goal of the current school year.

Within the framework of the Creativity - Action - Social Offer Program will be organized:

- Visit of the students of the Lyceum of Paralimni to an animal shelter,

- Training seminar in schools in the area for the protection and welfare of animals,

- Essay writing or creative work by students on the subject of modern culture and the relationship between humans and animals, in order to raise awareness and discuss with teachers and among themselves about this issue.

At the same time, in addition to the administrative investigation launched by the Ministry of Education and Science regarding the incidents at the specific school, an internal investigation will be conducted by the Lyceum of Paralimni, in accordance with the Regulations. Similar investigations are being conducted in all the other schools where deviations were observed on the day of the start of classes.

Source: Famagusta.News